Game #8: HEARTBEAT | Stamina

Hey Bob, you don’t look so well. Maybe we should play heartbeat, a game that’s all about stamina. The purpose of the game it so keep Bob alive by giving him some of your energy. You do this by kicking as hard and as fast as you can. Select game number eight, select your desired […]

RUN – Inspirational Running Video HD

Sometimes it’s gonna HURT! Sometimes it’s gonna be PAINFUL! Sometimes you not going to be able to WALK! Are you hearing me? Sometimes when I run on that treadmill, I don’t feel as good as I normally feel. My leg HURTS! Sometimes, sometimes I’m SICK! But this is a physical sport! And if you want […]

Performance Training | Next-Level Fitness

Performance coaching at Pro Sports Club is one of a kind We not only have coaches who have this experience in the past but also are passionate about coaching it. It’s not just something that they do to fill a second job or a slot in their day they’re extremely passionate about getting these kids […]

Unhealthy Habits & Fitness * How It Affects My Training

All right! Where you want me to step right here? All right one, two, three One more Hit a backflip, hit a backflip! I thought you was about to hit that I’ll hit it for you There we go Of course my life matters to me but not just mine Everyone’s don’t fear failure it’s […]

Bodybuilding Doctor Talks Health & Fitness

similar with nutrition and diet and exercise help help yourself do these simple things that you don’t need a GP to give you something for and you’re gonna see the results my name is Dr. Omar Iqbal I’m a local general practitioner which means that I’m not affiliated to one practice and I work all […]

CordyMax CS4-Stamina and Vitality

CordyMax now what I love about this product is I don’t know one person that wouldn’t actually want the benefits of it . What this product is for is promoting natural vitality and stamina and reducing fatigue. So it’s designed primarily for people with busy hectic lifestyles, athletes or elderly and those just simply wanting […]

RUN 2 – Inspirational Running Video HD

Let me say this before I move forward and I can’t explain it but you better feel me Winners win and Losers lose and if you created a culture of losing if you keep being a victim if you keep letting losing happen to you and if you keep letting people do you and treat […]

Making t/ Connection Chp 2 Fitness

I have a very, very active lifestyle. I’m a retired fire fighter, I’m on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I always have to be armed and ready to go at all times, as well as my training. And I can honestly say that I never feel inadequately catered for on a […]


Not end my journey know begins

CrossFit Liftoff: Event 1–Snatch

For Event 1 of the 2015 CrossFit Liftoff, powered by Rogue, athletes will be performing a 1-rep-max snatch. Prior to the lift, the athlete must state the password and weight to be lifted to the camera. Password is Houston, this is an attempt at 235. For the snatch, the athlete must bring the bar from […]