Where Does Artificial Intelligence Fit in the Classroom? Joint Welcome Address

– [Announcer] Please welcome the President of Teachers College, Tom Bailey. – Now, how many of you have asked Alexa to give the weather forecast, or order dinner? And how many of you have been disturbed because Amazon seems to know more about you than you really would like them to like it to know? […]

Iowa State graduate helps build a fitness community for women

In a dark corner of the basement of Beyer Hall there’s a gym strictly dedicated for members of the Iowa State Weight Club. This is a gym for serious power lifters and strongman competitors and one of its most dedicated members is Amy Kurr. “Powerlifting’s great it helps you learn to stand up when you […]

Why Diet Might Be a Big Deal for Mental Health

[ ♪INTRO ] When it comes to physical health, mountains of evidence will tell you that a healthy diet is important. And it is. But a growing body of research is showing that diet is important for mental health, too. And before you click away, no, I’m not about to show you 10 superfoods to […]

How Your Gut Influences Your Mental Health: It’s Practically a Second Brain | Dr. Emeran Mayer

The Mind-Gut Connection is something that people have intuitively known for a long time but science has only I would say in the last few years gotten a grasp and acceptance of this concept. It essentially means that your brain has intimate connections with the gut and another entity in our gut, the second brain, […]

Rural Health Care

Courtney Maye: Attracting health care professionals is often difficult in rural areas. But a program at a tech center in western Oklahoma hopes to change that by growing their own. Here’s our Rob McClendon. Rob McClendon: Well, Courtney, here at Western Technology Center in Burns Flat, Oklahoma, they are addressing two very distinct trends in […]

London South Bank University Faculty of Health and Social Care

Hannah Newstead: My name is Hannah Newstead and I am currently studying Adult Nursing at LSBU. The teaching and facilities here are really high tech and the lecturers really know their stuff. It’s very exciting how they are able to teach us and they are still practicing themselves; I think that is really important, especially […]

Pulmonary Rehab: Daily Fitness & Exercise

Hello, I am Dr. Ken Chapman, Director of the Asthma & Airway Centre of the University Health Network and Director of our Pulmonary Rehab Program at Toronto Western site. I am delighted to be able to introduce this DVD of Basic Pulmonary Rehab Exercises. How are you going to use this DVD? First, you consult […]

Public Health: A Very Short Introduction | Virginia Berridge

1: Public health is a very broad concept it can mean in the health of the whole population and freedom from disease, but it can also mean the prevention of sickness and poor health, the removal or the mitigation of risks to the population, so it means the promotion of good health rather than just […]

How astronauts handle medical meltdowns in space

– We’re here in Boston at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and we’re about to get a crash course in how to deal with a medical emergency in space. I’m terrified! (techno music) (coughing) (alarm blares) – The smoke seems to be going down so, (coughing) and the alarm stopped so we should be– (background noise […]

Kirsty’s fitness journey using Holywell Fitness Centre

As soon as I started working at the University I started coming to the gym. I had a little tour and started going to the gym before work. And then as time has moved on, like three years later I do a lot of classes now as well. I normally come before or after work […]