HIIT Indoor Cycling Workout | 25 Minute Sprint Intervals

(upbeat music) – Welcome to GCN indoor training session. In this session we’re gonna be taking you through some anaerobic sprint efforts on the Passo Sella. I have to say that I was never much good at sprint efforts. What about you James did you ever do this kind of training? – Yes, I did […]

It’s a bossy world: refuse to compromise yourself to fit in

Are you feeling like you’re not living your life exactly as you’d like to be living it? That maybe there might be a few things that you could change just to make you feel maybe a little bit more balanced, or a little bit happier? I get it! We live in a noisy and a […]

Introduction to Business Analysis with Healthcare Domain | ZaranTech

sure alright so good evening everyone welcome to the first session on the healthiest cities of this webinar and what again is in the introduction session or in the previous session what we covered was we talked about what is going to be coverage for this particular training course what are we going to cover […]

Where Does Artificial Intelligence Fit in the Classroom? Joint Welcome Address

– [Announcer] Please welcome the President of Teachers College, Tom Bailey. – Now, how many of you have asked Alexa to give the weather forecast, or order dinner? And how many of you have been disturbed because Amazon seems to know more about you than you really would like them to like it to know? […]

Foreigners & HealthCare Delivery In South Africa

Foreigners, and their access to public services in South Africa, look set to be key election issues in the run-up to the polls on 08 May 2019. However, politicians have been warned not to inflame xenophobia in the country. The Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, threatened to force Southern African countries to pay for their citizens’ […]

30 Day Transformation: Full Day of Working Out

so recently I completed a 90 day fitness challenge the transformation reignited my love for health and well-being and ever since I have been fully incorporating Fitness back into my lifestyle so it’s been a few months now after posting my 90-day transformation and since then I have been getting a ton of questions everything […]

How Germany’s Universal Health-Care System Works

Seventy percent of Americans say the U.S. health-care system is in a state of crisis or that it has major problems. That’s why we’re hearing a lot about Medicare for all, including some plans going as far as banning private health insurance companies altogether. On page eight of the bill, it says that we will […]

The Hook Grip with Stephane Rochet

Olympic weightlifters always use the hook grip on the bar and every time I pull off the ground, even deadlifting, I like to use a hook grip. Basically, I get my grip spacing here, I wrap my thumb around the bar and then these fingers go around that thumb right there. And then the rest […]

NYU – Understanding US Healthcare System Ch 1

The material in this presentation is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice and you should not rely on it for that purpose. None of the information in this presentation should be used for medical or mental diagnosis or treatment. Always consult your doctor or other healthcare […]

Welcome Home: Healthcare in America- Short Film/PSA

(jet engine revving) – [Narrator] Healthcare is the biggest crisis America is facing right now. With costs rising astronomically, millions of Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills. For hundreds of thousands, bankruptcy is their only option. – Where are you from? – Germany. – Is this your first time here in the States? […]