KLCS NewsBrief: Le Conte M.S. Fitness Center Unvelling

You are experiencing the opening of our
beautiful new physical fitness center here at Le Conte middle school and we are
so excited that has been donated by Ms. Lavinia Erico out who is the co-founder of
equinox and so we’re very grateful because this is very important for
students because we know how important it is. Physical fitness for everyone and
especially for the members of our community and today we are launching a
new facility with sound body and sound mind here at the school and this really
excites me because what I know is that when a student has a healthy body and a
healthy mind that’s where the balance is to the thing that’s amazing here is there
some integrated life coaching which will help the children to stay calmer to be
able to think clearer to be able to choose so they will really start
integrating some real values but self values how do I want to show up in the
world which again just gives a young person so much more clarity on how to
move forward in their life. These machines here are very good for physical activity. first of all it’s like this bike here
usually most people have it at the lowest resistance but her supply turning
clockwise get a much better workout the ellipticals over there you would have to
upgrade the level is also obvious resistance and cannot be the angle feel like you’re going up a hill really, very
good exercise. I enjoy and I’m pretty sure everyone here does to. I exercise, you exercise, we all should exercise. I think its better for us

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