NO HUMAN IS LIMITED – Running Motivation

NO HUMAN IS LIMITED – Running Motivation

I don’t really think much about the other
guys I run my race If the pace is ok and I’m feeling good
then we go. only the disciplined ones are free in life If you are undisciplined you are a slave to
your moods, you are a slave to your passions Joshua Cheptegei, just 20 years of age there’s no danger of anybody catching him he’s going so well, so strong as Paula was
saying. When the season is on like now I am here from
Monday to Saturday morning then I go back home to see my kids and my
wife It’s really a big sacrifice, and you know
and you need really when you want to work well to inspire or get a big success, then
you need to sacrifice yourself Des is the toughest runner I know Boston Marathon winner, the embodiment of
grit she was out front by nearly a minute, and
then she just.. stopped Cheptegai has completely fallen apart, really
sad the flags were flying, they were cheering,
they were dancing, we were handing him the gold medal because he looked so good, and
then suddenly there was nothing left suddenly all the energy had gone, suddenly
all his confidence had gone, and with it the chance of a World title, the chance of joining
his teammate as the World Champion It was a brave effort, but its going to end
in sad failure for the Ugandan You have to believe in yourself you have to because people are going to doubt you, you’re
gonna doubt yourself, people who are close to you are going to doubt you, people who
are experts are going to doubt you it always happens you have to have the belief, you have to have
that faith in yourself otherwise you won’t ever find your true potential if you don’t Mental fitness plays a big role during competition I am not running on my legs alone, but I am
running with my heart and my mind but if you don’t rule your mind, your mind
will rule you Tewelde is coming up on the right hand side
of Hawkins can the Scottish marathon runner respond? but Hawkins has found something else shoulder to shoulder….Hawkins just on the
line. What a contrast to two years ago recovering from injury, recovering from a
car crash, to come here and conquer one of the greats of all time, Joshua Cheptegei is
the World Cross Country Champion

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  1. I got in to running in 2014 I lost over 4 stone from it that year I ran my 1st 10k then the following year half marathon & 2016 ran my first marathon, the Brighton marathon. One day after my 41st birthday in 3:58
    Next year I’m in the London marathons and want to smash my PB

  2. I am from india,I used to run 5 min mile everytime like 5.03 to 6 min.i went to a army rally distance is 1 mile they sent 300 members at once the qualifying time is 5.45min .I was at middle finally I target is 4min mile this year . please any tips to do it

  3. My goal is to win every race I attempt this year and next and give the glory to the Almighty God (Lord Jesus Christ) who gives me strength!! PHILLIPIANS 4:13

  4. I need to get into the 13’s for next meet in Cross Country. (It’s not the fastest time but it’s what my goal is)

  5. I've been an avid weight lifter for 10 years till recently got sick of it. Been running, biking and swimming for about 2 weeks now to switch things up. 2 days ago I ran 24miles in 3 hours

  6. my goal is to run a 5k under 20m and im 16years old and i recent started to get back into running less than half a year am i training now my record on the 5k is 20:57m

  7. My goal is to make my nations flag fly high bcoz of me …… I was a sprint racer. I lost everything then……Now i wanto hold it back again.
    Am 23 now …..Do u guys think its possible?

  8. Running is one of the toughest sports that requires so much mental strength. People don’t understand how hard runners push themselves

  9. A collapsing runner is an awful site. In that condition the person could die. Run healthy. Enjoy the activity don't let it t become an obsession.

  10. I will be 41 in January and I will become father in February. Today, after 3 years of hard training and sacrifices, I did run my second half marathon, in Milan, setting my pb in 1h16'31" under the rain. Eliud isy greatest inspiration. I will continue training hard and I hope next year I will run sub 1h16' and I will debut in the marathon. My goal is 2h42'.

  11. I had a bad hamstring pull at my first ever marathon. I only made it 18 miles. My goal is to train harder and finish the PhillyMarathon next year

  12. Eighth grader right now. Goal is to peak under the 4:25 mile margin before I become a freshman. Working really hard and I want to be known. I think I can make it happen.

  13. My goal is to be in the low 16’s by next year and to have a 4:30 mile time. I can do it and I know I can and once I do reach that goal I’m going to keep working my a** off and try to be in the 14’s my senior year. It’s going to be tough and hard, but I can do it and it’s worth it.

  14. 18 months ago I couldn't jog 200m. Now I can run a 5k in 20 minutes, a 10k in 42 minutes. Have a few half marathons under the belt and start training for a full marathon( aiming sub 4 hour)soon. Never limit yourself…..

  15. Running us 90% mental and 10% physical.

    Are you willing yo go through the pain to be better than the other who is fighting for a PR ot worse beat you ???

  16. Been running 1 year. Started at age 48. Lost almost 70 lbs. Goal is a half marathon at age 50 and to be around 2:15:00

  17. I want to finish the first marathon I registered for, and I want to do it in under 5hrs.
    (Been a fat kid that hated all physical activity. Learnt to run 5yrs back, at 27 yrs old.)

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