Seperti apa stamina para ekplorer misteri ?

Seperti apa stamina para  ekplorer misteri ?

this is the location usual for disposal heirlooms or as possible as a heirloom fierce or hot ones are used So a lot of people
dump this place friends (gibberish) let’s appear whoever you are here appears and acquaintances with a bead 212 Which is brave warrior show yourself eh you don’t have to run eh what is this figure? briefly friends is it visible? don’t blur, don’t blur eehh what is this figure? the tongue is very long the fangs are like those fangs like the ngook ngook this has horns you have a very ugly face don’t blur what is this? the fur that’s the fangs its fangs are like wild boar oh my, there are horns friends I step back first what is that? I step back first eh you if you want to form excuse me first friends, don’t you see? doesn’t look, that’s it I pull your tongue if you’re naughty it’s eyes like something’s eyes that see I’ll pull your horn later wait ohh you ask to be slapped? a little while wait a minute eh how scary his face was scary like a wild boar eh your face so scary You should not be a scary face be beautiful like rondo it looks exactly like a wild boar the horn has electrocuted eh the horns shocked he is form eh, why you? ooh you betrayed me leng so you betrayed friendship for so long only an hour you have betrayed He is with Kucluk eh tripot stuck Do you see friends? This is with the leng-leng it’s leng-leng it’s really hard eh where is the kucluk, where is the kucluk? it was left leng-leng You betrayed my friendship oh my flashlight, where’s my flashlight? oh use the flashlight fall event this aroma is really dense ouch they appeared again that, that Wait a minute, it’s raining That’s right, he’s sneaky instead disappear first then the one being beaten, is leng-leng okey friends kang ian,
tonight is at one location this becomes a place kang ian’s choice tonight this was once a land of
worship, but that was once yes different from now, and for this area so many are looking for the whereabouts of mustika which said was the source of the figure of Pocong, friends back there bro eh behind me like, just a minute fire fire fire fire like smell like the smell of the carcass? smelly carcass? behind me? eh eh what is that? the smell of carcasses, friends very close, very close, very close okay friends Call all your other friends, call! line here ocong white incest, red incest Sadako, Sodako Sadako, sudako, what the heck? the foreign one? well that ah, okay friends This is the figure eh someone laugh? wait a minute, someone laughed because I’ve been waiting for Hankeri from earlier it looks like this kid is going out cool so I take a rest first, so I will go alone like that guys goosebumps guys let me go alone guys, what kind guys I’ll face off or I’ll collapse guys just wait guys How about this? very long hair I advance this that was that, a long time, already seen? not dare, not dare oh guys! oh there are holes guys Looks like a coconut tree hole guys not being guys, not being guys my hands are shaking so much guys already not strong, not strong run again it’s already ahead very fast how is it guys? where do I run to? I almost fainted she was there again feel this, feel my wooden punch what is that? don’t dare anymore, don’t dare anymore The important thing is to run away guys blocked again guys how is it guys? how is it guys? stay there, stay there there are more guys there’s more up front, I’ll just go back out which direction guys the abyss, so high, is that okay? but I have to go down come on guys please guys ouch run away

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