4 Tasty KULFI Recipe – Using 2 Basic Ingredients | #Summers #Kids #Desserts #Healthy #CookWithNisha

I am saying this from my heart My Mami makes so yummy ice creams Get 50,000 LIKES to my Mami’s video you have seen the kids reaction kid’s favourite flavoured Kulfi and thats too with natural flavours and to make it required only two ingredients Now Watch the Recipes to these Kulfi so lets get […]


[This video is suitable for all ages] [Run, BIGBANG Scout] [Episode 1. The establishment of BIGBANG Scout (feat. 10th anniversary)] [One fine day in front of the YG Building] [BIGBANG, V.I.P is waiting for you] Hi [Bow] [BIGBANG meets up in the front yard] It took forever for us to get together, with our busy […]

Can Health Care Help Identify Human Trafficking? | CommonSpirit

There’s multiple paths for someone to become victim of Human Trafficking. If your basic needs aren’t being met, that makes you more vulnerable. And, for many of the young teens or individuals that I’ve had the privilege of working with those basic needs weren’t being met. No matter what path we take, we’re still human […]

The Medicare for All debate is hiding the fact that health care costs keep going up

Everything about our healthcare system keeps pushing costs up, but that fact rarely drives our political debates. I think the 2020 campaign so far is mainly about coverage, right? It’s about does Medicare for All finally give everybody who doesn’t have insurance, insurance? But it doesn’t get at the cost part of it. It’s often […]

This Footballer is the Sunday League Lewandowski | #BEATFK Ep.2

The shoes form Mbappe i’d love to have! It’s time for the second episode of beat freekickerz! Hallo and welcome to the second episode of “Beat freekickerz” or “beat fk”! As we’re not sure about the perfect name for this series, we need your help: Comment with your favored name now! This is our guest […]

Temple Run Forever

Hey! Hello? Hey guys! We’re wondering what your high score is for Temple Run. Don’t forget to subscribe to VFX Bro. He did some of the cool effects for this video. And myself, FinalCutKing. Links down below.

PROGRAMME : Comment créer le tien ?

Hi everyone, today I’ll answer a question I’ve been asked many times, I thought I was clear enough in “How to be strong nr 3” (video about programmation, etc.), but still many of you ask me adviced about their program, so I’ll clarify the subject one last time. Let’s go ! 1. How to think? […]

How To Increase Sex Stamina Naturally at Home || How To Increase Sex Power

hi everyone welcome to our channel today we will discuss how to increase sex stamina Each and every man wants to increase his libido and sex drive to give a better performance and give a satisfying experience to his partner. But various factors such as stress, depression and hormonal imbalance can lead to lack of […]

Announcing CommonSpirit Health—a new champion for the common good

I’m proud to announce that Dignity Health and Catholic Health Initiatives, have come together under one name: CommonSpirit Health. Together, we represent over 150,000 physicians, nurses, clinical technicians and staff. Our combined strength will make CommonSpirit a powerful advocate for the health and care of communities across the country. The CommonSpirit name was inspired by […]

Which sport and fitness course is right for you?

Which sport and fitness course is right for you? Chris is an exercise scientist. He specialises in designing and implementing physical activity training programs for healthy people in their workplaces. He also instructs and evaluates training plans for people at the gym. Rachel is a sports scientist. She works with athletes in a professional basketball […]