Pose-Running Drills: Lean and Pull

Pose-Running Drills: Lean and Pull

Front runners, what I want you to do hop up and down for me. Nice and tight. Good. Make sure that your ankles are working. You’re not staying up on your toes. So those ankles are actually working. Good. Relax. Now what we’re going to do is you’re going to hop three times in a vertical, then lean as little as possible, as little as possible, one more time, as little as possible to move forward for three hops, then level out for three hops, forward for three hops. What I want is three times of that. Then after you’ve figured it out just run it out to the top, right up here where that sign is. Trying to keep those feet right underneath you. First group, ready, go. In place and lean. In place and lean. So if you start to hear scuffing you know you’re leaning too much. You’re just stepping outside your comfort level. Next group. Ready, go. Good. Not looking down. Nothing on the floor. Ready, go. Every single person, whether they run well or they run like shit is going to essentially get into the same position which is where that foot’s underneath your hip, and you’ve got one foot underneath your general center of mass. So one foot all the way down, your point of contact is underneath your body, the other one is up underneath that hip. This is what that figure four pose is. Every runner gets here. The idea with this next drill is still doing alternating feet, but we’re just going to pull with one foot right up underneath that hip. And I’m just going to lean all the way up the hill. Just pulling with my right foot. Does that make sense? Start in place for me. First group. Go. Trying to pull that foot up right underneath that hip. Every time. So it’ll look … Next group. Ready, go. Looking forward, not down. There you go. Next group. First group, just your left foot on the way down. You don’t need to go fast so don’t lean too much. Just the left foot. Ready, go. Foot underneath that hip. Let me see your knee lift more, because your foot’s out back. Little higher … there we go. Drills purpose is to get you to re-wire and understand exactly where you should be pulling because what’s going to happen is you’re going to get tired. You’re either going to be late here and if you’re late here, you’re going to tend to pull here and then have to pull forward here. Which, inevitably when you see that, see I’m out in front and I naturally want to land out in front. If I’m landing out in front, I’ve now put on the breaks. I’m slowing that body down. You’re no different than a wheel. You have to function under the same laws. So if you step outside that and decide to put something in front of you, you’re going to have to make up for that here. Which is inevitably going to get you caught in this rapacious cycle versus keeping the feet underneath you and pulling correctly.

27 thoughts on “Pose-Running Drills: Lean and Pull

  1. So what's the point of this ? The girl in the yellow got nice legs but I noticed she doesn't go all the way up or is she doing it correct?

  2. Really good stuff here, this is also the first time I've understood why they call it a figure four pose. Excellent coaching here.

  3. "The human body is no different than a wheel…" What!?
    This guy is the biggest snakeoil salesman and its a shame he has latched onto CrossFit and tarnished the pose running technique. Want to avoid heel striking? Bend your knees!
    And be sure to stock up on 3Fu3l, it will help you complete all those ultras just like BM.

  4. This guy isn't a joke, this is a good video. Great cue of active ankle and the hoping drill helps, I think I'll steal that one. The problem is running is pushing, not pulling. The "pull" portion of a run is the result of force application, driving the foot into the ground to propel the body upward and forward. The "pull" is not something we consciencously do, it happens on its own and is called the recovery phase. This is why some of these athletes are having trouble with their knee lift during thes single legged drills.

  5. these drills would be much more effective if done barefoot, or at least in super thin racing flats.  The less there is around your feet, the more biofeedback and your body will instinctively adapt to minimize impact.

  6. Haha look at that crew! Brooke Ence, Ro, and is that Tommy Marquez in the blue Rogue shirt? That would be a fun class!

  7. Just don`t get injured . Oh well,always KT tape .
    There are also peptides or Sarms for endurance to help .Oh you know it ?! Ok.
    Good luck guys.

  8. World record marathoner does mid possible heel strike in heel lifted cushioned shoes. Pose method is for some but most get injured trying to modify their style too quickly….and minimalist shoes are a bad idea to jump into. Pose may be for you but if not just keep in mind that the best runners are NOT using pose method and still believe in the theories he thinks he debunked.

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