Why Washington health officials fear novel coronavirus may have been quietly spreading

JUDY WOODRUFF: The toll from the coronavirus is edging up tonight across the United States. So far, there are six known deaths, all in Washington state, but there are fears the virus is considerably more widespread than previously known. Lisa Desjardins begins our coverage LISA DESJARDINS: In the greater Seattle area, health officials now question […]

With novel coronavirus deaths rising, health officials face grilling on Capitol Hill

JUDY WOODRUFF: The coronavirus outbreak has claimed more American lives and more American wealth. The death toll reached nine today, with more than 100 diagnosed cases nationwide. And as economic damage spread, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell announced that the Central Bank is cutting a key interest rate by half-a-point. JEROME POWELL, Federal Reserve Chairman: […]

Trump Says He Will ‘Never Let Socialism Destroy American Health Care’ | NBC News

How U.S. health officials are responding to the threat of novel coronavirus

JUDY WOODRUFF: And now back to our top story: more questions today about the fate of Americans aboard two cruise ships caught up in the global coronavirus crisis. Amna Nawaz has the latest. AMNA NAWAZ: This is not how Cheryl and Paul Molesky envisioned their cruise vacation. CHERYL MOLESKY, QUARANTINED Passenger: We have been in […]

A Girl Runs From The Police | Season 1 Ep. 13 | FIRST RESPONDERS LIVE

Overpill. When Big Pharma exploits mental health

There are mental illnesses that can’t be fixed … maybe, without medicines You know the medicine fixes the issue once, or twice … or three times. And then all of a sudden on the fourth time or the fifth time … the … medicine doesn’t work any more and the issue just gets worse, because […]



Welcome Home: Healthcare in America- Short Film/PSA

(jet engine revving) – [Narrator] Healthcare is the biggest crisis America is facing right now. With costs rising astronomically, millions of Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills. For hundreds of thousands, bankruptcy is their only option. – Where are you from? – Germany. – Is this your first time here in the States? […]

The Future Of Health Insurance – The Medical Futurist

In countries with socialized medicine, where everyone has access to basic care, innovations are hard to roll out nationwide as the system as a whole cannot afford it. In countries with private health insurance, certain treatments such as cancer care are so expensive that only the privileged with good insurance plans can afford them. And […]

American Muslims fit in right here

[ShareAmerica] [TEXT: Islamic Society of Baltimore, February, 2016] [President Obama:] If you’re ever wondering whether you fit in here, let me say it as clear as I can, as President of the United States: You fit in here. Right here. You’re right where you belong. You’re part of America too. I want to say two […]