Snatch: 2017 Liftoff

For event 1 of the 2017 CrosFit Liftoff,
powered by Rogue, athletes we’ll be performing a 1-rep-max snatch. Prior to
the lift, the athlete must state the password and weight to be lifted to the
camera. Athletes may start with the barbell loaded and ready for the lift.
The minimum weight increase allowed is 1 pound. Clips must be used. 35-lb. bar, 45-lb. plate, 5-lb. plate. For the weigh-in
procedure, shoes weight belts and knee sleeves may be removed prior to
recording body weight. Place the scale on a hard even surface. Zoom in to show that the scale is set to zero. Keeping the scale in the frame, zoom out
so that both the athlete and scale are completely visible. The videographer then
moves close to the scale so that the numbers can be clearly seen on the video. Videoing of the weights used and the
athlete weigh-in may be done before or after the lift depending on the
athlete’s preference. However, the entire procedure including stating the password,
performing the lift, recording the weights used and the athlete weigh-in
must be done in one continuous tape. Edited or cut videos will not be
accepted. Review the video to make sure everything is clearly viewable. For the
snatch, the athlete must bring the bar from the ground to the overhead position
in one smooth motion. The repetition will count once the arms, hips and knees are
fully locked out with the bar clearly over the center of the athlete’s body
when viewed from profile and the feet are in line under the body. For full
event details go to

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