How to Make Big VST Plugins Fit in FL Studio I VST & Plugin Oversized Problem

How to Make Big VST Plugins Fit in FL Studio  I  VST & Plugin Oversized Problem

Hello youtube today we’ll discuss how to make big vst plugin fit into fl studio plug-in scaling and how to resize oversized vst’s first of all i’ll say Take a paid version so you will not have to face these kind of issues But, some time paid versions are also facing the same problem and i’ve seen many queries related to vst Oversized but there were no proper answer and guidance and it is very difficult to work with oversized vst’s Let’s see how to fix the error this is for those who are working with free fl studio Go to web browser type torrent you, can also download from anywhere but i prefer torrent And if you are downloading from anywhere just make sure there has to be a regkey R2R r e g k e y regkey R2R or else it will be a demo version So go to torrent and type fl studio 12 Regkey R2R and Download as soon as you finish the download Run fl studio after that run a key So your problem will be resolved by just running the regkey But sometime it doesn’t if it doesn’t So there is another way to fix it and that is also applicable for those who are working with the paid version and facing the same problem open FL studio Go to options Go to general settings Main GUI scaling 150 percent make it as a system pop up scaling 150 percent make it as a main toolbars scaling 150 percent make it as a main See this line yes it is 2.54, centimeter and 200 and ppi advanced scaling 200% make this both as a 100 percent 100 percent ppi 100% scaling close fl studio Open it again and is done now enjoy making your music hope you liked the video if you have any queries please comment on below and Don’t forget, to hit the subscribe button and thanks for watching

30 thoughts on “How to Make Big VST Plugins Fit in FL Studio I VST & Plugin Oversized Problem

  1. this is really cool bro! i also use FL studio to remake beats. f you want to check out my channel. i would really love to hear your feedback and comments. thanks!

  2. My laptop already have these settings and the VSTs are huge
    i try to lower the display ppi to 80 or 72 and FL studios will not Change
    why ?

  3. AMG sir can I get ur WhatsApp number and I will ask u everything about the FL studio plzzz sir plzz give me because I m trying to get full version of FL studio but from 8 months I can't get it

  4. Hi, i tried your fix but it didnt work for me, but I found another way! I share it here, so it can help others. BTW thanks for making such videos man!

    *I am on FL Studio 12*

    The issue about the vst plugin not scaling properly is due to 'bridge' connection not activated for the vst plugin. on settings icon of the fruity wrapper, of the VST you opened. on the second icon and enter the tab PROCESSING
    3. Click on 'MAKE BRIDGE' and 'EXTERNAL WINDOW' little button to light them up.

    Go back to your plugin to find it rescaled.


  5. Sorry sir it is not downloading properly can u give me Ur WhatsApp app number or another thing on which I can communicate with you properly plzz help me sir I want to use FL full version we can also do video call so that I can show u my FL problem sir

  6. FL Studio is a fantastic DAW and the people of Image-line work hard to keep it this way and add improvements. So why are you suggesting people download a reg-key?
    You pay once and get lifetime free updates, now which DAW does that??
    Also, you can earn discounts by joining the challenges (remixes and other contests) throughout the year, and on your birthday you get an extra discount-coupon to buy a plugin or feature of your choice.

  7. im using fl stuio 12.5 but when i make advised scaling to 100% and 100 ppi and close,restart the program its again 200% and 100 ppi.
    can you help me?

  8. FOR FL STUDIO 11:

    Go to the dropdown arrow in the top left corner of the plug-in, at the very bottom is an option called "Detached".
    Clicking it will detach the plug-in from the Fl workspace.

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