The Hook Grip with Stephane Rochet

Olympic weightlifters always use the hook grip on the bar and every time I pull off the ground, even deadlifting, I like to use a hook grip. Basically, I get my grip spacing here, I wrap my thumb around the bar and then these fingers go around that thumb right there. And then the rest […]

The Gymnastics Planche with David Durante

You had mentioned that you were interested in learning how to do a planche, right? Yes. OK, have you tried one before on rings? Not on rings. With all this stuff we’re trying to do on rings, I would suggest that you try to learn it first on parallel bars or something static. So you […]

The Posterior Chain in the Squat with Miranda Oldroyd

OK, so we want those heels down and those knees out. That’s gonna allow you to use your posterior chain. What’s your posterior chain? If Margaux stands up here and she faces the whiteboard … your hamstrings, your glutes, your erectors, that’s what we’re talking about with your posterior chain. It’s the strongest muscle group […]

Front Squat Development with Pat Sherwood

Give me what you think are five of your best front squats. We’ll talk about the deadlift later. Alright, let’s do 15 more. I’m just kidding. Put it down, shake it off for a sec. So the air squat looked better than it did 10 minutes ago so now all we’re adding … Basically, you […]

Coaching the Thruster with Cameron Soden

So this is our thruster, guys. Jump and shrug, rack position. From here, as coaches, you guys are looking for that loose fingertip grip, elbows up, you set your feet shoulder-width apart, and we’re gonna go through three to five squats. As coaches, you’re looking for those points of performance we went over today with […]

Row Technique Correction with Ben Bergeron

Just row as hard as you can. Just row like you normally would in that workout. Good. Go hard, go hard, go hard. See if we can get this up to 1,400. OK and relax. Very nice. Just so you have some footage for before and after. So now, let’s do that same thing, grab […]

Staying Upright in the Jerk with JP Bolwahnn

Just a little bit forward, right? Just think about trying to get that bar and drive it as straight up as possible. You were like this. Just that back angle, if it was right here—boom—that would have been an easy day. There’s just a slight dip forward. When you’re in your dip, you kind of […]