Stand Out Fit In || GLMV || Birthday Special

Stand Out Fit In || GLMV || Birthday Special

(I’m sooooooo bad at tears WHY?!) (I don’t think they’d want me to dress as a stripper…) (Excuse me as a change from gacha to edits in the same scene) (Man I can’t think of subtitles can I? I’m really bad at this stuff) (NOTWITHTHETEARSAGAIN) (I did a kick and a punch… I think I need a new profession) (Guess we’re all emotionless now… great) (Okay this is just plain laziness) (This somehow is logical… I can’t explain it, but when I made this I had a reason, I think) (Power of Friendship? Yeah, let’s go with that) (BTW this was a NIGHTMARE to make, I celebrated when I finished this part) (*Sigh* I can’t draw, so why do I try? Someone send help, please) (Please, no more! I’ll tell you everything, just no more!) (AHHHHHH, NOOOOOO) (NOTAGAINNUUUUUUU) (Finally, it’s over) (I think I was a little drunk when I made that) (Um…) (Why are you still here?) (The video is over now…) (You can leave… so, yeah) (I’m gonna go now, buh bye!)

11 thoughts on “Stand Out Fit In || GLMV || Birthday Special

  1. so im a saint now– lmao– i love you sis! happy birthday! <3 im so glad i met you. y'all are the best people i could've ever meet <3

  2. ;o; it’s your birthday? Happy birthday it’s my birthday too thats rlly cool cause ur one of my fav gachatubers

  3. Society sucks, girls have to be certain ways and boys have to be certain ways, it's unfair…anyway sorry I just thought I should bring this out since the song reminds me of it, also happy birthday uwu

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