South Hills Saturdays Episode 4: Push 40 Fitness

– [Shelley Killinger] As a
busy realtor in Pittsburgh, I’m always around town
checking out new businesses, restaurants, and fun things to do. I want to share with
you my favorite places and things to do in the South Hills. I’m Shelley Killinger with
the Shelley Killinger Group at Re/Max CSI and this
is South Hills Saturdays. (rhythmic electronica music) (electronica music) Hey everyone, I am super pumped. Today we stopped by a new
fitness studio in Bridgeville and it has kind of become what everybody is talking about here in the South Hills. It’s Push 40 Fitness and I’m actually here with Dan Hoffman from Push 40 Fitness. So nice to see you again. – Hey, Shel. Good to see
you. Thanks for coming in. – Yeah, thanks for having us and touring us around a little bit. – Absolutely. – So Push 40 Fitness. Where
did that name come from? – So Push 40 Fitness. The
40 in our name comes from the 40 minutes that we do our class. So we do interval training. The goal in interval
training is to push yourself a little bit outside of your comfort zone. And each class is 40 minutes long. – I love it. Which is perfect. Everyone wants to escape on a lunch break or in the morning before
the kids get on the bus. – Exactly. No one has a
lot of time these days so you gotta get in, get out, and that’s what our members do here. – Exactly. That’s awesome. So how long have you
been here in Bridgeville? – We’ve been here about
two and a half years. – We love this area, this location. – My wife and I both grew up and we went to Chartiers Valley. We live in South Fayette now,
my wife also teaches there. So the Bridgeville location is a nice little community home for us. – It is. You’ve got great
roots here, I’m sure. – Yes. we do. – That’s awesome. So you just offer the 40-minute classes or is there more that you do here? – So we do our 40-minute
classes seven days a week. We have early-morning
classes, middle-morning, noon classes twice a week, weekend stuff. But we do offer a little
bit more than that. We do have nutrition programs that our members can get involved with. So if you really want to get in shape, you can’t just work out. You gotta get the nutrition
side of things right. One of our coaches is
a registered dietitian that helps our members out in figuring out what they need to be
eating outside of the gym. – That’s really cool. So what kind of exercises do you do here? – So our class is a combination
of some strength training and cardio. So anybody who wants
to really get in shape, you need to kinda have a balance of strength training and cardio. The strength training in order to maintain or build your muscle, the cardio to help strengthen your heart and to burn the calories that you need if you’re looking to tone
up or to lose weight. We do a combination of that in each class. – In every class? – In every class. You
can’t get away from it. So if you’re someone that
likes to cycle or run, you gotta do the strength. If you’re someone who’s
into lifting weights, we make you do the cardio here. So there’s no escaping
cardio and strength training in each class. – No but that’s great. So if someone brand-new comes in, what would they expect
from their first class? – That’s a good question. Why don’t we take a
peek inside the studio- – Yeah, I want to! – … kinda walk you through and show you what a new member gets to experience. – I’d love it! – Yeah, come on in. – Thank you. (rhythmic techno music) – This is awesome. – This is where it all happens. – So we have four stations here. Like I said, two of them are cardio-based, two of them are strength-based. – Okay. – So just to kind of give you
a walkthrough of the studio, we have our airbikes,
which is like a spin bike but you have your arm
cranked for your handles up top so you get your- – Harder to use? – Little bit harder. Upper body, lower body, core is involved. Our TRX station, where we do some of our functional strength movements. Our treadmills, which are
a little bit different than a standard treadmill. They’re self-powered, so there’s
no motor underneath them. – And it’s curved. – And it’s curved, so you’re
already up on an incline so it makes it a little bit harder but you’re the one
that’s in control of it, which is perfect for intervals when you’re going from a walk
or a jog right into a sprint. You don’t need to worry
about pressing any buttons. And then the final station, our dumbbells. Our free weights where we do some functional strength movements. Again, just to try to tone up, use some upper body and some lower body is the goal each class. So we get kind of a head-to-toe workout. – Yeah. – The more muscles you use,
the more calories you burn. – I love it. And then the mats over here, are they for at the end, you said? – Yeah, so at the end of each class we do a five-minute core workout. So everybody kinda comes to the center and the coach kinda just wraps things up. Five minutes focusing on the core. – I love that. – Anyone who’s trying to be more athletic, you gotta have a strong core in order lift heavier
weights or to run faster. – And you truly do get a
head-to-toe workout then. – Yeah. – That’s awesome. So like I said earlier,
you guys really have become what everybody’s talking
about in the South Hills, which is awesome. What do you think keeps
people coming back? What do they love so much? – A couple things. I think, probably, one is the 40 minutes. You know, people are busy these days. You don’t have a lot of
time to spend an hour, hour and a half in the gym, you know, to do what you need to do. So 40 minutes, they know
that they can come in, the workout’s already
planned out for them, they’re gonna get an upper
body, lower body workout, some strength training and some cardio, and then they’re back out the door and they’re ready to
move on with their day. – Get in and get out. So I just want to interject here: I came to do a class last week because I didn’t want my first time doing the class to be on camera. And I didn’t know a soul. But the camaraderie was instant. I didn’t know anybody but
they were all kinda grouping around me, talking to me,
cheering me on on the treadmill. So I think that that
says a lot about you guys and that might be what keeps
people coming back as well. – That might be a part, for sure, yeah. – Well I just want to take
a moment to thank you again for having us by and
giving us this little tour. – Of course. Thanks for coming in. – Yes, it was great! So I just want to tell you guys, if you want to know more
information about Push 40 Fitness, we have all of their social
media handles, their website, the classes, down in the description below so make sure you check that out. Thank you again, Dan, for having us and we’ll see you next episode, guys. Take care.

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