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– What if all of us are
just approaching fitness and taking care of
ourselves, and getting fit and healthy all wrong? That’s what we’re going to be
discussing in today’s video. (upbeat dance music) Hey Fit Soul Bosses,
welcome back to our channel. I am Lori. – And I’m Michelle, and we’re the twins from Today’s video is actually
sparked by a mentor of ours that we look up to, that
we mentioned before, it’s a spiritual person we look up to. Jake Ducey, his video was
about the secret that a lot of people miss when they’re manifesting, and it’s something that
we actually came to our own realization this
year from other mentors that we follow and learn from as well. And we want to share this
with you, to bring awareness to you, because we
realized it is a huge part that I think a lot of people are missing. Especially if you’re on
a fitness and healthy living journey, a lot of
people have emailed Lori, “How do you stay motivated,
or how do you get started on it?” And really this is a key
part of it, is helping you to stay consistent with it,
so you keep going after it, so you keep going after your goals. So what we’re discussing in
this video is the energy behind having you feel like you
have to do this, this, this to get results versus just
being, and having fun, and enjoying the process. Lori and I have actually
filmed a video a few years ago about how it’s so important
that you need to enjoy the journey to get to your goal. It’s coming up again, so
we’re sharing it again because it was another realization for us, because we realized we don’t
get mad at ourselves anymore when we miss a work out. We don’t feel like we’ve fallen off track, we don’t get mad at ourselves
if we didn’t journal one night, or we didn’t
do our morning routine. We realized that we aren’t
in the energy of having to do something to get
results, we just do things because it feels good
to us at this moment. So we ask of you. – What energy are you in? Are you in the energy
of, I have to do this, I need to do this, or this
feels really good right now, this making me happy right
now, I feel really good, I’m gonna do this. Two completely different
energies, two completely different intentions behind it. Really sit with this and ask
yourself, “Okay, what if we’re approaching fitness all wrong?” For years from society and
everything we’ve been bashed on we need to do this, you need
to do this, you need to follow this diet to get this result. You need to work out for
this amount of time, you need to sweat like this, you need
to put this type intensity. Yes that stuff’s good to
a point, but also it makes you not enjoy the process, and so – You’re focusing so
much on the outer results and the outer… Cause we’ve shared about
that before, when Lori and I were so focused on the outer. And it wasn’t ’til we shifted
and realizing, how do we feel, does working out making us
feel good about ourselves right now, or is it
making us feeling worse. Feeling like we’re not doing enough. And for many years it was,
we’re not doing enough, we ate this now we gotta
go back to the gym. And oh my gosh, we didn’t
work out yesterday, so we have to two the next day. Can you relate? So you’re always in the
energy, since I didn’t do this then I have to make up for
it, so you’re in the I have to do this to get results. So we invite you to play around more with, but what if this feels good for me today. What if sleeping in today
is really what feels good to me right now, and a deeper
knowing that you guys know the one I always say is
about, you still know that you’re gonna be okay,
that you know you don’t have to be perfect to get results. What if you can be in that energy today? We ask you to play around with that, and before you go work out,
before you go in the kitchen, before you get dressed, ask
yourself what is your intention behind it, what is your
energy behind this. Are you doing your workout
because you feel like you have to do it, because you
ate this, or you have to… You saw this girl on Instagram
doing all this stuff, now you have to go do it. Or is it because it feels
good and you want to do it. – It excites you, it inspires
you, it uplifts your soul and energy that you
never thought possible. Focus more on that and see,
slowly over time how things just slowly start shifting
for you and before you know it you’ll be like, “Wow, I
really enjoy this whole process of bettering myself,
I’m enjoying the process of my fit and healthy journey.” It’s definitely something
Michelle and I wish we kind of knew, but looking
back we were doing it without even realizing it. We stopped doing workouts that
weren’t making us feel happy anymore. We started doing other
things that intrigued us, that excited us, and we
focused on enjoying that, and over time that growth of
focusing on just feeling good and enjoying things expanded
to other parts of our life. We dropped certain food labels
because that made us feel good, we felt good being able
to give ourselves permission to eat whatever we wanted to eat. So we focused again on
what made us feel good and now looking back, we’re
like that was a big part we feel, in our success,
is because we’ve been able to focus on that without
even realizing it. So we’re bringing the intention
to you to help you make that subtle shift as well,
of have to energy, versus this feels really good energy. – So you might be thinking,
“Is this really enough to get me results, is it
really enough for me just to focus on feeling good?” And we say yes. And the reason being, is
when you’re feeling good you’re a magnet to good
things, as kind of a basic thing for manifesting is
you’re at a vibrating at a higher frequency, you
have more love for yourself, more compassion, you’re showing more grace to yourself. And those are all good positive energies, and going into the Law of Attraction here, like attracts likes or if
you’re feeling good you’re gonna attract more things
that make you feel good. We’ve actually talked to other
girls that we’ve met online and they all kind of said the
same thing, when they made this shift and realization
that they don’t have to do this workout to get
results, they can do this and have fun. And enjoy the process more. It did make the journey
more enjoyable, therefore you stick to it consistently
over time you’re more motivated naturally to do things
because you’re focusing on feeling good. We all know that consistency,
things over time, the small steps done over
time, leads to big results. – Reflecting back to on
Michelle’s and I’s journey in terms of that when
you focus on one shift of focusing on feeling
good, how that ripples into other parts of your life. To you give you an example of
that, so I told you Michelle and I shift our focus on what
workouts really feels good to us right now, and that
was the HIIT workouts and working out at home. That felt really good to us. But we still had some issues with our food and our just general
self-care, self-love practices, but we first focus again
on feeling good about what we are dong for our movement. But then over time that
focus on feeling good on movement, things from
our soul started coming to us, “Well what if
you guys did this, drop the food labels.” “Oh that feels really good.” “What if you guys focus more
on these foods that made you feel good and don’t
worry about those.” So those naturally came into
our being and to our mind, those thoughts because we
focused on that one thing of focusing and feeling good,
so that’s when it goes back to is that really enough. Cause yes, one good thought,
one good thing, attracts another one, and then another
one, and then another one, and then another one. So it is this ripple effect. And you might happen all at
one time, but it might like us, might be like more of a journey. If you’re doing this for awhile
that makes you feel good, and then it kind of shifts
and evolves into this feels really good right now. And that’s what I feel is
the beauty of letting go of the have to energy versus
embracing the what do I want to do right now that
feels really good to me right now energy. Because it’s something that
can grow and evolve with you, as you grow and evolve over time as well. – So we actually have a playlist
of our soul sister chats where Lori and I interviewed other girls, that came to the same
realization when they focused on loosening up on the rules,
focusing more on having fun, more playful energy. Instead of the have to do all this energy. They saw change in themselves as well. So we’ll get the link down
below for you to check out those videos. – So comment down below Fit Soul Bosses in the comments section down below. Type, I’m open to letting
go of the have to’s around fitness and health,
and allowing myself to focus on what feels
good to me in this moment. So focus on, I am letting
go of the have to’s. – We ask of you also,
to go about your day, don’t do anything drastic,
don’t make any major changes right now, we just want you
just to check in with yourself, your energy, your intention
behind why you’re doing things. Why are you working out
today, or why are you missing your workout today, why are
you going into the kitchen and tracking all your meals,
what is your intention, what is the energy behind
it again, checking in instead of you have to do this
to get this x, y, z, results, or are you doing it because
you like it and you enjoy it. – So over your course of today,
come back and let us know how’s it going for you. What aha moments you had,
because this was a big aha moment for us. Just check in like, “Am
I enjoying this anymore, is this making me feel good
right now, or does this feel like again, like a have to. Like, “I have to go do this.” But your energies, not there anymore.
– Cause then you notice that.. You see the energy in Lori’s
face, when you start coming from the have to, you notice
yourself kinda start building up anger and resentment in your body. And we don’t want that, we
don’t those stored in our body. We want to release the negative
energy so you’re focusing on having fun, makes things
more enjoyable that you don’t have that resentment
building up inside of you. And if you haven’t already
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See ya. (upbeat dance music)

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