How to set up the Team Beachbody My Challenge Tracker Portal, My Challenge Tracker App

hey everyone Jasmine here I’m going to talk to you about how to set up a accountability group using the team beachbody my challenge tracker now you do have to be logged in via a web browser so this is not something that you can do from the app the app is used on the other side for accountability that’s what you’ll tell your challenges to download to their phone and but to set up the group you have to have a couple things you actually should have their email address on file you can get that from your online customer in your online office you can you know ask them for it sometimes it will alert them just based on if they download the challenge tracker because I asked them to log in with their username and password they may already get a notification saying that they were invited to a challenge group but I would always still send them a formal invite to their email so I’ll show you how to do that so really quick right on top here the website is my challenge tracker portal comm okay so my challenge tracker portal comm save that make it a favorite because this is how you will be using it then it’s going to ask you to log in so you’re going to go ahead and log in with your username and password that you normally login with your Beachbody account and you’re going to click sign-in and it’s pretty pretty cool here because it has all of my prior challenge groups that I’ve held so it’s going to save everything which is very useful because you might just want to kind of go and copy and paste some old groups that’s helpful let me show you what they have to offer here and if you look right up here you can hold multiple groups at a time so here’s my groups what’s net what’s new help and it welcomes me here so right on the right hand side it clicks it says click a new group so I’m going to go ahead and do that and then I’m going to go ahead and create our challenge group so for example this is our may support group so we’ll a will just name it I’m a summer blend down okay you can name it whatever you like we’re going to actually have it starting today and then what we normally do is have a prep week so I would really recommend Monday through Sunday being a prep week and then having people can start if they have their items but if you’re waiting for them to get their challenge pack or I know we do a lot of online Jimmy now but they still have not received their containers or their Shakeology so I would definitely give them a you know when you start it have the first week be that prep for those that already have their goodies they can obviously start but we want to be fair to those that don’t so I actually do one week of prep and then we have three weeks of actual workouts so it ends up being a 30 day group technically but you can do calendar month so we can do May 1 to May 31st we can make it a full calendar or we can make it a tool for weeks so in this place let’s do that let’s have this we’d be prep and then next week will be week 1 the following week on the 15th will be with two and then week 3 will be here and then week 4 if you want to go a full fourth week but technically we count week one our prep week as one so just to make things simple on this and let’s use the entire month of May so you’ll click on the day that you want it to finish so I’m sorry this is we’re starting it today and then our end date is May 31st now literally if we wanted to extend this out you have to come in and extend the day out so people decide let’s keep this group going you can definitely change the end date but you have to do it prior before it closes out okay challenge group program here it actually is going to move my camera a little bit it is going to give you different options I normally choose because we all do such different programs the multi program here ok and then you can find a brief description you can type it there things you know what this program is about and then you can select an image if you want it to but I think back in do those steps later so you can put a nice picture that’s the backdrop that they’re going to see okay now here here’s a new feature it says Carl Daikeler post if you want to have him pop in and make some future posts I click YES on that and then go ahead and create the group over here okay so here it is coach profile is because I set it up I’m the coach profile here and it gives them my contact information so they’re going to get an email from me for those that that get their invite from me so you all will probably get an invite for me and then I hit next and here I can invite the participants now this is where I was invite my challengers okay in this case I this is where I stop and I go in by my coaches first so you see up here it says coach admins so I’m going to click there and I’m going to invite my coaches there so in this case I will invite for example let’s just say I don’t think I have any email addresses handy but I will go ahead and invite to see if anyone saved in here it doesn’t say that’s the only thing about that so we’ll have to go to I wonder if some invitations that it has old emails there oh here we go we can select from another group so here this is pretty nice because I can just say well I know someone so likes to be in my group so I can just click her and then it will send her an invite okay so for example if I wanted to make Maria here’s one of our coaches and I’m going to take her email here I’m going to go back and do a coach admin I’m gonna email Maria and make her an admin so what that does is now she is added as a coach in this May summer slim down then she can go ahead and she can invite her people it’s nice because that way I’m not touching Maria’s Challenger she’s not touching my challenges but we’re all get to be in the same community together so here is just a quick example of how to do that so what I do first is I go in and ask my coaches who wants to be in the group they raise their hand then I do the coach admin and then they come in to the same portal and then they go through the process of doing their own invitations okay you can also upload an email list if you’d like for me because I’ve have had so many I can just literally go click a button here and see who wants to be in the group so for example I know my friend Laura wants to be in here and then you click invite participants and now she’s going to get an email saying that I invited her and it will kind of address it here okay so that’s it guys it’s really super easy to make a to make a group on the challenge tracker app and you can always come back in and do items there too to make it prettier them at a backdrop which I’ll do later but I want to just show you a little something if you are like me and you don’t want to spin your wheels too much some days if you go over to the right hand side you’re going to get notification schedule drafts and posts and Post libraries this is super super nice because here challenge group guides they’ve already done all the legwork for us and this is why I don’t want people to kind of stress out and rethink it here there they’re providing all the challenge groups if someone was just doing the size group you know everyone doing sighs you can have the challenge group just based around size here we have a multi program guide if I click on that it tells me everything to post like literally you got you know getting started here’s today this is the one that I was input for today there’s day two you know it gives them tips now will say this I always read through them first before I post them because sometimes they can in my opinion they can sound a little salesy but overall you know I think this is a great way to educate people about Shakeology so all you do is do a copy/paste and you go and you load it up here so definitely check that out so let’s go so that’s there’s different guides that way let’s go back here okay so here also so you can scan your drafts this is really neat so I can add a post and in this case I’ll just hit you know test they de – okay check Jasmin can’t spell the day and then I could say I can add a picture I wanted to add a picture you just click there you pick a picture pretty cool right and let’s say I add a picture and then I want this to schedule out and let’s say I want this to go up tomorrow morning on Tuesday and set the time at 5 a.m. you guys this right here is the beauty of the challenge tracker because I hit schedule and what I do is on my weeks I normally preload them on Sunday so I do it as preload everything on Sunday I do Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday and then I preload them here and it’s a click of a button I won’t do it because I don’t want it to set this one and are you sure you close this both yes so basically I do that and then the next coach that takes on the next group and that’s how we normally do it sometimes we alternate week so let’s say I’ll take week one or prep week someone will take the official week one so forth and so on but I’m done once I’ve kind of loaded now it is still my job as the coach to go in every day and post not only my workout and nutrition and pictures but to also go and comment on each other’s and that’s a big part of being a coach is going in there and not only commenting on your own challengers but everyone in the group because remember how I see it is we are all a team and we need to help encourage each other because that might be your next teammate that you’re encouraging that your coach or friends Susie invited to the group so that’s it guys that’s pretty easy so again here’s a post library there’s tons of resources this is stuff I’ve already done I can copy and schedule it you know change some words up once you have a few challenge groups are going to have all this obviously I’ve been doing this for a bit in this challenge tracker so I have content but you know you can definitely use that but it just makes life so much easier because it has all of our old content in here so if I go back to my groups up here you I’ve done all this from the past so it’s pretty cool so yeah so that’s good guys so that’s how you set up your group and you know it’s like I’ve mentioned pretty easy no-brainer here so but if you have any questions definitely let me know but just remember again you can’t not you cannot do this from the tracker I’m sorry from the app you have to be at a desktop and it has my challenge tracker portal comm and I will be sending you coach admins a an email so once you accept it you can go in and then you do your own invitations don’t forget to go to the invitation button there and send your challengers and emails join us alright that’s it if you have any questions drop a comment below let me know and we’ll go from there talk to you soon bye

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