New bionics let us run, climb and dance | Hugh Herr

Looking deeply inside nature, through the magnifying glass of science, designers extract principles, processes and materials that are forming the very basis of design methodology. From synthetic constructs that resemble biological materials, to computational methods that emulate neural processes, nature is driving design. Design is also driving nature. In realms of genetics, regenerative medicine and […]

Andrew Huang – Good Run (Official Music Video)

Yeah, yeah! I could never tire of the azure sky or of the coral sands Yeah, yeah, watching all the waves come true Watching all the ways you move Sipping my tequila lime in this sun No one around but you Yeah, yeah! Listening to the ocean spray Nostalgia ultra on my brain Yeah If […]

The Duo Behind the ‘Running Man Challenge’ Phenomenon

It’s the viral dance everyone is talking about. It’s not the whip nah-nah. It’s not the dab. It’s called the running man challenge. Take a look.>>All I want’s some respect for making this dance. Can I get some cred? Come on, Ellen. I wanna be on Ellen. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]>>And it all started with two young men […]

Tahiti Dance Fitness 2016 – Tahitian Dance – Ori Tahiti Work Out/ Polynesian Dance タヒチアンダンス

Tahiti Dance Fitness ©


Activate Your Senses 4th and last video of Evolution 19 to supplement your routine Baileactivo exercises. We PLAYLIST that you can use in your daily workout. To receive the content and channel activities, Subscribe, Give us a “I like”, comments and share videos with your social networks. Balance Upload arms Down Above Mark back Right […]

Fitness Motivation Music – female fitness motivation 2017

Fitness Motivation Music

GET RID OF BELLY FAT & BACK FAT | 30-Minute Dance Fitness – Fun Workouts – 30 Day Fitness Challenge

I’m So Excited | The Pointer Sisters – Retro Fitness dance & zumba style

Old School 80’s Fitness Dance | Zumba I’m So Excited | The Pointer Sisters