Why Is This Tribe So Far From Civilization So Healthy

This video was made possible by WIX. If you are ready to create a website, head over to wix.com/go/infographics to try out one of their premium plans right now. Non-state, or stateless societies were the norm in the past, and then with the rise of agricultural practices we got together and formed societies and started […]

Why Your Fitness Routine Doesn’t Have to Start on a Monday

– You can visualize your next day. And kinda set those goals about how you want your morning to go, and how you want your day to go, you can make that happen. That’s the most magical, most beautiful part about you life, is that you can do it all and you are in control […]

When You Should NOT Workout (for weight loss)

Could you be working out during the wrong times for your weight loss and health goals? There are five times when you should actually skip that workout. Hey guys, welcome back to Led Fit. I’m Serein Wu, certified health coach and nutritionist through Precision Nutrition and Chris Ledford, my husband is a certified personal trainer […]

Fitness Benefits of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

iHerb presents: Fast Facts. Five Fitness Benefits of BCAAs. With Katie Kissanie, RD, CSSD Could your exercise routine use a boost? BCAAs may help you reach your fitness goals. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. The three BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, are: Valine Leucine Isoleucine BCAAs are part of the 9 essential […]

How to get healthy without dieting | Darya Rose | TEDxSalem

Translator: Zsófia Herczeg Reviewer: Tanya Cushman I started my first diet when I was eleven years old, sixth grade. I wasn’t overweight or anything close to it, but I came into the kitchen before school one morning, and my mom was making herself a chocolate milkshake for breakfast. If you can remember being eleven, you […]

EASY & HEALTHY SOUP RECIPES | vitamix soup recipes

– As the weather starts to cool, our bodies crave warming, nourishing meals. Those meals that warm us from the inside out. And there’s no easier way to accomplish that than with some easy and healthy soup recipes. But rather than give you just one recipe today, I’ve got three brand new, vibrant and flavorful […]

Health & Fitness | Healthy Diet Food Plan | What Nadia khan Eats | Aisi Hai Tanhai | Outstyle.com

Today we are doing a segment..Which you have been waiting for so long What things I usually eat, What is my diet Here is my diet plan I recently gave one of my friend in Islamabad.. my diet plan. In one month she lost 7-8 pounds Now, I am going to tell you about my […]

How Chef Emma Bengtsson Runs a Two-Michelin-Starred Swedish Restaurant in NYC — Mise En Place

(light music) – When I think about Scandinavian food I think about the purity of it. To keeping everything true to its nature. It’s more about highlighting what the land is giving us. And then using simple techniques to preserve it. Everything from curing, brining, smoking. All of those flavor profiles are coming more than […]

Better brain health | DW Documentary

It’s impossible to avoid them! For decades we have been surrounded by sweet and fatty foods. And the body has not been dealing well with these eating habits. But what about the brain? Do our mental health, our moods, and our brain abilities suffer from the wrong kind of nutrition? We know that junk food […]

Visiting a French Winery Run by Veterans

(gentle music) (birds chirping) – [Narrator] In the green fields of Provence, in southeastern France, lies a unique winery, one operated entirely by French veterans. (vibrant music) The Domaine du Capitaine Danjou Winery has 100 acres of grape vines, and overseeing them all right is Alan Lonjarret. (speaking in foreign language) – [Narrator] The fields […]