Lunges With Pinch Grip | MostlySane | Pretty Fit

This is a compound functional exercise. This is called “Lunges with pinch grip”. This will make your grip stronger along with your entire lower body starting from your glutes, quadriceps thigh muscles hamstrings and your calves. We have to pick up two weight plates of equal weight on both the sides. I’m picking up a […]

Hammer Strikes On Tyres | MostlySane | Pretty Fit

The next functional exercise is called hammer strikes on the tyre. This will strengthen your shoulders biceps, forearms finger grip, as well as your entire ab group of muscles and your lower back muscles. Feet should be shoulder distance apart and toes slightly pointed out. And the side we swing the hammer to that hand […]

Road to the Arnold — 2020 — Martins Licis / 8k

Your 2020 Arnold Pro Series, US Champion! The repeat champion! Martins Licis! Yay! Yay! This competition in January. Was my only chance, that secured me my position in, the Arnold Classic, in Ohio. What a legendary fight, I was one point ahead of Brian Shaw. Winning that show, two points ahead of Max Boudreault. It […]

Pretty Fit | EP 3 with Mithila Palkar

Hey, everybody, welcome back to another episode of Pretty Fit. I’m the same girl who’s your next door vlogger who looks extra cute today. I heard you say that. Thank you very much. But this is the show where I try new things. And I get fit while doing these new things. Obviously, it’s a […]

Zercher Lunges With The Indian Club | MostlySane | Pretty Fit

The first exercise is zercher lunges with an Indian club. Now, as you see my biceps are already contracted and I’ve held my club this way. And if you want it to be more challenging then pick a heavier club. And you’re going to step back into the lunge and come up again. Inhale to […]

Pretty Fit | EP 1 with Neha Kakkar

Hi, guys. What’s up? Thank you so much for watching Mostly Sane. I’m Prajakta, welcome back to another… Uh! This is not another YouTube video. This is the first episode of my first ever YouTube original series. [Prajakta grinning] Okay. If you’re a subscriber of my channel, then you would know that my life is […]

Pretty Fit | Official Trailer | Out on 21st January

My first ever YouTube original series. Let’s rock. This is not what I wanted to do growing up. Who goes to sugarcane fields? I don’t want to go there. You all just told me that I’m doing pottery. Every Tuesday on my channel I’ll teach you new ways to be fit. And not just with […]

Road to the Arnold — 2020 — Mattie Rogers / 8k

My very first semester in college, I got a B and I think like calculus or something. I definitely cried. Because now my GPA is like a 3.996. And it’s not a 4.0. And it never can be and, it’s the worst thing. That’s the worst thing that’s ever happened. I’m very competitive. ♪ Music […]

Pretty Fit | EP 6 with Kareena Kapoor Khan

Hello, everybody, and welcome back to another episode of Pretty Fit. Before we go ahead in the episode, I think I must do this… [screams] Because today’s guest is… I can’t say it, guys. Say it. My team will say it. Say it. Kareena Kapoor Khan. So, I’m gonna call her right now and we’re […]

Squad Fitness Try Out

That video be there for you when you get back but I won’t be so whatever you do don’t click on that button right there because I found an unstoppable fitness program that’s going to have you feeling better about yourself and help you get in those clothes in your closet that don’t fit right […]