Lady Gaga’s Emotional Speech on Surviving Sexual Assault and Mental Health | ELLE

Lady Gaga’s Emotional Speech on Surviving Sexual Assault and Mental Health | ELLE

♪ From the shallow now ♪ (audience laughs) – I don’t know if I’m
working it right now. It’s hard to know what to say. I wrote this speech and there’s teleprompters
and I got papers. I don’t know what to– (audience laughs) Use. And in truth, I was just trying
to memorize Anita’s speech because it was so beautiful, but… You give me hope! Thank you, Jennifer, for
that beautiful introduction. You’re an inspiration to so many. Thank you not only for everything you continually do for women, but for the force of nature you’ve been for so many all over the world. I think about me and my best friend who’s here tonight, right there. (audience applauds) I’ve known her since I was four years old. Beautiful adopted woman from Korea. And how throughout high school, we danced and we sang, imitating Jennifer. (audience laughs) Imitating you while we
strengthened our bond. Her name is Bo. And wearing white bandanas and hoop earrings draped
over caramel colored hair. You brought us so much joy. Where are you? You brought us so much joy. On the train, I thought about you. (audience laughs) And how the fuck I was
gonna get off that train. (audience laughs) She loved you so much we even
gave her the nickname, J-Bo. (audience laughs) No for real. Like, we called her that all the time. There is not a doubt in my mind that you will be loved forever as the powerhouse of a performer
and woman that you are. Thank you for making so many
memories for me and my friends that I will cherish forever in my heart. Thank you so much. (audience applauds) I never in my wildest dreams thought that my life
would become what it has. But more so, to be honored this evening purely for being a woman. It’s beyond what I could have imagined. I guess I didn’t see it
happening in my lifetime. I am immensely privileged to be in the company of
so many powerful women who have changed so many people’s lives. I am so humbled to be
standing hand-in-hand with every one of you today. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I
wanted to say tonight because of all of you,
because you inspire me. How does one rise to such an occasion, when maybe you don’t feel that inside? How does one accept where
life has brought them, and what it all means? As I tried on dress after dress today, getting ready for this event, one tight corset after another, one heel after another,
a diamond, a feather, thousands of beaded fabrics, and the most beautiful silks in the world, to be honest, I felt sick to my stomach and I asked myself, what does it really mean
to be a woman in Hollywood? We are not just objects
to entertain the world. We are not simply images to bring smiles or
grimaces to people’s faces. We are not members of
a giant beauty pageant meant to be pit against one another for the pleasures of the public. We women in Hollywood, we are voices. We have deep thoughts and ideas and beliefs and
values about the world and we have the power
to speak and be heard and fight back when we are silenced. So, after trying on 10 or so dresses, with a sad feeling in my heart that all that would matter was what I wore to this red carpet, I saw an oversized Marc Jacobs suit buried quietly in the corner. (audience laughs) I put it on to a resounding view of eyes glaring at me in confusion. (audience laughs) “But the Rodarte was so
beautiful,” one said. “But the Raf Simons for Calvin Klein “was so stunning on you,” said another. “But what about the Brandon Maxwell?” “What about the Dior?” Lots of questions. (audience laughs) They were all dresses. This was an oversized men’s
suit made for a woman. Not a gown. And then I began to cry. In this suit, I felt like me today. In this suit, I felt the truth of who
I am well up in my gut. And then wondering what
I wanted to say tonight became very clear to me. As a sexual assault survivor by someone in the entertainment industry, as a woman who is still not
brave enough to say his name, as a woman who lives with chronic pain, as a woman who was conditioned
at a very young age to listen to what men told me to do, I decided today, I wanted
to take the power back. Today, I wear the pants. (audience applauds) Today, I wear the suit. In an age when I can
barely watch the news, I gasped at the unjust men
and some women, quite frankly, that I see running this country. I had a revelation that
I had to be empowered to be myself today more than ever, to resist the standards of
Hollywood, whatever that means, to resist the standards
of dressing to impress, but to use what really matters, my voice. After I was assaulted when I was 19, I changed forever. Part of me shut down for many years. I didn’t tell anyone. I avoided it myself. And felt shame even still today. Standing in front of you, I feel shame for what happened to me. I still have days where I
feel like it was my fault. After I shared what happened to me with very powerful men in this industry, nobody helped me. No one offered me guidance, or a helping hand, to lead me to a place
where I felt justice. They didn’t even point me in the direction of the mental health assistance
I was in dire need of. Those men hid because they were afraid of losing their power. And because they hid, I began to hide. I hid for a long time until I started to feel physical pain. Then I had to go to the doctor ’cause I didn’t know
what was wrong with me. And then I was diagnosed with PTSD and fibromyalgia, which many people don’t
think is even real, and I don’t even know what
the fuck to say about that. But I’ll tell you what it is. It’s a syndrome that is
essentially a cyclone of many different conditions
depending on the person, inducing a stress-induced pain. And I really wish my friend
Lena Dunham was here tonight because I think she
could probably articulate this much better than me. And I hope we can all agree
that she’s a remarkable woman. (audience applauds) Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, these are just a few
examples of the forces that can lead to this tornado of pain. So what I would like to say, in this room of powerful
women and men today, is let’s work together to beckon the world towards kindness. I’m fortunate enough now to
have the resources to help me, but for many, the resources
either don’t exist, or people don’t have the ability
to pay for or access them. I want to see mental health become a global priority. (audience applauds) We might not be able, or
we’re not able, actually, to control all of the
challenges and the tragedies that life throws our way, but we can work together. This room and even wider can work together to heal each other. And we can also try to find the strength, in the best way that we can,
to ask for help if we need it. One in four people in the world
suffer from mental illness. 300 million people suffer from depression, 60 million people live with
bipolar affective disorder, 23 million people are
stricken with schizophrenia, and 800,000 people die
every year from suicide. In low and middle income countries, between 76 and 85% of
people with mental disorders receive no treatment at all. In high-income countries, between 35 and 50% of people
are in the same situation. The people in this room, and the people that you
have in your network, have the power to turn kindness into plutonium and change the world for both children and adults, to provide for a better future and make up in whatever
small way that we can, microscopic maybe, for the pain those have
suffered in the past. And if anyone is compelled to do so, please join me and my mother Cynthia. We’re the founders of the
Born This Way Foundation to empower youth, to inspire
a kinder and braver world. We want kids to learn about mental health and the importance of
kindness at a very young age. And it is my personal dream that there would be a mental
health expert, teacher, or therapist in every
school in this nation, and hopefully, one day, around the world. Let’s lift our voices. I know we are, but let’s get louder. And not just as women, but as humans, and see that there are there
are great men in the world. And ask them to hold
our hands for justice, that our voices be heard
whatever our story may be, for an equal standing that
we will fight for justice for women and men and those
with other sexual identities, for me. This is what it means to
be a woman in Hollywood. It means I have a platform. I have a chance to make a change. I pray we listen and believe and pay closer attention
to those around us, to those in need. I’m sorry, I preach a lot, so you’re gonna have to bear with me. Be a helping hand. Be a force for change. Thank you, Nina Garcia. Thank you, Steven Gan. I was an outcast and you believed in me, and I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you, Elle. Thank you all the loved ones in my life. Bobby, I love you. Everybody at table five. (audience laughs) My fiance Christian. All the loved ones in my life who’d take care of me every day. And Ryan Murphy, thanks for giving me
my first leading role. (audience applauds) You know that Golden
Globe belongs to you, man. Thank you to all of you, everybody in this room
who has supported me in having a voice, and knowing I have
something inside me to give that’s more important than any
stereotype about Hollywood. I have my heart to give to you, and I want you to have all of it. Thank you for inspiring me. I can’t say enough about you. Listening to you speak
tonight gave me hope when I have trouble
sleeping ’cause I’m afraid, or when I walk out in the
world and I’m trembling inside. It’s women like you, Anita,
that make me feel strong. Come on. (audience applauds) Be kind to yourselves and
be kind to each other. And to the designers that sent me all those beautiful dresses, thank you too. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) It taught me something that I
needed to learn again today. And to quote myself– (audience laughs) If there’s one thing you take away from me being here tonight, Elle, it’s breed compassion, amen fashion. (audience applauds) Thank you.

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  3. I like lady gaga always have but sad too see she sings born this way song, but yet looks nothing like herself ,shes gone plastic,and she seems shes on something and a bit dramatized,just saying!!

  4. They laughing because they know that she is playing a role. She came to Hollywood, sold her soul, fucked for movie roles and records like everyone else in this satanic cult and yall still think that there is no agenda behind all this. Have yall seen her at the satanic spirit cooking party? Yess take a look at that shit and then tell me what a beautiful, powerful woman she is!!!


  6. This video and the people in the comments praising her and buying her bs is the reason why the world is fucked up

  7. She's a brave soul. A brave beautiful soul. Imagine if everyone in the world was this connected to themselves and everyone else around them? What a beautiful world this would be.

  8. When I was 22 years old. I had no idea how badly the federal government would alter my life. I wish I had known the kind of things military members could be exonerated from. I was sexually assaulted and my entire life was changed. My attacker was never punished and the federal government hacked my cell phone to let me know that not only did they know he had done that to me but they were going to hide. They did just that. I wished for years I had shot myself than to have been forced to sit while they taunted me for months. They destroyed my life and left. It was a tragic experience. My attackers are still out there unpunished, they literally told me “life is not fair”. They watch anyone of you and can prey on you. They can take everything away and there will be nothing in return.

  9. For some reason unknown I feel like I would be a guy having intense crush on her but too scared to say it,not because she is beautiful or she is a hollywood star …it's just I correlated few things she said to myself.

  10. My mum has fibromyalgia and ptsd she is also a several sexual assault survivor and I thank lady Gaga for speaking up about this thank you

  11. The speech is nice. However, why don't she speak out, point finger to that person who raped her because that same person can do the same thing to other ppl. That kind of person should be exposed.

  12. why on earth does the audience keep laughing ? She's talking about the fucking serious corners of her life…
    ( I love you Gaga,you're my picture of perfection )

  13. Damn who did they invite to this? She’s pouring her heart and soul out and some of these women are just cackling. Disgusting.

  14. I never thought of lady having this kind of sadness.. I change of the way I think of a women who tries to talk about something

  15. And yes can she be America's next president! She would be amazing. What do you say GaGa??? Would you run for office
    You would bring so much good to America.

  16. She and Mr. Patrick J. Kennedy need to team up. They would be a force to recon with. He is a huge advocate of mental disorders, alcoholism, mental healthcare, addiction, etc. He has gotten bills passed that no one knows about.

  17. Ill believe she was sexually assaulted when she says that mofos name.Imagen walking into the police station claiming this then saying umm uhh rr um I cant tell you his name! come on!

  18. Who ever styled her in that LOOK. (I am thinking Jennifer Team)…. it’s a yes for you Gaga!🤝 “inTime”♾🎧♾

  19. I am a victim of sexual assault and human trafficking. It is something that is cloaked in shame and fear.

    When I had proof and evidence that he tried to kill me, I went to the police.. They did nothing – no investigation. It was as if I was in a zombie sitcom in the South.

    Finally I got a Temporary Protective Order in place, but I was still being followed and stalked. My life was in danger. Georgia ranks #8 in the nation of the MURDER of women of intimate partners. It is because women are disregarded.

    Look at the impact that abuse and trauma have long term on their victims and children- emotionally, physically and financially.

    Consider how many cases are prosecuted where the victim is compensated so that they can get the medical services needed.

    I believe that every police station in the nation should have experienced and educated psychologists on staff to be part of the intake process for victims of violence and sexual assault. To assume a 25 year old high school diploma police offer understands or comprehends the victims trauma is laughable.

    When the laws and the legal process focus and center on the victims, then and only then will we begin to see empowerment, healing and justice!

    We can and MUST do better to protect our Grand Mothers, Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Neighbors and Friends of Violence.

    To do nothing is a criminal act.

  20. I loved her when I was in 9th Grade because she was a performer. Now I love her even more coz she is an icon and a inspiration

  21. I was also raped…. last February and right now it is January 2020, and I’ve been suffering depression,anxiety,trauma and it sucks. I told my mom that night and we went to the hospital and I reported it to the police and such, ever since then I had to take medication and get needles to heal and I stopped in June. All the guys who done it that night to me, they’ve been going to court and I have my court date next month, two days After the incident and also in March. I am a survivor, and that night I was told from a person I thought who was my friend, that took me to that place, after 3 hours straight the person took me home and was threatening me saying that if they hear about it, they would go around the school and say I slept with a lot of guys. Also told me to take 3 showers that night, and so I was gonna be quiet but I realized and told myself that no it isn’t right I need to use my power and confess what happened and so I did. I also would’ve been pregnant but I got on some kind of pill that helped me not be pregnant. Which was good and I am good for now but all I know is I won’t be always good, I will get through this. I hope this doesn’t get reported or deleted because I’m saying the truth about what happened to me

  22. u know people think lady gaga was weird for the way she was dressing ect but u know what deep down she has many life issues that she has never explained untill now and no one has ever once thought this incredible women has issues in life too u know she aint just a bloody singer/ perfomer she is human like everyone else so yeah maybe some of her stuff might have been weird but ever thought its her way of coping and being who she wants to bloody be not what everyone else thinks she should be…. she is one strong women doing this and i give her alot of credit for what she did… iv been raped and abused many times and i could never stand up there and do what she done… i also have depression/ anxiety, seizures, heart problems, iv self harmed many times, tried to kill myself many times, miscarriages through abuse, panic attacks every other day so well done gaga u bloody strong beautiful human you 👏🏻

  23. If you are dealing with mental health issues. Me too! I want to talk to someone… ad me on insta: ivascenkaite

  24. I needed to talk to a friend I trust so I decided to meet up with my homegirl ! FRIEND! Izzy talking about things she said from one aries to another YOUve GOT A LIBRA on the hook bitch, ya might wanna keep an eye on her because we are known for being to damn friendly and tend get ourselves in to trouble. Lol I had to talk to another human being so i don't loose my mind. Please don't be mad at your libra. She likes you very much as well and said our late friend Dave would have kicked my ass if I didn't go to your show.

  25. I hope many artist… famous artists can realized that power… and use their power to speak and stand up for those who can't. ❤

  26. Lady Gaga you need to stop with this . There was no record of your sexual assault . These people are using you and bleeding you dry . Put your money to something better . And I know you can think of it cannot dumb . You just being used .

  27. Come on . Oprah Winfrey and Ellen degenerate . Just use you like they do everybody else . There powerful because hope is black and Ellen's gay . And they still aren't happy . You've made movies and films and videos with everything hanging out . You walk around the streets have nude . And you try to sell sexual abuse . I like you but this ain't going to sell .. You're not born this way . This is what you become . Fuck up .. There is your favorite word . For all your successes you're still a loser . It truly is a shame………

  28. I heart you Gaga…..but you shouldn't feel shame of yourself…..for us you are an angel… voiced so many women's struggle who ever silenced themselves to the corner….. love you loads and more power to you girl…..👸✊💪you proved that you're an amazing "LADY" who is worth to go "GAGA" over…..👏👍✌️Shame on those so called men who forgot they're born to a mother…..get them off…..shut them down you're the queen you need to reign above the sky spread your wings start loving your self don't ever feel shame about whatever happened to you it gives power to those who offended you…..Give a thought…..awake…..arise….. you're one of us…..and I appreciate you for voicing your pain & struggle… a phoenix💓💎👑 XOXO

  29. I love a suit on a woman and feminine clothes on men. And basically anything that makes one the most comfortable in one's skin via the 2nd skin. Especially if one has to give a long-ish speech. Kudos, gaga, love u and thankyou, elle, nina xoxo

  30. This is a very Touching Speech!I just dont know Why she does so many perverdet (not to say satanic) videos which are disdurbing and Dirty! This is not what Teenagers Need!

  31. I love her so much! Her words are so real! People should be kind to each other always!! And whoever is reading this no matter what your going through, everything will be ok, even though it may be tough and you may not see how but just stay strong! You are unique and beautiful in your own special way! Never forget that!💖 Lady Gaga is a queen! And I love everything she says! I can't explain how much I admire her!

  32. condolences for stress relief best thing that hasever happened to ladies a nd girls on this planet is transcendental meditation

  33. I'm actually a survivor of sexual assault too and I really love her speech because I can relate to it so much. I want to cry for her, because nobody should go through that, I know everybody wants to he treated well, but you're already loved. I feel the same way she does. People are going to do so many terrible things to you, but you can't forget that they're not ok too and they have a good side to them, everyone does and you have too see that, like I do. Things are going to be hard for you but you're strong enough to make a difference, you may not think you are, but you definitely can. Believe in yourself❤️

  34. Wow she sounds like a different person. Shes amazing. I'm truly so happy for her. What an intelligent young lady. She looks lovely. + Awwwww God bless you Lady Gaga. Awesome speech. So honest and vulnerable. Im so glad she could try to be herself for once. How brave. God bless her always. We stand with you Lady Gaga I never knew it must have been crazy all the me too thing and knowing what had happened to her. Aghast. Exactly. So well done Lady Gaga. God bless you child +++

  35. I cant believe it. Little shits. Poor girl. It sounds like there was more than one. How discusting. Little shits. Wow. You tell them. You tell them. How dare they. When I saw her speech after star is born. I saw something different in her I knew she had been in some turmoil. She was so different. Fibromyalgia is very real I knew a lady who had this. She suffered so much every day. The world is changing people get ready. Go Lady Gaga. The world stands with you. May the Lord give you peace and happiness and heal that pain forever. In the name of Almighty Jesus. AMEN. Money means nothing. Yes kinder braver world. Awww yes 'Be Kind'. Yes Lady Gaga you are 100% right. RIP Caroline Flack.

  36. Thank you Lady Gaga. Always in my heart. A star has been born. Its God in Heavens little star. He loves you Lady Gaga. Your right you are blessed with a good heart to give. Awwwwwwwwww. God bless you and keep you. +++ keep praying, keep looking after your self care and be with God as much as you can. Keep calm. God bless you. +

  37. It is noble what you’re doing for people lady gaga, the only thing that comes to mind however, is that seeing you with that crushed face is quite infuriating, because you know, people that have to struggle with everyday life, that have gone through trauma like you have, that have reached a certain age when life is real and difficult, pain is surmountable, you outgrow it, you battle other problems that you don’t have, you focus on the past because you have time to reflect, which is a luxury, all the best from me

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