Will a Gas Engine Run on RC Racing Fuel? Let’s find out!

I get a lot of great video project ideas from those you leave in comments And I had at least 400 people ask me to task RC racing fuel in a small engine What exactly will happen to a small engine with the RC racing fuel ? this is a form of leaded fuel that […]

BUCK RUNS RIGHT UP TO ME! How To Hunt For Whitetail Bucks in Gun Season Pressured Deer Hunting 2019

Friday the day before the opening day of dough season here in Pennsylvania and I’m gonna walk around try to sneak through the woods a few people are out you’re still pretty pressured went out with Danielle there a couple days ago and the deer we’re all holding really tight so as you can see […]


And a picture of Sidney Poitier by the bed, okay And we offer two double beds separated or a queen bed. I’m assuming y’all would want the queen bed since (Laughter) We’re not a couple this is a business trip, we’re keeping it very professional what separate yes professional professional professional Every Hotel Ever Dude […]