ASMR Morning Routine: Relaxing and Satisfying Challenge!

Hey guys! Are you ready for this morning routine ASMR style? I am so let’s go! I got to check my phone as soon as I wake up. Guilty! Time to brush out teeth! Let’s not forget about the tongue. I like to add lemon and ginger into my tea to make it even more […]

Is Gluten that bad for your health? | The Science

Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this video. Why would the 1944 and 45 Winter of Starvation at the end of World War 2 improve the health of sick children in the Netherlands? For Dutch Pediatrician Dr. Willem Dicke, this actually made plenty of sense. Dr. Dicke had been pursuing a way to treat Gee-Herter’s disease, […]

Can healthy food save the planet?

You know the saying “you are what you eat”. But the way we currently eat is in fact ruining our health, the health of others and that of the planet. Unhealthy food is now deadlier than alcohol, drug and tobacco use combined. 2.1 billion people are overweight – yet we eat more sugar, fat and […]

Delicious & Easy Fish in Foil | Healthy Recipes

Hi. I’m Jamie Eason, and today I’m in the kitchen. And I’m gonna show you how I make a really simple recipe I like to call Fish in Foil. I call it that because pretty much you can make it with any kind of fish you’d like. Today I’m gonna use tilapia. I like […]

How to Eat Quinoa: Nutrition, Health, Cooking & Meal Ideas

Hi there, and thanks for joining me for this episode of Healthytarian Living. Today we are going to be exploring the food known as quinoa and this is going to be part of the Healthytarian Living series, guides and tutorials, which you can find on And so today we are going to learn all […]

The Strongest Man in History: Eat Like a Strongman | History

BANE OUTTAKES (Auralnauts extended edition)

What did you have for breakfast? Answer him! I was asking you A bagel with cream cheese Have you heard the phrase… you are what you eat? Because when i look at you guess what I see? I’ll tell you. Bagel and cream cheese. And what did you eat? A frowny…biscuit? They cut the fiber. […]