Rock Climbing Safety : Proper Fit Harness: Tips on Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Safety : Proper Fit Harness: Tips on Rock Climbing

Hello! I’m Dan and this is Brian from Eastern
Mountain Sports on behalf of In this clip we’ll be discussing the proper
fit of a climbing harness. When purchasing a climbing harness you want to make sure that
there are several inches of room around the hip belt area, you want to be able to make
sure that you can tighten the hip belt and that when it is tight you can still make it
a little bit tighter and when you double back when you move this piece over here at you
have at least two inches, what that allows for it allows for if there’s any movement
in the climbing harness this will not come undone. Other things to make sure is that
the leg loops are tight but that you again have the ability to make them tighter and
that when the straps are double back you still again have two inches. Other things that you
want to make sure when you’re fitting a harness is that all your clothing is tucked
in because you don’t want to have any material in the way of your safety devises here. Another
thing to keep in mind is that the area from the hip belt to the leg straps is called the
rise of a harness and men and women often have different rises so females often would
like to look for a female specific harness. Another very good tip is that when you’re
purchasing a harness to actually sit in it because you aren’t going to get the full
affect of what a harness feels unless you’re actually sitting back in it and know how comfortable
it’s going to be because as much as you think you’re not going to fall you will.

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  1. They should specify that you guys must double back up the buckles of this type of harness. It is primary safety concern here!!! Or else… Long way back to recovery… Please go climbing with trained and professional instructors.

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