Mobility Comes First with Coach Burgener

Mobility Comes First with Coach Burgener

Now squat. No hook grip. Now squat, now press. OK, stay down there. Bring it down. Now bring me your elbows forward. Now press. Do it again. Bring me your elbows forward. And down. OK, bring me your elbows forward. And stand. And put it down. That’s a great exercise. I put them in that external rotation position right away make him do those presses, but that mobility is what the— —no shit, I know you can feel it. Let’s do one more thing I wanna show ya. I think this helps Hold that bar in your hands, now squat. Now give me five presses. No shit. There it is. Stay down there. Stay. Chest up, now go. Now, see where does his chest go? Do it again. Get back. You gotta give him that shit until he fries up. Because his mobility sucks right now. You gotta get that mobility taken care of. Now, one last thing: let’s get this out of the way. Now lay down on the ground. Now you make sure you’re pushing against his lower back oh yeah, there it is dude. Now, bring me your hands out a little bit more, right there keeping your wrists there now slightly move your hand out you move your hand out Keep that lower back right into the ground. You be ready to stick your hand under there if he starts cheating. Now start moving your hands forward. Real slow, that’s too fast. Real slow. How’s that feel on your shoulders? You feel the tightness in your shoulders, so you start him here just like this, you start him here. Keep that lower back he can do this easily with that back arched, we don’t want that. OK now stand up and come on over here. Now, lower back back in here. Come away from it a little bit. Nah, that’s way too much. Go on back, go on back, go on back, OK right there. Maybe a little bit farther. Hands up—oh, I’m gonna kill him. Keep that lower back there. Wrists right there. Wrists. No shit. Look at this. See this? There’s the issue. You get this shit squared away with this speed under the bar oh my god, you’re gonna have a national champion here. That’s it. I mean, I’m not even getting him to do anything. Put them up there. Now make them straight. Feels a little bit better doesn’t it? Yeah. Keep your lower back in here. So we start out here, raise your thumb thumb, come together at the top. Stop. Go ahead. That’s what it is. I mean his speed through the middle is outrageously strong, he will never reach his potential until he gets that mobility in the shoulders squared away. And the ankles squared away, so he can make that torso straight up The first thing I would work on is getting those shoulders in this area more mobile. The way I teach weightlifting is that I say there’s three things that have to happen in weightlifting; Number one you have to have mobility first speed second, strength third. He’s got strength and he’s got speed. But he hasn’t got the mobility. Now he’s gonna be able to lift some heavy weights, because of what he has but he’ll never reach his true potential until he gets the mobility. And when he gets his mobility, you truly got yourself a potential national champion.

27 thoughts on “Mobility Comes First with Coach Burgener

  1. I'm really impress with his coaching on mobility, I honestly thought that cross fit didn't pay that much attention to flexibility, shows what I know and this video open my eyes crossfit professionalism, I am really intrigued to get started myself

  2. What's he doing with his back? Is he arching it or keeping it flat on the floor and up against the wall when he extends his arms up?

  3. Pardon me for saying…63 years took a toll but that mobility stretch up against the wall kicked my ass. I have no idea how I got so tight up in the shoulders. Thanks Sarge…or is it Colonel?

  4. Postural distortion basics 101. Not impressed at all. You do Crossfit for 10 years and you'll have countless injuries, bad knees, and lumbar stenosis.

  5. You are the worse coach i've ever seen in my life, you are uncapable to motivate and take the best of this guy, please retire

  6. That guys mobility is way better than mine. I would be embarrassed to ever lift in front of Mike Burgener haha

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