Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Leads to Value-Based Health Care

Policymakers right now are really focused
on how to maximize the efficiency of our healthcare system. How do you improve the delivery and payment
of care? And in this country value-based healthcare transformation is increasingly
allowing us to pay for services that increase health outcomes, and that’s really what we
all want. In that way patient-centered outcomes research
allows for better information for providers and patients so that the best outcomes can
be achieved. So in many ways patient-centered outcomes research is absolutely necessary
for value-based healthcare transformation and that’s why I think policymakers on both
sides of the aisle are very interested in this important work. The dissemination and the translation of PCORI-funded
research more broadly, patient-centered outcomes research it is really the goal that all of
us have. We can’t let the findings of this research
simply sit on a shelf we need to ensure that we can communicate these findings, that these
findings are adopted, that they’re utilized, and only then will we truly see the impact
that we all want to see.

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