Rich Froning: Day at the Office

Rich Froning: Day at the Office

Usually we workout around 9:45, 10 o’clock. Uh, but today we have a special guest. Getting a drug test. A, uh, blood and urine test. Found out yesterday at 3:15 p.m. that, uh, a guy was driving up from South Carolina. So … So 15 hours later We’re going to piss test you which is so cool. So, hey random drug test. RICH: Random. PAT: Randomly fell on the champ. RICH: Random. Random. RICH: No camera. PAT: Are you still allowed to compete, as far as you know? RICH: As far as I know. RICH: I can’t workout for 30 minutes cause I gave so much blood. PAT: Alright, extra 30 at the end of the day. RICH: Extra 30. RICH: He was no no joking around. PAT: All business. RICH: I want to know how you draw the short straw and have to watch people pee. Like actually pants down watch you pee. Staring straight at your … RICH: Yeah. Got it. RICH: Good thing I don’t have a shy bladder. PAT: Waiting to see what’s going down. The morning programming sesh. After the warmup so just kind of a little informal chit chat. Thinking of what they’ve done the last couple of days and seeing where they might go right now. It’s probably one of many. JAMES: Ow, ooh, that feels kinda nice. Keep doing that. RICH: No. This is Tennessee. We don’t need scrapers usually in Tennessee. JAMES: Want to scrape my iPhone against it, or something? PAT: Slowly at least starting to, uh, RICH: Melt away a little bit. PAT: Yeah. PAT: It’s got to be in a weird way kind of advantageous at least for a newer athlete shows up for the Games and gets overwhelmed by the cameras. RICH: Yeah. PAT: You’re like, well this is just how I have to workout all the time. RICH: It’s just part of it, man. Get over it. PAT: Well it’s probably hurt the head of many a young man in academia is you’re not, you’re not sitting down with graph paper scratching out a very detailed, rigid two to three week meso-cycle this percentage JAMES: Not football Sundays. RICH: Yeah, no. I mean We’ll pick out a squat program and we’ll do that for for whatever the duration is. Or we’ll pick out a deadlift program, or do an Olympic cycle. Or some … Just something, you know to change it up. But really there’s no method to the madness. Lift something heavy usually once a day. Maybe twice. It depends. Get out of breath. A lot. PAT: When it’s all consuming and you’ve got somebody like me watching, cheering from the sidelines it looks great, it looks cool. And, you know, you’re a humble dude so you probably don’t want to hear it but truth be told you know, you earned the title the champ and there’s I’m sure pros that come with that and cons that come with that. You know. So what … the pros I would assume are you get to do what you, you know, enjoy for a living. You’re not commuting to an office. RICH: I’m blessed beyond belief. I get to do … I wake up every day and I enjoy what I do. Now it doesn’t mean I enjoy all day of what I do. I get to work out for a living. Sounds awesome. It is awesome. But then there’s days where you’re like that everybody else has, that you’re like like man, it would be nice if I could just sit on the couch all day. Or, you know, do whatever. But even on a Saturday or a Sunday or a holiday there’s still that in the back of your mind that you got to do something. And so you don’t have that, that luxury of being like, You know what? If I take off today or don’t do something today or, you know, it’s not going to kill me or not going to affect me. But everyday is going to do something. PAT: So how much of what you just mentioned you know, talking holidays or just on occasion like to sit on the … like chill or what not how much after all these years is the physical grind versus the mental grind which kind of weighs on you more? Physically I feel awesome. I mean, I’ll do CrossFit for the rest of my life. Um. I love, I love doing what I do. But the mental is what really takes it … It’s just PAT: What does that mean? RICH: It’s just every day. It’s that, you know, what we talked about is there’s no there’s no day real day off. There’s no holidays aren’t holidays. Um. And it’s not necessarily even the the working out but it’s the thinking about working out. Like the stress of like me and James talked about when I travel it just stresses me out the entire time. Because I’m like, man, I should be doing this, I should be doing this. It’s not necessarily … It’s probably not even hurting me that I’m not working out that day. I probably could use the rest. But mentally it’s like I got to be doing something. If I’m not doing something I’m falling behind. Or it’s affecting me. Or it’s, you know, and it’s just one of those things that you know, it’s not just affecting me. It’s, you know, everybody. So. Everybody that’s close to me. So. PAT: And what’s the … what’s the pressure like just because you are you’re representing, you know, yourself you know, when people see you they they think of not just Rich Froning but they think of the sport they think of CrossFit. So you’re kind of, whether you want to be or not, kind of an ambassador of the program. And when you meet somebody I would assume you have to be kind of on. RICH: Yep. PAT: Or, you know how is that? RICH: That’s just, you know, that’s just it comes with the territory. And it’s been a gradual growing into the last four years. I talk a lot about four years ago you wouldn’t have caught me I had to speak to 5,000 people this weekend four years ago you wouldn’t have got me up on that stage. Period. Not it’s just, it’s just part of it. And I’m fine talking in front of groups. I’m fine hanging out having people around. My biggest fears before CrossFit were speaking in front of people and then large crowds. So those are two things … PAT: Welcome to hell. RICH: Yeah, exactly. So And still the crowds, like, um when we you know, when there’s a bunch of people around me I start getting a little … like, Jason loves it. Jason eats that stuff up. And he’s great at that. When, you know, when we go to … when we went overseas I guess it was last year we did the Invitational. Jason goes out into the sea of people, and you know like people pulling on you wanting picture left and right that’s about as far from my comfort zone as possible. And that exhausts me more than actual working out. Going and smiling and for pictures and doing all that stuff. You know, and I enjoy it and I’m glad to, you know people want that. PAT: Sure. RICH: But it … it takes a toll on me. A little bit. PAT: That’s a very interesting side of it. RICH: Yeah, and you don’t think about that. You know, growing up everybody wants, or most guys want, to be a professional baseball player or professional football player. And then you see all these professional athletes. and I’m nowhere near the Tom Brady or the Peyton Manning that can’t go out … I mean they can’t do anything. Literally they can’t go out or they get stopped. But at a CrossFit event it’s a very similar feeling. But I can’t imagine having to live like that. You can’t live. Everybody’s like, “Oh you can’t feel sorry for them. They did it to themselves.” And you’re like … yes and no. PAT: They didn’t chase that. RICH: No. Exactly. RICH: So, we all talk about you have to find what your weaknesses are. You’ve got to, you know, work on those weaknesses. But not too much to where you create other weaknesses. Or, I mean, it’s a never ending battle. And there’s no secret formula. It’s just hard work. I don’t care who tells me to row. Until the Games I’m not. Nuh uh. PAT: How shitty was that half-marathon? RICH: It was the worst thing I’ve ever done in my athletic physical just career. Just mentally. PAT: I was going to say, pain or boredom? RICH: Yes. Yes, yes. Both. PAT: Grind. RICH: Both. RICH: It was absolutely the worst thing ever. PAT: I have not done that one. RICH: Don’t ever do it. Everyone’s like “Hey, Rich I want to row a half-marathon.” I’m like, you’re an idiot. PAT: What?! He’ll do 20 swings. I’ll do 20 swings. After I’m done with my 20 swings he’s going to do 20 burpees I’ll do 20 burpees. That’s round 1. Just keep going for 8 minutes. Two minutes. PAT: As an outside observer, I haven’t worked out with the crew here, what I found intriguing was there were like three potential last workouts I think it was kinda … it was like there’s kinda no one left just kinda wandered and then it’s like we did a second one unexpected and then no one left and there was some wandering to the dry erase board son of a bitch. JAMES: That was like the other day … PAT: Little surprise, surprise, surprise. RICH: We get as much done as we can until 5:30. Since you guys are here we went a little longer. Hillary’s not feeling good so she’s just kind of hanging out. So I can’t spend time with her because she’s sick. Because I’ll get sick. JAMES: It’s usually 5:15 And I can tell. We’ll both be like, looking at each other and there won’t be any talking. And we’ll both be looking at different objects in the room. And it’s like when we did Ben’s workout the other night like I could tell where that was headed. There was a barbell on the ground and I’m like … Damn. You know, it’s only going to take 9 minutes. 6 minutes. RICH: So I, back in 2009, was getting my undergrad in exercise science at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville and one of my professors who was the head strength coach showed us some videos which happened to be on a website called and … About to play some hockey. We’re in in, uh, Sparta, Tennessee and people who think Cookeville is a small town in the middle of nowhere welcome to Sparta. This is our second week in a row though so don’t be too upset at the show. Oh yeah. There it is, Pat. PAT: Little souvenir. PAT: Little something from Tennessee. PAT: Take that California! RICH: From Tennessee with love. You gotta have fun. What’s the point in being fit if you’re not going to do anything or use it, so. We don’t do this all the time. But when we can we get out here and have some fun and actually use what we do and, uh, good group of guys out here and nobody’s, nobody’s too aggressive where there’s a real imminent danger of getting too injured. I got, I took two pucks off the knees last week. Each knee. And that wasn’t pleasant, but uh, still fun. I’d go crazy if I was living in a padded room all the time. So. Uh. The rumor is true. Yeah, we did play tackle football a few times a few weeks ago, so. Uh. Yeah. And like you said though, if you’re doing it timidly and afraid of getting hurt you’re probably going to get hurt. But when you do it just go all out. So that’s the way I’ve … that’s the way I was brought up. Don’t do anything halfway. PAT: Whether you’ve … whether you’ve heard this or not I’ve never said it to your face. I’ve certainly heard it. Fill in the blank. It could be an Open event. You know, like a live Open competition. A regional event, or the Games itself. It would be great to see Rich Froning lose for our sport. You know, because if it’s like the same person again, and again and again and again people are like, why is anyone else competing? And then there’s this, oh it’s back and forth like people thought it was great that Team USA lost this year, cause now next year’s like what’s going to happen? It’s not like, domination domination domination. So. Have you heard that? RICH: Yeah, I’ve heard that. PAT: (Laughs.) PAT: And does that … I mean you’re a disciplined dude does that in any shape or form influence or affect you? RICH: Yeah, it’s a motivation. Uh. You know. PAT: (Laughs.) RICH: There’s always motivation. When people not necessarily want to hate or um downplay what you do it’s definitely a motivation. People making comments. People, you know, “Ah, he’s not as hungry as he was. He’s won two.” Last year they’re like, “He’s won two times he’s taking it easy this year.” No. Um. PAT: And so now one more time. RICH: One more time. PAT: Like I asked you off camera does one more time in your mind does it have to end on victory? RICH: It needs to end on a victory. It doesn’t have to end on a victory but it needs to. PAT: I like that. RICH: Yeah. PAT: I’ll let my lawyer decipher that one. Pat: That’s cool.

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