Run Neo, Run! | The Matrix [Open Matte]

Run Neo, Run! | The Matrix [Open Matte]

[stranger] –or pops. No, jus– Shit! That’s my phone! That guy took my phone! [Tank] Got ’em! He’s on the run. [Neo] Mr. Wizard! Get me the hell out of here! [Tank] Got a patch on an old exit: Wabash and Lake. [Neo] Oh, shit. [gunshots] [gunshots] Uh, help. Need a little help. [Tank] The Door! [gunshots] [intense music] The door on your left. [gunshot] No, your other left! [gunshots] The backdoor. [intense music] [gunshots] [gunshots] [phone ringing]

100 thoughts on “Run Neo, Run! | The Matrix [Open Matte]

  1. The agents are chasing and all of the sudden Neo disappears and from the other side someone emerges in a 1970 muscle car, that someone who looks like Neo but is wearing a suit and have longer hair and a beard… And the next moment, those agents were never seen.

  2. You would expect a futuristic AI program hellbent on killing you would be using aimbot. Good guy machines, they just wanted to play video games too. 😀

  3. You know, I could never understand how these agents were super strong and super fast but ran at average speed. How are they fast enough to dodge bullets but can't run with that speed? Does their speed not work with their legs? Come to think of it, when they dodge, it's all arms, back, and ab strength that they use.

  4. chu' anh la 1 angel ong troi gui xuong' de yeu va co' trieu trieu ti ti dua con angel tinh trung ong troi` sky ruoc' va` hoi sinh va ruoc' len troi .nho' thuong dang' ca coi vu tru va ong troi sky

  5. Ja myślę, że Matrix cały czas kontroluje mózg Neo. No, może momentami, gdy Neo zapali i popije browarem – THC wtedy tworzy nowe połączenia synaptyczne w mózgu, dzięki czemu system mind control nie działa skutecznie. Co prawda THC ma również silne działanie psychotyczne, ale niacyna zawarta w piwie je hamuje. Dlatego własnie Matrix arabskich programistów organizuje rzeczywistość w taki sposób, aby Neo nie miał pieniędzy – wtedy bowiem kupił by zioło oraz piwo, poczuł się lepiej i walczył z systemem. A tak, to jedyne co może biedak zrobić to iść spać.

  6. The Matrix has glitches. It’s why there’s déjà vu, why Smith’s program became corrupted and why we had those “ghost” characters. Imagine being turned into an agent, complete with gun and abilities, but retaining your sense of identity. You’d have an entire army working against the Matrix from within then.

  7. I don’t believe that Zion was created by the Architect. I look at the first Movie here as it’s own movie. In this movie Zion is the real world and Smith isnt a virus.

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  9. First 3 seconds
    When iPhone user catches an android user 😂😂

    Bro yoinked the shit out that phone!! 🤣🤣

  10. Do yourselves a favor and hover your mouse over the thumbnail for this video. I've been giggling over how cartoonish that looked

  11. How the agents in this scene were hunting Neo is exactly how the Men in Black/illuminati/agents be hunting and killing people in real life. Just FAR FAR FAR FAR more discrete.

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