St. Luke’s Fitness Centers – coach John Graham

The biggest difference between St. Luke’s
fitness and sports performance centers and the other fitness centers in
the Lehigh Valley is our supportive approach. Our supportive approach means
that when you walk through our doors from the time you come in the building
until the time you leave every day our staff is there to support you.
Regardless of what kind of shape you’re in or where you’re at currently in your fitness
level we’re gonna help you to reach your goals and objectives. Our goal has always
been to hire the best people to do the best job and to work with us in a way
that they can provide the best support. What we’re trying to teach people you
need to be active every day. Because if you’re active every day your metabolism is active
every day and your body’s ability to maintain that lean body tissues and
burn body fat is gonna be enhanced. We’ve taken that average Joe’s gym philosophy of
including everybody in what we do and put scientific exercise programming behind it
in a way that makes it fun. Join us and get fit visit
us online at and start your free seven-day membership today.

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