Flat and Sexy Stomach Exercises – Bikini Fitness Model Sexy Workout Motivation #009

Flat and Sexy Stomach Exercises – Bikini Fitness Model Sexy Workout Motivation #009

Iowa State graduate helps build a fitness community for women

In a dark corner of the basement of Beyer Hall there’s a gym strictly dedicated for members of the Iowa State Weight Club. This is a gym for serious power lifters and strongman competitors and one of its most dedicated members is Amy Kurr. “Powerlifting’s great it helps you learn to stand up when you […]

How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle | 8 Tips for Beginners

hi guys good morning hey you are seeing me in all my glory first thing in the morning no makeup here’s semi dirty but that’s how close we are I don’t mind today I wanted to make a video but a realistic one about how to get on that healthy lifestyle train all of us […]

How To Fit A Bike Into (Almost) Any Car | Transport A Bike Without A Roof Rack

– You want to transport your bike or bikes by car, but you don’t have a roof rack, or perhaps you don’t want to use a roof rack. Well in this video, I’m going to show you how you can fit a bike or bikes inside a car. I’m also going to give you a […]

CF230 Flush Fit In-Ceiling Speaker Installation Guide | Custom Install

The Monitor Audio CF230 in-ceiling speaker is designed to be a small and discreet way to deliver high quality audio into any room. Two solutions to install the CF230. The flush fit solution uses the CFB3-R or CFB3-SQ preconstruction kits, to install the speaker flush into a new ceiling. The installation process is the same […]

Dance Monkey | Tones And I | Fitness dance & zumba

Dance Monkey | Tones And I Fitness dance & zumba choreo

The Treadmill Desk! Fitness for Nerds

Oh, good morning, Hank. It’s Tuesday. As you might notice, I’m here in my new office and I’m walking on my treadmill desk Why did I get a treadmill desk? Well, two reasons, Hank First, I am a nerd and I heard that you could level up in your nerdiness by getting a treadmill desk […]


I might inspire some people, but I am not here to motivate anyone. Inspiration and motivation are two separate things. One can get inspiration by seeing someone doing something in particular, and as a result get inspired to do something new. A lot of people ask me, how do I motivate myself to get into […]


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