Matrix Fitness: Versa

With so many strength equipment options, how do you know what is the right one for you? The answer is simple: the one that fits – and works – best. That’s how we approached Versa, our latest innovation in strength equipment. With its approachable design, intuitive operation and comfortable movement, Versa will give your members more confidence, from the moment they approach a machine to when they complete their final rep. Versa will not only transform how you train your clients, but help you build your business and control your bottom line. And we didn’t stop there – Versa gives you the power of choice. With the versatility to customize the system into one that fits your space and your members. Available options include an upgraded weight stack, incremental add-on weights, foot support kit, and, for a more premium experience, the Versa Plus feature package. Versa Plus delivers action specific grips that reduce stress on contact points to enhance comfort. An electronic rep counter to simplify the workout experience. An air shock assisted seat for smoother adjustments. A design wing and ergonomic adjustment handles complete the Versa Plus package. Versa. Just what you would expect from one of the world’s most innovative commercial fitness brands. Believe in Better

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