I Had To Run From a PSYCHO (animation story) FT ImDontai, SagaTheYoungin, AND MORE

I Had To Run From a PSYCHO (animation story) FT ImDontai, SagaTheYoungin, AND MORE

Before I pop this video off I just wanna give
a quick shoutuout ……….to the animation homies ayeee (greetings) And imdontai (ayeeee ) If you like my content and want to watch stuff
similar to it take a trip to the description of this video where you will see links to
everyones channel or go to the channel page and you can see all of my animation youtube
friends with the acception of imdontai but hes also extremly hilarious so I suggest you
take a trip to his channel as well but I highly doubt there are any of you in here who don’t
know about the dad hat wearing nut busting legend himself anyways enjoy the video So this story takes place back in the homeland
of southcarolina the sweet land of racism, alligators, And nationalism have a nice day don’t tell
me what to do This actually took place around the time of
the story about my brother and I having an uhhhh…. altercatio-HE BEAT BREAKS OUTTA
YOU MAN you can check out the video by clicking the I in the corner anyways in the place we
stayed in at the time we had some friends who resided in the same little apt complex
who we will be naming ane and john along with some other friends who I really don’t feel
like making names for as im scared I will forget them But ane and john were cool man I remember
We would all just spend our time outside playing games and just relaxing Simply doing regular kid things all was right
with the world (Happy backgrond) can I make a video without screaming and talking
about the toxic negative foolishness I used to partake in as a child this is just gonna
be wholesome video ok……so wait….was this title clickbai-so one day john suggested
we play hide and seek A game we have played may times before basically
we have a truck in the parking lot and all the kids split into two teams one team is
supposed to run as far away from the truck as possible hide for a set amount of time
and then return to the truck without getting tagged by the opposite team I remember this
being a really fun game I actually kinda miss it now honestly …….but this time it was
a little different Hey how about we switch it up a little bit
everyone should play against me Uhh ok It doesn’t seem fair but I guess How much time do you want to hid- No…no…..heh Did he just punch a chi- I want all of you to hide From me All we had to do was avoid john and reach
the truck So in theory this shouldve been a piece of cake and I shouldn’t
have even had to make a video about this but I accidentaly left out a few details when
I was heh setting this story up so ahem just some minor
details here hol up ok ok uhh So the setting is us playing hide and seek
but what I forgot to say issssss It was dark we lived in the hood All the hiding places were filled with snakes
roaches and other animals anddddd john was a 37 year old man FBI Open- He was anes dad relaxe (sad background) But with all of these details in place I still
wasn’t tooo worried honestly no matter how big or scary john was there were just wayyy
too many children who were slower than me in this group do with that information what
you please So he counts to 30 and we separate 1 2 3 All right lets find us a hiding spot a ahhh
right here this is a perfect spot not tooo obvious but also roomy I got this in the bag
no one will be able to see me he- *ohhh can I hide with you ……how the heck did you find me nah man
here 10 11 12 Uh uhhhh aghhh this spot is even better Lemme check ….ok no one is here alright This time Im sure no one wi- Dude keep it down im trying to hide WHAT mann ughh 13 14 Where do I go mannn 16 17 There are children everywhere 20 21 And Is he skipping numbers Yes 24 Haaaa here….. *can I hide with you *oh lemme hide with you *make room for me *hey guys wait *ohh this is a good spot *let me hide *no me *we should share *should I make an anne frank joke Ugggghhhhh AGHH Why do kids do that man like is there not
enough bandwidth in your tiny brain to come up with an ORIGINAL HIDING SPOT MAN ugghh
I WILL KICK A TEN YEAR OL- *muffled screaming So he had to find a hiding spot but he could
only do that after he ran from a bunch of children 25 26 27 Uhhh I need a spot Uhh Uhhh Just go just go just go just go 30 *breathing I run off of straight adrenalin I channel all of my sub concious energy in
an attempt to contact the spirit of My instinct to find a good hiding spot for
me Well I was left on read because subconcious
spirit yohanes decided I should hide in a car You know probably the most obvious hiding
spot in a parking lot why you may ask Because doors are a thing So basically you have the instincts and mannerisms
of a white girl in a horror movie 14 year old yohanes is the epitome of white
girlness……..except you can say nig- So im under the steering wheel and I knowwwww
john heard a door open because within seconds hes near the car looking for me but im assuming he was just too lazy to check the other cars And he figured anyone who was stupid enough
to hide in a car has no hope of reaching the truck…..and he was right so he gave up on
me and left so its just me the truck and about 40 feet so I open the car door I get out and
close the door as quietly as possible…..(loud car door slam) step out and begin moving as
silently as possible I am literally a couple feet away from the truck …HEY WHAT ARE YOU
DOING Aggghhhhh Hahahahahahahah My grandma loved to hang out on the porch
and scare me im a jumpy person and I can make a whole story about that anyways after my grandma caused me to scream at the
tone relative to the mating call of a duck Yo lemme see that duck agai- I decided to fall back a little bit….alot
a bit I was on the other side of the complex ok
I figured the least likely place john would be is the oposite side of the truck because
why would the truck be left un guarded And I apparently wasn’t the only one with
this idea because I found myself in the backyard with other terrified children who were for
the sake of my dignity definetly scared of the impending doom that was john and not my
prepubecent little girl scream earlier so there I was in a place that I assumed was
safe so I began to re evaluate my plan and figure out a new approach….but before I
could even get few ideas out i start to hear something not footsteps not twiggs breaking
but the something I heard was coming from the trees ……the treessss and it wasn’t
windy and last time I check trees don’t move like car dealer ship tube people if its
dark out and someone is chasing you and you hear TREESSS start to rumble Just give up quit because if someone wants
to get you so bad that they travel by tree they want to get you more wayyyyy more than
you want to survive just give your body up then and there Ok im not the only one that hears that Dude relaxe its probrbably a raccon or something What we need to do is figure out is our approa…. Ane? Dude wheres ane ANE WHERE THE HECK DID ….ane go Shouldn’t something have happened I agree Something should have happened I mean he setup the beat like something should
have …ahh I kicked yo face and I jumped from a tree None of you children want no smoke with me I made you fall I made you fall Heh only real ones get this reference Yeahhhh ……but He kicked a kid in the face from
a treeee lemme sprinkle some more details into this story john was a redneck but not
just any redneck a skinny redneck if any of you don’t know skinny rednecks are some
of the most dangerous creatures on the planet they have crackhead durability immensse agiltiy
intelect of nature Yeah yeah he kicked a kid in the face ok Oh and I guess he kidnapped his daughter but
I mean SHE DIDN’T GET KICKED IN THE FACE Now one would think the logical thing to do
in this situation would be to make sure the kid who was KICKED IN THE FACE was ok and
proritize everyones safety and well being over the game that seemed like a logical approach….i
tried running away and screaming ayeee ayeee it was inevitable once again I there were
wayyy too many children who were slower than me for me to be worried so after running for
a whle I decide to look back and check on the situation AND JOHN WAS CHASING ME have
you ever been chased by a skinny redneck….i don’t suggest it looking over your back
to see a figure with a gap toothed grin a pony tail swinging in the back complimented
by the imprint of a CHILDS FACE on ther shoe is enough to make a 14 year old want to just
quit life just commit……scooter ankle but I was convinced I could lose him because as
previously stated there is no way an older person can keep up to a young energetic child…….well
apparently old people arent as slow as I thought because after a very breif ten minutes of
circling the area in an attempt to lose him I finally get away And find a safe spot to regroup ok this game
is not a race it’s a marathon I just had to calm down and try again And honestly I believe i was moving at the
rate of a marathon runner If I was running at the boston marathon because
I barely made it back in on pie- he didn’t make any progress at all *muffled screaming i didnt make progress because that safe space
I was talking about was back in the car scared and out of breath and now there are a bunch of children also
looking for me because once you get tagged or KICKED you are now part of the other team
so its me in a car and children are everywhere So I have to devise a plan since everyone
is occupying the lot and the backyard I will just get out of the car cut through the neighbors
backyard and walk through the marshy area and cut through our other neighbors yard hop
the fence and reach the truck from behind everyone Now one would be concerned because the marsh
is very obviously filled with crickets alligators snakes possumes and other creatures but honestly
none of them kicked a child in the face so I made the acception I make it through the marsh and im at the
fence I see the goal I take a deep breath and I
go for it nothing but pure addrenaline keeping me going So I run like my life depends on it I cross
a kid offf jump over another ughhh but that allerted the third kid so im running even
faster I reach the fence jump it heh success Now for the hard part Everyone is on me now but I don’t care I
see the truck and the truck sees me I sprint I jump The world is moving slowly im in mid air I
took a perfect leap I know for a fact im making it in this truck My take off was perfect my trjectory was spot
on my height was just right so I do have to say I was quite alarmed when I hit my head
on the back end of the trunk and landed face first on the pavement Some of you may be ninjas and noticed two
things about the scene I just animated but for those who arent lemme run it back and
point two things out first lemme point something out do you peep a certain character missing
from this scene ahh you see where im going and also if I take the dialog out notice the
sound I chose to play When I jumped in mid air Ah yes As I flew at the truck in all of my terrified
glory but alas the truck moved forward I landed face first on the pavement Lemme say this though john was ctually a really
cool dude obviously he didn’t kick that kid hard and obviously I didn’t get hurt
ok don’t come for the homie john i just wanna giv e a shoutout to the animation
homies and imdontai greetings for lending me lines for this video im sorry this took
so long obviously I had a lot on my plate with this one the next video will be here
within a week im gonna try to animate tweets again I like the concept I just failed at
executing it so this next one will be a lot better I hope you enjoyed this video lemme
know what you think in the comments anyways peace

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