Natural fitness: How to be fit naturally in Bengali । with English subtitles

Hi everybody, I am a dietitian Debalina, Welcome to my youtube channel, which is NutriSwasth, the diet vlog today’s discussion topic is: what types of food you need to consume or what kind of precautions you need to follow or how to lead your life to be a fit person what types of food you […]

【MUKBANG】 8 Kinds OF White & Dark Curry!! Cheese, Coddled egg ,Stamina..Etc [5218kcal][Click CC]

Hello it is Kinoshita Yuka ( English subtitles by ~Aphexx~ ) So today tadaa! Yoshinoya just came out with They’re brand new white Curry’s And so I just had to buy some I’ve got four of the white curry and four of the black curry 1 white beef Curry, 1 white curry top with runny […]

Winter diet tips: How to be fit in winter| in Bengali | with English subtitles

Hi everybody, I am Dt. Debalina Karmakar. Hi everybody, I am Dt. Debalina Karmakar. Welcome to NutriSwasth, The diet vlog Our today’s discussion topic is, How to become a fit person during winter. How to become a fit person during winter. During winter, we suffer from very common health issues like fever, cold cough, dryness […]

EASY 5 Minute Breakfast Recipes | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Jen Tries To Be Super Healthy For 24 Hours • Ladylike

(slurping noise) (coughs) – I think this is bad for me. (laughs) Like a lot of young people, I think I take my health for granted. I don’t get enough sleep, my diet relies too heavily on grilled cheeses, and I spend a lot of my work days sitting on my ass. Recently I went […]

Patrick McIntosh’s #LifeCycle – Vegan Dinner Recipe for Cycling Stamina!

So, how easy is it to prepare and create vegan food on a long bike ride? So this is what happened last night. I only did a quick 60 miles in very easy order But I was still quite hungry, so the first thing I did was to cut up raw cabbage, tomatoes, carrots… some […]

How Chef Leticia Nunez Runs the Best Buffet in Las Vegas — Chefs of the Strip (Bacchanal)

– Antoine. Let’s make sure those stickers are faced the other way. Let’s make sure all the plates are white. You got a different color right there. Are those not matching? We’re missing three bowls, here. It has to be perfect. Chefs, they say, well, it’s just a buffet, you know? Anybody can do that. […]

Fitness, Weight Loss, & Muscle Gain, 3 Rules for Success Along Your Fitness Journey Vicsnatural

Hi friends, its Victor Costa here, peace love and muscles. Hope you’re doing well. Hope you’re having an outstanding day I would like to share with you some very basic rules today for fitness success. And so let’s get right into it So the first rule is really focusing on micronutrients rather than macros I […]

How a Master Chef Runs the Only Las Vegas Restaurant Awarded 3 Michelin Stars — Mise En Place

– You have a ruler? Zero five, so the apple, you cut at zero five, okay. Zero five by zero five, ah? You’re here. They tell me we’re crazy. It’s big, no? So it’s zero eight, ah? Perfection doesn’t exist. We are always reaching for perfection. If you think one of your dishes is perfect, […]

3 Delicious Heart Healthy Recipes – #OurHearts

Holly Nicastro: Welcome to the Our Hearts cooking demonstration. I’m Dr. Holly Nicastro, a nutrition scientist with the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, or NHLBI. Joining me today is Carlene Thomas, a registered dietician nutritionist, a food photographer, and blogger. February is American Heart Month. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for […]