Total Fitness with Andy Speer | Trailer

Every single person out there has the ability, the power within themselves to improve from where they are right now. You have to have a reason, a very honest, genuine reason to be doing what you’re doing. (upbeat music) This program was designed to develop your overall athleticism. So you’re gonna put on muscle and […]

HIIT Indoor Cycling Workout | 25 Minute Sprint Intervals

(upbeat music) – Welcome to GCN indoor training session. In this session we’re gonna be taking you through some anaerobic sprint efforts on the Passo Sella. I have to say that I was never much good at sprint efforts. What about you James did you ever do this kind of training? – Yes, I did […]

Life Fitness Cable Machine Workout (Triceps) [Part 3]

So, once again you’re going to use a rope for the start of this. Clip it onto your cable. You want the cable set high. So, this is your rope triceps push down. So, you take a slight step back stance, bend the knees chest up. So you now want a duck bum. Push down […]

Bigger Arms Workout (Dumbbells Only)

A Day With The 2016 Crossfit Champ | Mat Fraser: The Making of a Champion – Part 2

“Before the games, you know, it was still… training because… it’s where my friends were; that’s what they were doing, type thing. Never taking it seriously, never putting in long hours, you know It was like… an hour or two in and out of the gym. That summer of the 2014 games, I was working […]

ULTIMATE 12-Week Fitness Transformation Journey For Older Men – Age Optimization System (AOS)

What I am doing, I’m really excited about this, you’ll hear more and more about this, is my Ultimate 12-week Fitness Transformation for Older men. It’s the only one of it’s kind. Fitness Transformation Journey specifically designed for older men. The way we think, the way our bodies operate, our time frames. Okay, now this […]

How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle | 8 Tips for Beginners

hi guys good morning hey you are seeing me in all my glory first thing in the morning no makeup here’s semi dirty but that’s how close we are I don’t mind today I wanted to make a video but a realistic one about how to get on that healthy lifestyle train all of us […]

How to Use a Fitness Disc : Introduction to Gliding Fitness Disc Exercise

Gliding was invented by Mindy Millwright from California, a simple idea. She took paper plates, brought them into her group fitness class, placed them under the feet and allowed people to simulate exercises like roller blading and ice skating. From there gliding emerged to either a hard disc, a plastic disc that will be used […]

Workout of the Week #4: Lunges

Hi guys I’m Turo and this is Ryan Benito. We’re going to be demonstrating lunges. So you’re going to take a stance that’s pretty normal, about hip-width apart. You’re going to take a step forward and slightly diagonally to keep balance. You’re going to come to 90 degrees at the front leg here making sure […]