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Ballin’ with Boss, Jimmy Kimmel, and Kevin Hart

Wow, another amazing episode of “What the Fit.” Uh, listen, I’ll be honest with you. Me and Jimmy came, we tried our best, you know? Hey, look, this is day one for me, and you’re getting out here, so we’re gonna use this as a stepping stone – to get better, okay? – Okay. – […]

7 WORST Healthy Habits You Need to STOP

This video is for my more advanced viewers who are brand new to fitness. I recommend you go over to my website Cocoa Fitness comm start a free trial you get 10 days free to check out all my programs See if you can find something for yourself And then when you are in a […]


Why Your Fitness Routine Doesn’t Have to Start on a Monday

– You can visualize your next day. And kinda set those goals about how you want your morning to go, and how you want your day to go, you can make that happen. That’s the most magical, most beautiful part about you life, is that you can do it all and you are in control […]

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7723 Force Fitmill Manual Treadmill

Force your fitness to the max with the heavy-duty Force Fitmill by Sunny Health & Fitness. Improve your muscular strength, power, and endurance with this self-powered manual resistance inclined treadmill. Sweat resistant multi-grip handrails secure your grip while you push through your workouts using a variety of different walking and running positions. This multifunctional fitness […]

When You Should NOT Workout (for weight loss)

Could you be working out during the wrong times for your weight loss and health goals? There are five times when you should actually skip that workout. Hey guys, welcome back to Led Fit. I’m Serein Wu, certified health coach and nutritionist through Precision Nutrition and Chris Ledford, my husband is a certified personal trainer […]

Lunges With Pinch Grip | MostlySane | Pretty Fit

This is a compound functional exercise. This is called “Lunges with pinch grip”. This will make your grip stronger along with your entire lower body starting from your glutes, quadriceps thigh muscles hamstrings and your calves. We have to pick up two weight plates of equal weight on both the sides. I’m picking up a […]

POLAR IGNITE – Advanced Waterproof Fitness Watch

Polar Ignite GPS Watch Review. Polar Ignite takes aim at Garmin and Apple with spot-on sleep analysis and personalized workouts. Polar’s newest device offers a suite of advanced health and fitness features in an affordable package. It has a few drawbacks — namely the flat-tire design of its unresponsive touch-screen display — but I also […]

Hammer Strikes On Tyres | MostlySane | Pretty Fit

The next functional exercise is called hammer strikes on the tyre. This will strengthen your shoulders biceps, forearms finger grip, as well as your entire ab group of muscles and your lower back muscles. Feet should be shoulder distance apart and toes slightly pointed out. And the side we swing the hammer to that hand […]