Road to the Arnold — 2018 — CJ Cummings / 8k

Road to the Arnold — 2018 — CJ Cummings / 8k

[Laughing] They don’t like nobody hanging on the rim here. I’m from Beaufort, South Carolina. My name is C.J. Cummings and I’m an Olympic weightlifter. Aahh, Beaufort, Beaufort, Beaufort. Beaufort is, I mean, a nice place It’s just like a retirement place. I’m a senior in high school. School is very important cause when you get out in the real world like you’ll be prepared for it. Hey! How you doing? Hey, y’all, how you doing? What you having, Chik-Fil-A? And a fry? It’s like I’m the french fry monster just like the Cookie Monster, I’m the French Fry Monster. Wendy’s have like their fries, I like those… Bojangles have those… I like McDonald’s fries, their fries are good so it’s just like, all of them are good to me. Kinda getting hungry. Thank you! Hi, Ms. Baker! My first period class is Digital Multimedia so it’s pretty much the morning news. Good morning, Beaufort High, today is Friday, February 2nd. Yea, I like that one. I blog on the side so it’s like that kind of plays like hand in hand I can learn something from that class to take out and go and shoot. I used to play like, you know, the regular sports that everybody knows like football, basketball and baseball. And one day my sister brought me to the gym to try out weightlifting with me and my older brother. We thought it was like strength and conditioning but it was actually more like olympic weightlifting and I stuck with it ever since. This is where the magic happens. The Arnold that’s coming up in 2018 it’s exciting for me and it’s a USA competition too so like what I do there will actually matter. It’s kinda like a big deal but I’m just going with like the mindset to just go out there and have fun. My coach is Ray Jones he’s been coaching me ever since I pretty much started weightlifting. We have like, you know, a father/son relationship. Is this 25 or 20? 25! It’s two reps on both plates! I was doing two! I did that! Grab that 25 and quit stalling. That’s your lowest spot right there. Which is a great spot for you to catch it. You’ve never caught 130 that high. So that’s good. I weigh about 152 right now at the moment. And my best snatch is 141 kilos which is 310 pounds and my best clean and jerk is 185 kilos which is 407 pounds. So my goal is to push hard and make it to the Olympics in 2020. So it’s kind of a long ways from now but you know I just got to keep working, trusting the process and hopefully I’ll get there. My school is like very supportive with me and weightlifting. All the teachers and all my athletics and just like everyone just like all follows me throughout the sports and everyone like “When is the next competition?” “How’s everything going, how’s the training?” And just pretty much they’re are like a secondary coach to help me get better too. This place, I guess, raised me I’ve been born and raised here so I got to make Beaufort proud. Yea. What I need to do at the Arnold is, you know, go out there break my own personal records. Put me like back on top. Just to keep pushing and working going hard just to make myself better. This is what I worked for, for so long and just to be able to accomplish it it’s going to be competitive so I’m just looking for that and just to break the challenge.

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  1. so dont get me wrong, this kid is super impressive (more impressive than anything I'll ever be), but how is he gonna compete against 400 lbs monsters at the actual competition??

  2. oh shit I had literally 0 idea this whole time that there was oly lifting in the Arnold too thats sick best of luck to CJ

  3. That kid is FAST. He makes those snatches look easy as hell and my back hurts just watching. The "golly" in the background pretty much sums it up.

  4. I'm so stoked to see this kid grow. Also stoked to see the road to the arnold video series is still going strong. Thanks, Rogue!

  5. He needs to focus on football and be a skat back and make some real money. No money in weightlifting unless you're a giant like shaw, mountain etc

  6. This kids way too small, even for his weight class. He's lifting at like, high school state champ level, not even ncaa level. He should get a different coach too, that guys too big and fat, says a lot. How can that coach teach if he doesn't practice what he preaches? You should learn from people that are better than you. Cj has a lot of potential, don't get me wrong, if he sticks with it he could win an arnold in his weight class in a few years. He seems to have a natural talent, but he is definitely gonna have to get a lot stronger. If he makes the top 15 at Arnold I'll be very surprised

  7. This is an awesome video! I really like CJ and I think he has all the potential in the world, I just hope in this unsteady state of the sport, he can still become a universally revered athlete.

  8. I’m sure it’s probably too late, but you guys should work with some powerlfiters (like Krzysztof Weirzbiki, or Bryce Krawchyk). I very much feel like there are athletes in the sport that would represent Rouge well.

  9. Just look at his three clean and jerk attempts at the worlds. He could have won, but he farted around with the squat jerk and bombed. You don't abandon what works for an untried technique. He needs to go back to what has worked for him…the split jerk!!!

  10. I feel overly cautious. It devastated me when I had to witness Jon Jones (a prodigal talent) fall from grace, and I hope that it doesn't happen to this guy too.

  11. i would just do local meets, nationals, maybe worlds and youtube videos, the olympic games is owned and run by fascist governments.

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