Quantum Computing in Healthcare / Episode 4 – The Medical Futurist

Quantum Computing in Healthcare / Episode 4 – The Medical Futurist

hi this is dr. bertalan mesko the
medical futurist and in this episode I would like to talk about how quantum
computers work and show six examples how they will fundamentally change
healthcare Google officially announced Wednesday it has achieved quantum
supremacy the tech giant says its quantum processor was able to perform a
complex mathematical calculation in three minutes and 20 seconds this same
calculation would have taken the current most powerful supercomputer nearly
10,000 years Lula’s announcement was a long-awaited milestone in computing
because it proved for the very first time that quantum speed-up is achievable
in a real world system and that one day these machines will be able to
outperform classical computers Google and NASA have already demonstrated that
quantum computers can be at least a hundred million times faster than
today’s computers and its speed on with advanced AI can change the world more
than the discovery of fire beers and electricity combined so obviously I
wanted to know how quantum computers actually work it was a simple question
how do they work people were trying to explain it to me but I found myself
smiling and nodding looking at them blankly they were speaking nonsense
they say a classical bit is zero or one but a quantum bit is both a zero and a
one how do they even understand it I couldn’t tell maybe they’ve just learned
that line from an article – how can something be two things at once
I felt like falling into a rabbit hole I was wandering around my apartment the
coffee but cold in my hand was it still hot
maybe it was both I couldn’t sleep anymore
I wanted to crack the answer maybe a quantum computer could do it maybe just
maybe a quantum computer can figure out how it works turns out I wasn’t far from the truth
while classical computers are based on mechanical structures working through
the language of mathematics quantum computers leverage the strange rules of
the quantum world they rely on two phenomena that happened beyond the
atomic level superposition and quantum entanglement superposition is what most
people hear about when it comes to quantum computers classical computers
work with bits which can be a 0 or a 1 but a quantum bit or a qubit can can be
both a 1 and a 0 at the same time an observing a qubit makes it collapse into
a fixed position no one knows why that’s happening but as I said maybe one day a
quantum computer can figure out the answer to the mystery of itself now
instead of a bit having a defined value as a 0 or a 1 a qubit has a probability
of being either flip a coin enough times and the probability of heads and tails
will become clear in the same way repeatedly measuring a qubit will
uncover the probability that it’s in a particular position why this is
important because the universe works that way too
nature is also quantum our brains and the drugs were searching for work in
probabilities so they can only be accurately simulated on quantum
computers quantum computers working synergy with the quantum mechanics of
the universe and they leverage its capabilities or how the great Richard
Feynman put it nature isn’t classical Dennett and if you want to make a
simulation of nature you’d better make it quantum mechanical now if the goal
was to make one qubit work the job would have been done already but the trick is
to make multiple qubits work because that’s where the processing power comes
from the classical bit stores information as
a zero or one and a quantum bit can be both zero and one at the same time if
you have two quantum bits then there are four possible states that you can put in
superposition with three cubits it’s eight four cubits at 16 but grows
exponentially with more qubits the processing power grows exponentially as
decay because only with a 300 qubit quantum computer we could perform more
calculations at once then there are atoms in the observable universe
and it’s all due to another quantum phenomenon called quantum entanglement
two separate particles can be at the opposite ends of our galaxy and still be
entangled meaning that changing one of them would immediately change the other
without any physical connection Einstein called this phenomenon outright spooky
and it truly is but it’s how quantum computers will be able to work the trick
is to entangle qubits to make them work together and beat that we can
exponentially grow computing power with every added qubit but the fact is I
could try to tackle the question of how it works all day and I still couldn’t
even cry the surface right now the lay people don’t even have the language to
fully describe how a quantum computer works unless we have a PhD in quantum
mechanics and can wrap your head around these quantum phenomena chances are you
won’t fully understand it either just like me but it’s easy to understand
that superior speed and processing capabilities above quantum computer have
the possibility to change literally every aspect of our lives but how close
are they to make it a reality we are turbine Discoverer oncology drugs
using a simulation platform that helps us lower the astonishing 96 percent
failure rate in clinical trials I believe that the major scientific leap
enabled by quantum computing in our field would be the accurate simulation
of protein folding how these little nano machines behave
is crucially important to understanding how our cells work and I believe a lot
of what we still do not know in biology would be essentially unlocked by having
an ability using the power of quantum computers to simulate these tiny systems
these nano machines living in ourselves as you can tell we are not there yet far
from it but Google achieved was a major milestone maybe in the future they will
look back at this moment as we look at the Wright brothers first flight but
right now even Google CEO says that the first quantum application could be a
decade away and quantum computing in healthcare could be even further if we
consider how healthcare systems are not obviously slow adaptors of innovative
technologies and even if they will be ready for destruction quantum computers
won’t exactly drive the cost down which is the major problem for most healthcare
systems around the world but goo Goo’s demonstration showed us that quantum
computing is in fact possible and eventually it will revolutionize
medicine let’s see how it would do it through a patient journey first
sequencing DNA at full speed even though we are already capable of full genome
sequencing and its costs are down to an affordable level but in the future
genome sequencing will be like a blood or urine test and quantum computers will
be able to analyze the vast amounts of data quantum computing can ensure faster
sequencing more comprehensive analysis comparing your results to those of
millions of other patients with similar lifestyle and health parameters and it
will be able to make reliable predictions about what might go wrong
with you later and what you can do now to prevent it quantum computers can
finally help on crack the human genome its impact on health and disease and
take out the guesswork from personalized medicine for ensuring better healthcare
for everyone number two making patients truly the point of care quantum
computing can also make another promise of digital health or reality we already
have massive amounts of health data at our disposal we have smartphones and
health sensors and portable diagnostic devices keeping us informed about our
own health and disease management but quantum computers will be able to make
sense of the astronomical data sets and track patients help on-the-go
connected sensor systems might even render physical hospitals useless and
truly make patients the point of care they would get diagnosis and treatments
wherever they are number three arriving at the perfect decision support
system we have long surpassed the era when the accumulated knowledge of
medical professionals could reside in one professor’s head it’s just too much
when there are 31 million medical studies with 1/2 million more coming out
every year iBM has tried to tackle that problem
with when they created their supercomputer and it’s a gorilla from
IBM Watson to sift through millions of studies in a second but quantum
computing could take that to a whole new level and even add some extra skills
these computers could not just use our entire lexical and empirical knowledge
in real time but they could provide the ultimate decision support for doctors
they could skim through all the studies clinical trials and textbooks at once
they could find correlations and causations that the human eye would
never find and they could find diagnosis or treatment options that humans could
have never figured out by themselves number four drug design this is where
the quantum computers capabilities are best used for road design would not just
leverage the speed and processing power of a quantum computer but the very
nature of quantum computing because the way how electrons of the molecules of
drugs interact with the human body works by the same principles as quantum
mechanics simulating quantum phenomena on quantum computers can lead to much
faster and much more precise results doing all that on a classical computer
seems primitive compared to that number five clinical trials quantum computing
could lead to an era of in silico clinical trials as well in silico trials
mean that no humans animals are not when a single cell is required for
testing a particular therapy or drug it’s a human way and theoretically could
be a fast and more effective path than in any viable trials today completely
simulated clinical trials are not feasible with current technology and
understanding of biology yet but with quantum computing virtual humans can
undergo trials and have new drugs reaching markets within weeks from their
discovery number six creating the safest medical data systems ever one of the
biggest concerns about quantum computers is safety even the dumbest quantum
computer could easily crack the safest encryption on a classical computer
qubits could simply overpower any security so our medical records could
easily be exposed to write not exactly what many people forget that while
quantum computers could easily crack traditional encryption they will be also
used to leverage quantum uncertainty to create encryption and quantum security
is literally unbreakable hackers would have to break the laws of quantum
physics to gain access to our health record the biggest challenge that lies
ahead is not whether being health care will be able to understand how quantum
computers work because no offense 99% of us never will but rather we will stop
caring about our health when we will be taken care of by the quantum computer
what if we have to prepare for a word where our well being is neither healthy
or diseased but it has a probability of being either or both if you liked this
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  1. Helium is an essential part of building Quantum Computers. Helium is also a quickly depleting, non-renewable resource. Should this be concerning?

  2. I love you millions dear Medical Futurist….you are one of my favourite beings in this world.
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  3. Anyone have idea where is the good place for postgraduate study based in quantum computing for medicine design or any other?I am keen to venture into postgraduate study with all this new technology to impact drugs .But I am a pharmacy student but not a tech person.Is that possible?

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