Fixing The Immature Overhead Squat with Miranda Oldroyd

Marissa’s question is, I’ve seen people who have a really immature squat and a lot of people do and it’s like are you not gonna let them overhead squat for the two years it takes them to get upright? No. You’re gonna let them overhead squat What you’ve got to look at though is even […]

GHD Hip Extension

Alright, let’s talk about how the set-up actually works here. When Amy sets this apparatus up, she makes sure her belt-line is north of the edge of the pad. Okay, we need for the lumbar spine to be completely free in this environment. Okay, and you can relax. If she were to set this foot […]

OGAR: Will of Steel – Official Trailer

If I could go back in time… and warn myself about what would happen when I lift that barbell… Would I change anything? Welcome to the CrossFit Games! The ultimate proving grounds for the fittest athletes on Earth! The one and only goal of training was to make it to the Games. -I know his […]

Open Workout 18.2 Live Announcement Recap

We are live, from Pittsburgh hanging out with the community here at CrossFit R.A.W. 18.1 was fun. Now it’s time to turn the heat up. Go! And the RX division is underway in 18.2 Vellner on the left, Ohlsen on the right. These guys are gonna race, from the beginning to the end. Patrick Vellner […]

StuyTown Fitness Playground – Interview with Rick Hayduk, CEO

Modernizing StuyTown My name is Rick Hayduk and I’m the CEO, General Manager of StuyTown Property Services. The management company of Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town. Peter Cooper Village and StuyTown was created in 1947. We celebrated our 70th anniversary this year. There are 15 playgrounds throughout Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town. There […]

How Does A Protein Deload Help Your Fitness? – AMA with James FitzGerald

It basically gives the gut a break. The protein deload came about in an athletic sense because a lot of intense fitness athletes were breaking down a lot of muscle and they were starting to get food aversions, joint pain and sensitivities to specific kind of foods which lead to immune issues and adrenal function […]

70+ class at CrossFit Rebels

My blood pressure–well, it was out of control. Sometimes it would go up to 190 over–well, it got up really really high, like over 90 or 100. And you’d get to a point where you’d think, “That’s it. That’s what I can do.” You know, “This is good enough.” Then you start something like this, […]

The Fitness Cycle – Express, Recover, Adapt – AMA with James FitzGerald

Express, Recover, Adapt It’s a concept to allow coaches to have a framework understanding of what people should be doing in fitness (exercise). We want to have principles in place to ensure that the stimuli that we’re giving clients is effective. If that ideal is growth, you work backwards because growth is at the end, […]

The Journey – CrossFit Regionals 2018 with Khan Porter

My name is Khan Porter and I train at Play Movement Co. in Waterloo in Sydney My day-to-day is pretty cruisy. So, I’ve kind of been doing my own programming now pretty much since last Regionals and it’s been a massive 12 months of I guess changes in how I’ve programmed and how I kind […]

When Wellness Becomes Fitness

We are the first CrossFit affiliate that has been built on a hospital campus and we currently have, out of our 250 employees, about 52 employees that are involved in our CrossFit program. I’m Josh Newton, I’m the director of health and wellness services at Kirby Medical Center and we are at CrossFit KMC. Today […]