Service With A Smile: Alaska’s solution for America’s Dental Health Care Crisis | WorkingNation

When I was a child We would be rounded up at the school to see the dentist when the door would open. We would see the dentist standing there Literally wearing a butcher’s apron covered in blood and our friend holding their mouth One kid had eight teeth pulled in one sit down That’s just […]

40 for 40: The Student Recreation Center

The student rec center is Pellissippi’s place for athletics, exercise, fitness, and just community in general. It’s been here for over 20 years, we’ve renovate a few times and it’s grown and grown, and it continues to grow today. Whenever my friends have never heard of the SRC, I usually tell them that it’s up […]

Thompson Fitness Center | Clark College Vancouver WA

Welcome to Thompson Fitness Center, located in Clark College’s O’Connell Sports Complex on main campus. Thompson Fitness Center provides a complete, enjoyable array of activities, housed in a modern, spacious facility with state of the art equipment. When you’re at Clark taking classes, or off campus doing other things, it’s important to take a time […]

PCC Insight 2016: Intramural Sports & Coburn Center Gym

Over the past three years the country is moving toward more of a healthy lifestyle. And people probably need those de-stressors in life with all their family issues and work constant demands on our daily lives. So the gym being on campus is great for students, staff and faculty. When you talk about students, generally […]