Rogue Legends Series Extras: How Katie Met Max / 8k

[music] Her husband Max told a story and he said yes well when we first met her father was giving a certain amount of money to
anyone in wrestling who could beat her. Quite a number of the young men tried
but they couldn’t and I was smaller but I was gonna try and I did try but I
could not do anything you know with her but we met one another that way
and it wasn’t much later when we eloped. And the family was very angry about it
at first but they accommodated themselves to it. And there doesn’t seem
to be too much contemporary evidence that this really happened but it makes a
nice story. But they apparently had a marriage that was happy enough that it lasted a long, long time. I did interview years ago her
daughter-in-law whose name is Patricia Galley. And Galley said that in the family
that they corroborated that story about the fact that she and Max had met in the
wrestling ring and that that was where they kind of like discovered each other
and decided that they would go into business together and perform together
and out of that came the marriage.

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