Staying Fit on Keto, Vegan vs. Carnivore, & Cutting Out Caffeine · #127 ft. Thomas DeLauer

11 thoughts on “Staying Fit on Keto, Vegan vs. Carnivore, & Cutting Out Caffeine · #127 ft. Thomas DeLauer

  1. I’m glad Thomas Delaur agreed to this interview…Thank you for your always quality content.I don’t know how to review your channel on I tunes.A link would help

  2. I have been soaking up everything KETO I can to better understand. I am currently in a keto state, but I am not deliberately doing the keto diet. Actually, closer to a whole 30, with some dairy and legumes put back in. No sugar, no processed carbs. 16/8 intermittent fasting with a full 24 hour fast once a week. During my eating window, I do not worry about calories. I do not follow macros. I eat sensibly, and I am getting full with a lot less compared to before my dieting change. The weight has been dropping a little faster than I thought. 46 year old male, about 2 lbs a week. Weight loss aside, I feel great. I sleep sound. I have more energy. This interview and your interview with Ivor Cummins, absolute gold.

  3. I have heard historians say medieval peoples would fish and hunt and raise pigs/chickens/etc. They also ate grains made int course unrefined bread while wealthier people ate more and more refined bread.

  4. What are the odds that the algorithms are manipulating the data on Keto and cancer? I and everyone I know is interested in cancer solutions. The only ones that aren't are big pharma and the medical industrial complex. There is way too much money in people getting and living with cancer for as long as possible. Same with all chronic disease. Lots of treatments but no cures.

  5. Ye but Thomas I am disappointed cause you made vids about coffee being so helpful with studies and all and now when ppl followed your cut the coffee. You’re always contradicting yourself. It’s not the first time. Kinda “Woodstick face” 😁 saying so convincingly something and later the opposite..🙄

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