Open Workout 18.2 Live Announcement Recap

Open Workout 18.2 Live Announcement Recap

We are live, from Pittsburgh hanging out with the community here at
CrossFit R.A.W. 18.1 was fun.
Now it’s time to turn the heat up. Go! And the RX division is underway in 18.2 Vellner on the left, Ohlsen on the right. These guys are gonna race,
from the beginning to the end. Patrick Vellner doing Patrick Vellner things. He has caught Noah Ohlsen with a methodical game plan And we’ve got a sprint to the finish here in 18.2 just over the 4 minute mark Vellner with a no-rep, and that’ll give it to Noah Ohlsen. And now, it’s time for 18.2A. Vellner onto the bar… 325# aaand… Got it! This is 311# for Noah Olsen, and he’s in! They split, once again. One event for Ohlsen, one event for Vellner. What a head-to-head.
It doesn’t get any better than that.

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  1. I wrote a short article recapping some of the funny things that happened during the first week of the open if anyone would like to read it, here it is
    I may make more of these for the next 4 weeks of the Open.

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