Lexington Square Condos | 3830 (3835) 9th St N Arlington VA | Lexington Square Arlington

Lexington Square is the talk of our video
today. It is actually 4 buildings, two on either side of 9th Street. Each have an east
and a west wing. Lexington Square is located at 3835 and 3830 9th Street North. It was
built between 2000-2002, stands 11 stories high and has 367 residences. Amenities at
Lexington Square include the outdoor pool, the fitness room, community room, party room,
and courtyard. Call it Virginia Square, call it Ballston,
either way it is really convenient to get around. and what is nice is that it’s on
9th Street, a much quieter street than say Wilson Blvd or Fairfax Dr. Ok let’s take a look at the top 3 things
you need to know about living at Lexington Square: Dog friendly. There are no cats allowed at
Lexington Square, just dogs and there’s a good amount. It is a convenient spot to
have a dog because you are 1 block away from a park. And a lot of renters in the area like
Lexington Square because Dittmar, which oversees 7 communities just in Virginia Square/Ballston
does not allow dogs, making Lexington Square more enticing.
Shared amenities. A little different than most condos, the two buildings each have their
own amenities. The south building has the fitness center and courtyard, while the north
building has the community room and outdoor pool. So you will see residents walking back
and forth. There are other communities like Station Square which are the same way. It’s
not as convenient as you’d like but at the end of the day you still have access to the
amenity. Renters. In my experience I have seen a lot
of renters at Lexington square which immediately tells me 2 things: first that it is a good
investment property. Rent prices remain steady, it’s a nice community that renters want
to live in. And the second thing it tells me is really a myth I want to bust right now
about how renters take care of their unit. There’s a myth that condo owners take better
care of their units than renters because they have more invested into the property. Now
I’ve seen renters that have taken immaculate care of units and I’ve seen owners let their property
go untouched. All this myth is really is assumptions. We can assume all day. But just because someone
is renting does not mean they will trash your unit and be horrible neighbors, they could
but so could owners. There you have it, the top 3 things you need
to know about living at Lexington Square. Just to recap number one is dog friendly,
number two is shared amenities, and number three is renters. Did you find this video useful or insightful?
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