The Science of Distance Running

Yup that’s me. You might be wondering how I ended up in this situation. So I’m training for a marathon. I’m 15 miles into this run. I have another 7 to go. I’m losing steam. My legs are cramping. I can barely breathe. I don’t know if I can make it another mile. What happened? […]

Episode 62: Serotonin: An Agent of Averageness

that’s got to be an and get the fridge or the coffee maker it’s like he’s humming is it the fridge that’s okay that’s afraid yeah okay I can do it I can eliminate at 90% of the time anyways that was that one yeah somebody will bitch about that somebody will we got a […]

Episode 49: StrongFit – So It’s A System Now?!

three two one go three two out again in Northwest Wednesday yeah I know so this one so this is like you’re the closest to real time this last four episodes that they’ve been getting a bit yeah I know only matters to me is this so a year ago exactly did we shoot the […]

How To: Decline Sit-Up

What’s going on nation? I’m going to show you how to do a decline sit up first thing you want to do is find a decline surface some gyms have benches where you can extend the machine all the way to the top which we want to do you want to maximize your Decline so […]

How do carbohydrates impact your health? – Richard J. Wood

Which of these has the least carbohydrates? This roll of bread? This bowl of rice? Or this can of soda? It’s a trick question. Although they may differ in fats, vitamins, and other nutritional content, when it comes to carbs, they’re pretty much the same. So what exactly does that mean for your diet? First […]

How To: Pendlay Row

What’s going on Nation? Today I’m going to demonstrate for you guys how to form a pendlay row which is an exercise that was invented by Glen Pendlay Now what this exercise is is actually a very strict version of the barbell bent over row If you guys haven’t seen that you can check it […]

‘What The Health’ Debunked by Real Doctor

Hey, it’s Mic here and today, a public service announcement: What The Health, the documentary, has officially been debunked by a doctor. Maybe his name is ZDogg, maybe he comes off more as a bro comedian than a doctor, and he might not cite any studies or anything like that, but he is a doctor […]

Why You Can’t Trust Nutrition Science & Health Claims

Today’s episode is sponsored by audible It is a common assumption that the human species grows more intelligent as time progresses We are certainly learning more about how the world works from space exploration to the smallest atoms Our knowledge is expanding But is all the scientific knowledge making us healthier when it comes to […]

Why Japanese stay fit and healthy, and live long 日本人がなぜスリムで健康、長寿なのか

why Japanese people stay fit and healthy and live long 日本人はなぜスリムで健康、そして長寿なのでしょう Japanese people have the longest life expectancy 日本人は世界一の長寿国で and they’re one of the least obese countries 肥満率が最も低い国の1つです whereas the US is one of the most obese countries それに比べアメリカは肥満率が最も高い国の1つです me as a Japanese living in the US アメリカに住む日本人として i see a big difference between Japanese […]

How To: Prone Leg Curl (Cybex)

Hello Everyone I’m Scott from if you’re looking for a great way to target your hamstrings in the gym We’re here at the Cybex Prone Leg curl machine now in order to use this machine you have to first make an adjustment to this pad What you want to do Is Make sure That […]