Objem BEZ sacharidů | Nové fitness centrum – Jiří Borkovec ft. Jan Řišica

Objem BEZ sacharidů | Nové fitness centrum – Jiří Borkovec ft. Jan Řišica

Here we are again! Borkovecs Karolina is on diet yet. I go for it! In this video were gonna show you details of our diets. Why Karolinas eating hamburgers. Im gonna eat my food. 3 kinds of fish and chicken Here is chicken, tilapia, Butter fish which is halibut. Vegetables and … its not visible…oil. In this meal theres about 90 grams of fat not bad huh? It equals 2 bagels from gas station. Somehow I dont like it. Im not gonna eat it. So dont. Breaking point in Karolinas life… She stopped to taste Youre sick or something… This is not normal. We decided to tune up our gym. I decided to do it how else than myself. I try to play and artist now. Hope I will do it right. Hows it going? Not bad. If I fuck it up I will be mad at myself. If someone else fucks up….It would be worse. Everytime when you stare in to your mobile phone or you will be fucking around and not train properly Maybe you look at the wall and read the motivational text and push yourself lil bit more. Anyways I still stick to my no carb diet. Even in off season. Im gonna make a steak now. I cut about 310 or 320 grams of meat. Theres pretty lot of fat so Ill cut off about 50 g of fat then. I count 20g of fat in 100g of this meat. If I eat 250g then I have about 50g of fat. Ive been eating like this for about 3 months Even though I dont eat no carbs, I gained 9 kg. Thats the prove that it works and that It has no sense to overeat with carbs. I dont say that this is the only way that works for gaining muscle or loose fat. Its just one of the was that work. Ive been eating lot of carbs all my career. And no or very little of fat. And i has worked too. So Im not saying that Ive discovered some magical way thats gonna change bodybuilding world. I just try to do it healthier way. I dont have to overeat. Im not bloated. I dont have a big belly. I feel good and training is more comfortable for me. So let throw steak in because its already hot. I eat lil bit of greens with steak. What this is?… lamb’s lettuce dont you recognize it? I dont know…Green is green. It doesnt really matter what it is. so lil bit of lamb’s lettuce for better digesting so 4 minutes. 2 from each side. I just throw it on the plate. I add lil bit of salt. I salted it too little before Jut lil bit like this. I eat about 300 g of fat a day. Comes mainly from meats. Beef that has 15-20% of fat for steaks. Fish. mostly sea fish like salmon and butter fish. Sometimes I eat some seeds. Its more like for taste. Sometimes I eat roasted almonds or pistachios. Its not really a lot. And its not everyday. My main fat source are non saturated oils like sesame oil, vine seed oil, Milk thistle oil, cold pressured extra virgin olive oil. linseed oil, coconut oil and regular beef fat. I try to have fat and oil variety very colorful. I use all different kinds of vegetable oils. I dont care about how much of certain oil I use. I use about 3 or 4 spoons of each. I throw away the worst fat pieces. Good thing is that I can eat the most tasty steaks, the fat ones. Sirloin steak in not nearly as tasty as this steak. Rib eye steak or flank are great meats. So no carb diet based on fats is not hard to stick on. You can eat whole eggs, fat meat even pork.. You eat fat. You can loose fat or gain muscles on this diet. but most importantly your enjoy it. Eating whole a lot of rice and dry chicken is a terrible. It torturing. I hated this in those 16 year that Ive been doing this. I hated the food, but now… I do everything because I like to Im dont have to compete. No sponsor can fire me from the team. Because I own my own one. I it doesnt matter. I just do what I like to. We enjoy it all. Today were gonna go to see the new gym . Second one already. So you will see it. You have something to look forward. Everything that we do, we love. You are the one who build your future. Get your ass up and work for it. Think about it. everybody can start from zero like we did. and build it up step by step. We also didnt build it up in a month. It took me over 10 years to build something. to get where we are now. We are in Jaroměř. Were building up a new gym here. Bodyflex Fitness Jaroměř Jan Řišica will take care it running. our team member. We will see how it will go. I hope that we will be as successful as Jiris Bodyflex Fitness in Litoměřice Place is nice and clean. We will do our best to make it the best gym of this area. It definitely will be. I will be done in spring…or early summer depending on reconstruction works. We have to thing off everything. nothing is done yet. Working! We told you that we plan big things in 2016 and this is one of those things. Of course there will be more. Definitely add our facebook page Its Bodyflex Fitness – Fitness centrum Jaroměř You can see now the reconstruction is going. We will add more updates there. So you can look forward to it. Hey…Were there…So hurry up. Why Im awkward always on a diet. Damn it! Eat! You pig! What youre eating! Are you fucking kidding? Battery is low. I got a new one. Be a lil bit more constructive. This is your shit some salad and oil. You say that shit. Im hot like fuck! I dont know why you wear a fur. Month? … Week.. And when they realize that after 3 workouts they look the same, then theyre frustrated. I dont know what everybody think. Our other branch branch? what a fuck? Dont do it! So. Great. Im fucking hot again. Seriously now. Im sweating again. Fuck! I didnt cut off the fat properly.

16 thoughts on “Objem BEZ sacharidů | Nové fitness centrum – Jiří Borkovec ft. Jan Řišica

  1. já mám 120g sacharidů a 50-60g tuku a 180g bílkovin a funguje mi to peckově, shazuju tuk a nabírám svaly a to jsem ENDOMORF a i přes ten tuk shazuju 🙂

  2. No paleo/keto dieta zrovna není moc vhodná na objem. Zdravotní dopady jsou taky velmi diskutabilní – je to velmi extrémní dietní přístup (podobně jako veganství, vitariánství apod.) a ty jako takové z principu nejsou pro tělo úplně nejlepší. Jasně, když si měl 120kg a máš 100, nabírat budeš teď skoro po čemkoli. Z profi to pokud vím propaguje snad jen Dave Palumbo a když se podíváš na jeho fotky – nic moc hezkého (i když to není jenom dietou…) 😉

  3. Super video a taky super diskuze. Dost poučný. Hutečkovo názory jsou hodně zajímavý, škoda že nemá ten blog :-).
    Proč nedávat aspoň rychlý cukry po treninku a prohnat jednou denně inzulin, který po tréninku výborně reaguje?
    Těším se na další díly.

  4. Mohl bych poprosit o Vaši váhu a doplnění kolik bílkovin jíte, chci zkusit tuto dietu a nevím kolik čeho. Predpokladam že platí to stejne co u sachridové diety a sice, že když chci přibrat tak si přičtu k vydané energie nejake ty kJ? Akorat teda nevim kolik jaký poměr tuky bílkoviny ke složení dané hodnoty kJ zvolit . Děkuji

  5. Zdravím, mám otázku, slyšel jsem že v ketóze je obtížnější nabírat svalovou hmotu, co je na tom pravdy ?

  6. Amazing video wish you happy holidays il start eating no carbs tomorrow to add size I hate carbs thanks for the info cheers

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