Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Presentation by Kurt Stange, MD, PhD

>>>DR. STEVEN CLAUSER: So I’ll introduce now Kurt Stange. Kurt is a family physician. He has been practicing for many years. He has done a lot of work in family oriented system design and primary care. He is the editor of the Annals of Family Medicine. He and his team did an incredible amount of […]

How and What To Juice | Health Update with Scott Laird, ND | Episode 8

Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Discussant comments by Thomas Vogt, MD, MPH

>>>DR. STEVE CLAUSER: Our discussion for this session is Tom Vogt. I can tell, he’s got his hands full with this group. But he’s a former senior investigator at Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Services Research. His work is investigating improving prevention services in medical care settings, the quality and cost of preventive care, primary […]

Breakthroughs in AI and Machine Learning help solve health care challenges

A very dear aunt of mine lost her life due to breast cancer and that left an indelible impression on me. Personal drive and innovative spirit have led professor Anant Madabhushi to groundbreaking discoveries at Case Western Reserve University. My research is focused on using artificial intelligence and machine learning to diagnose the presence of […]

Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Overview by Arnold Kaluzny, PhD

>>>DR. STEVEN CLAUSER: Now there will be more detailed instructions in terms of how this is going to work, in terms of the discussions, but right now I’d really like to move directly into our first substantive presentation and introduce my close friend, Arnie Kaluzny. Arnie Kaluzny has served as chairman of Multilevel Interventions steering […]

Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Presentation by Jane Zapka, ScD

>>>DR. STEVEN CLAUSER: So we are going to move now down the line to Jane Zapka. Jane has been working with us at the National Cancer Institute for awhile. She has a long history of working in community and cancer control activities. She is a professor at the Medical University of South Carolina and she […]

Wild Mouse Gut Microbiota Promotes Host Fitness and Improves Disease Resistance

Today we know that the phenotype of all mammals from rodents to non-human primates to humans is driven by the metagenome. The metagenome itself is the combination of the host genome and the microbial genome, also known as the microbiome. In the natural world, the microbiomes of free-living mammalian organisms, including wild mice and humans, […]

The Treadmill Desk! Fitness for Nerds

Oh, good morning, Hank. It’s Tuesday. As you might notice, I’m here in my new office and I’m walking on my treadmill desk Why did I get a treadmill desk? Well, two reasons, Hank First, I am a nerd and I heard that you could level up in your nerdiness by getting a treadmill desk […]


eight everyday habits that damage your health giving up damaging habits can be tough it’s even harder to drop those that you think are beneficial to you who could have ever known that fresh juices cause more harm than Good here are [eight] things. You should stop doing right now eight preventing yourself from sneezing […]