2020 Pole Stamina 140 Review: The Fastest Trail Bike, Until… | Pinkbike Field Test

Make me look tanned This is Pole’s brand-new Stamina 140. Now, it looks a lot like their 180 but as you can tell from the name 140 millimeters of rear-wheel travel. Now, it’s pretty interesting. There’s lots to talk about but let’s cover the basic stuff first 150 millimeter fork upfront weight is 30.6 lbs […]

Running Vs. Cycling | Who Is Faster – GCN Or GTN?

– A couple of months back, a GCN viewer told us about a race here in the UK, which pits riders against runners. Brilliant, we thought, runner versus rider. Not much competition there, sign us up. – Except, it’s an off road run, and the course record is held by a runner. – Yeah, and […]

Infinite Endurance Subliminal ⭐ Powerful Stamina Affirmations ⭐ Law of Attraction Manifestation 2017

I now quickly develop and manifest supernatural endurance. I now rapidly develop and manifest supernatural stamina. My greatest strength is rising up after I fall and continuing on. I now have supernatural endurance that is supernaturally self-rejuvenating. My muscles grow stronger and more powerful to develop supernatural stamina. My muscles, tendons and bones work together […]

Anatomy of a Cyclist: The Incredible Stamina of Jolanda Neff

We’ve taken six of the world’s top athletes to find out what it takes to make a true Olympian. Now we’re working, come on! – Testing, analysing… – Dig deep, come on! ..getting under the skin of an elite athlete… ..as we push their bodies to the max. (ANATOMY OF A CYCLIST) Cross-country mountain biking, […]

Patrick McIntosh’s #LifeCycle – Vegan Dinner Recipe for Cycling Stamina!

So, how easy is it to prepare and create vegan food on a long bike ride? So this is what happened last night. I only did a quick 60 miles in very easy order But I was still quite hungry, so the first thing I did was to cut up raw cabbage, tomatoes, carrots… some […]

Specialized BG Fit – Evelyn Stevens #2

EVELYN STEVENS: My name is Evelyn Stevens. And then I am a member of the Specialized Lululemon Cycling Team. ALLISON SNOOKS: My name is Allison Snooks. I work for Landry’s Bicycles. And I’m a certified BG Fit Technician. When we did the pre-fit assessment with Evie, she had talked about some pain she was experiencing […]

I hate running but I ran on the Peloton Tread

– [Workout Coach] Three, two. (house music) – I have a confession to make. Running has never really been my thing. I never got the so-called runner’s high because when I run, I normally make it, like, two minutes before I have to stop. So, in comes the Peloton, the exercise craze that’s got a […]

FitDesk 3.0 VS Wirk Ride VS Stamina VS Loctek Exercise Bike VS LifeSpan C3-DT7 Bike Desk

FitDesk 3.0 VS Wirk Ride VS Stamina VS Loctek Exercise Bike VS LifeSpan C3-DT7 Bike Desk

How Cycling Can Boost Your Mental Health – GCN Does Science

(logo swooshing) (gentle orchestral music) – I know what you’re thinking. That is a seriously cool hat. Probably out of your budget though, and with good reason. It is no ordinary hat. It’s monitoring and recording blood flow in my brain while I’m doing a fitness test. The reason for it is to demonstrate that […]

Extreme mountain running race in Italy

Red Bull K3 is about 10km long. The tallest building in the world is about 800m high, while the race has 3,000m of vertical gain, about 4 times. The start is in Susa, in Piazza Savoia, so the athletes will run the streets of Susa. Women will start at 9:00 AM, men at 9:30 AM […]