Fixing The Immature Overhead Squat with Miranda Oldroyd

Marissa’s question is, I’ve seen people who have a really immature squat and a lot of people do and it’s like are you not gonna let them overhead squat for the two years it takes them to get upright? No. You’re gonna let them overhead squat What you’ve got to look at though is even […]

2019 Age Group Qualifier Workout 2

The 2019 Age Group Workout 2 is 1 round for time of 80 bar-facing burpees and 4,000 meters on the rower. There is a 30-minute time cap for this workout. Your score will be the time taken to complete the workout. If you do not complete the workout, your score will be the total number […]

Exercises you can do with the landmine attachment – Bells of Steel

hi Bells of Steel fans today I’m going to show you a bunch of different exercises we can use on our landmine attachment hooks up to any of our rigs super easy to hook up it gives me a lot of extra different exercises to do we’ll start with kneeling single arm and double arm […]

GHD Hip Extension

Alright, let’s talk about how the set-up actually works here. When Amy sets this apparatus up, she makes sure her belt-line is north of the edge of the pad. Okay, we need for the lumbar spine to be completely free in this environment. Okay, and you can relax. If she were to set this foot […]

OGAR: Will of Steel – Official Trailer

If I could go back in time… and warn myself about what would happen when I lift that barbell… Would I change anything? Welcome to the CrossFit Games! The ultimate proving grounds for the fittest athletes on Earth! The one and only goal of training was to make it to the Games. -I know his […]

Warm-Up with Matt Chan

Find yourself a little bit of space. Be at least an arm’s distance away from somebody. We’re going to start with a fun one. You guys remember jumping jacks back in gym school? Here we go. All I want you guys to do is hands touch behind you, when your hands touch over your head, […]

Best Fitness & Trainings Music 2018

Best Fitness & Trainings Music 2018

CrossFit – Happiness and Intellectual Pursuits

I first found CrossFit—my sister actually played rugby in Minnesota, and some of her rugby teammates were doing CrossFit as supplementary training, and one day out of the blue, she sent me the link to main site, and said this looks like something you might be interested in. Pretty quickly after starting, I got into […]

Open Workout 18.2 Live Announcement Recap

We are live, from Pittsburgh hanging out with the community here at CrossFit R.A.W. 18.1 was fun. Now it’s time to turn the heat up. Go! And the RX division is underway in 18.2 Vellner on the left, Ohlsen on the right. These guys are gonna race, from the beginning to the end. Patrick Vellner […]