Running in Space!

Running in Space!

[ Music ]>>Karen Nyberg: Hi, welcome to
the International Space Station. As all of my family
and friends know, I love to run when I’m on earth. Luckily we have the
capability to run here on the Space Station too. In fact, it’s one of the
3 exercises that we do on a daily basis to help
keep our hearts and our bones and our muscles strong
while we’re here without the gravity pull of earth affecting our
body every single day. So let me show you
how we do it here. This is our treadmill
and it’s called T2. It’s located in node 3 on the
International Space Station. You’ll notice that the
treadmill can move. It’s on a vibration
isolation system like all of our exercise equipment is. And the reason is because there
are a lot of loads when you run on a treadmill and we really
don’t want to impart those loads onto the Space Station. So we have all of our
exercise equipment on vibration isolation systems. Obviously in space, we
need something to keep us on the ground when
we’re running. What we use is a harness
which is very much like a backpacking harness
and the straps are adjusted so that the load is
evenly distributed between your shoulders
and your hips just as if you were backpacking. We attach by these rings
the harness to a system of hooks and bungee cords. As you can see there’s some
stretch in the bungee cord and then we can adjust and change the number
of hooks that we use. Today I’m going to use 4 hooks. If I were to use 3 hooks it
would ride a little more load. If I used 5 hooks it would
be a little less load. And then in that way we can
adjust the amount of load on our body as we’re running. The T2 is controlled
by our laptop in front of the treadmill. And once I’m all
strapped in I can go ahead and select a protocol. Our trainers on the ground
get protocols assigned for us that we can use. Load up the protocol. This is an interval
protocol that I can do. And now you can see that
there’s a target load. The target that the — my trainers wanted me to
reach was 100 pound load. There are load cells
in the treadmill and that’s how it determining. And you can see with the 4 hooks
that I put on it’s pretty close to what the target load is. [ Background sounds ] Click okay. And then I’m ready to run. See we also have
heart rate on display. We wear heart rate
monitors and this is when — once I push start the
treadmill belt will start moving and I’ll just follow
the protocol. [ Music ] That was a great run. Not quite the same as being out
in the fresh air with the wind in your face but a
nice alternative. [ Music ]

100 thoughts on “Running in Space!

  1. Your hair in space:'' GFTFyurDGufBHygtfvbgHGfjTfgJtf fyfgUY&tghUtygHJU7tfgJutGhiu876tfgHutfghU7t6ghuY&''

  2. Sweat drips here on earth. I wonder what happens up there? Float away, or since it doesn’t drain downward, does it just stay in place on the skin?

  3. fake fake i can do that to in my basement is zero density because i dont know why people believe zero gravity. WTF is gravity?

  4. Can I request the same video without any hairspray, gels and hair tie? Really curious how hair really should look/react in a zero gravity environment.

  5. You can see the harness is really critical to keep her down enough to make contact with the treadmill. Her posture would compress her lumbar if she was in a gravity-based environment. And her arms are so light they flail about and don't stay by her sides. Fascinating for a small woman in a zero gravity environment!

  6. Asm21.50 o'cloak th 27…/10/2018 Hi what are future key dates to watch for. Well it arrived pretty quick.go away please

  7. What I love about this is that she's running next to the bathroom…but not on the floor, on the wall next to it! Zero gravity never ceases to amuse me.

  8. The level of ignorance these videos expose in the comments is mind boggling. Idiot flat earthers are a waste of human skin…….

  9. Every time I watch one of these People In Space videos, it reminds me how fragile humanity is.
    This has to be a planet wide effort if we truly want to go anywhere.

  10. Firstly, gravity is not a force (forces dont push things, a force is the act of being pushed)… secondly more of this!… beautiful and strong!

  11. See this would be a awsomeee. Job but i dropped out.(getting my ged) for alot of reasons. I dont regert it. But i hate math but live science. I have bad memorie so this job prob wouldnt be best for me but it sure it amazing. Thank you for everything you do.

  12. I first became aware of it in 1996; there was a "vacuum treadmill" in development, which early tests were showing to be more effective than the bungee harnesses. Must have been too expensive…

  13. don't astronauts ever start feeling claustrophobic once in a while, seeing the same things over and over again wanting to go outside and feel the fresh air

  14. "Hi, welcome to my parabolic flight that simulates zero G, please ignore the sound of the jet engines in the background and the fact that I use hairspray on my pony tail to fake out all the imbecilic brainwashees"

  15. So the old Axiom stands. Any publicity is good publicity? If even .5% of the douches audience questions flat Earth. It's a win for everyone?

  16. This would be horrible for me, I hate running and I’m a swimmer, so I’m gonna guess there aren’t any pools I can do laps in to keep fit 😂

  17. Hi, why would you not wear some ankle and wrist weights to put more pressure on arms and legs in order to reproduce a better running experience? Cheers!

  18. I assume someone has calculated or better, measured the various flexing resonances of the ISS. It is obvious that the 'isolation' system merely delays or slows the rhythmic loads the runner imparts to the treadmill. Of course if the treadmill is actually at a flexing node for the frequencies that the various residents run, that would be even better.

  19. For all the people bitching about the OS on the computer, why don't you take your ideas, run it up to NASA and tell them yourselves how stupid they are? Because I'm sure all the engineers and scientists who have spent decades perfecting their craft are intellectually inferior to someone commenting on Youtube. Silly me, here I was thinking they thought of all the variables of space tech and how to use it efficiently huh🤔🤷‍♂️

  20. I love space engineering; its one of the only areas where cost comes second to design and function.

    That treadmill alone probably costs 6x my entire house and another house to get it up there.

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  22. Nothing is like they say.

  23. I designed a special bodybuilding weight set for astronauts. It consists of a bar surrounded by 2 other bars. To use, select how much weight to lift; then, workout. The weights are actually just a bar that is held by an electromagnet. I would suggest; of course, a channel slim enough to prevent the bar from flying away.

  24. I wonder if their sweat flies off and gets into all the exposed electrical and computer systems? mmmmm?

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