How Palpatine Cloned Baby Yoda – Star Wars Theory

How Palpatine Cloned Baby Yoda – Star Wars Theory

Hey guys new merch design is above the drop Let me know if you want one in the comments below and I might choose a winner Hey everyone, how are you all doing today? so sit back and relax because this video is gonna be pretty long and it’s gonna cover an array of Different things that will hopefully make sense by the end of it. It’ll cover things like how Yoda was cloned What time in the Star Wars timeline baby Yoda was born and much more from Attack of the Clones Revenge of the Sith and all the timelines in Star Wars that we have. So here we go Now as the spoiler ban is lifted and Star Wars themselves has posted photos of baby Yoda It’s free reign and I can finally start making some videos and theories regarding the most talked about thing in Star Wars right now When I saw the first episode of the Mandalorian I was blown away when I saw a baby Yoda now Let me set the record straight and say here that it’s not Yoda. This is five years after Yoda’s death after episode six Yodas dead at this point along with Vader and the Emperor or you know, so we thought so This is either Yoda’s clone or it’s the same species that Yoda is or you know his son or his daughter or something Meaning Yoda got down with the adel Hillar you know someone about nine years before episode one now if you’re confused with the math I’m gonna explain everything in detail as well as how help team got Yoda’s DNA and Cloned him if he is a clone which I highly believe he is So in the show the mandalorian goes to find out about this big secret Bounty from grief carga who told him there’s literally next to no information about this bounty no puck or anything regarding the client’s target or Background all he gave the mando was information to go to the address to get a face-to-face meeting So the mando does so as he enters the secret meeting point he comes to greet the client played by Werner Herzog now His name in the show hasn’t been revealed. But he’s just known as the client. So the client wants the bounty dead However, the scientist wants it alive. The scientists name is dr Pershing and he very hiddenly has a badge on his right shoulder. You can see this here This badge is the same one that all the clones wore on their jumpsuits during attack of the clones This means that he has some affiliation with Kamino and you know being a scientist if we put two and two together then we can Assume that. He’s a cloning scientist Also considering the fact that he seems quite attached to baby Yoda and gets all startled when the client says that baby Yoda should be delivered dead or you know could be delivered dead. So here’s what I think I think this is Yoda’s clone. I think it’s Yoda as a child at age 50, which is how old they say He is in the show scientists. Dr. Pershing manipulated Yoda’s DNA, which I’ll explain just how in several theories I have in this video So he created a force sensitive yoda We all know that I made a long video addressing why Palpatine isn’t a clone in Episode nine Where I explained that the ability to clone humans is extremely easy in Star Wars However, cloning a force sensitive is next to impossible if we look at legends material not Canon because we just have that Information yet, you know maybe the mandalorian will change that episode 9 might reveal something for us We know from the Force Unleashed games that cloning force sensitives doesn’t work most of the time And when it does they never turn out right they usually have the force powers But there’s psychological problems outweigh any abilities that they might get and the key word here being might Since it’s so hard to successfully clone a force user. They either end up temperamental impossible to control suicidal depressed overly emotional and just not a good fit for a Calculating killing machine if that’s what they’re intended to do with the dark side So considering Kamino got this all correct when cloning Yoda They would have had to do this nine years before Episode one I say this because we need to add five years to this because the Mandalorian takes place five years after episode six Giving us 41 years from Episode one until the mando now ten years before attack of the clones Master sifo-dyas went to Kamino and told them that the Jedi Council has Explicit orders to start a clone facility and to make clones this of course was helmed by Count Dooku and Darth Sidious Who used sifo-dyas for their dirty work? So ten years before Episode two would land us right around or a bit before Episode one. This means that baby Yoda would have been born about nine years before this time So is it possible that Palpatine had Yoda created prior to this time about nine years before Episode one? I mean it is possible if he’s not a clone because in the Canon novels aftermath Palpatine Actually has a secret laboratory hidden on jakku and you might have heard me talk about this in other videos Way before we even saw baby Yoda. This facility was heavily guarded So it’s possible that he had been doing some experiments here that no one knew about I mean clearly if he’s cloning things than he wants that place guarded extremely heavily now if he’s not an Accelerated clone then here. Let’s do some math and more detail and it’s gonna be super easy. I’m gonna explain it visually for you Here’s roughly the timeline in Star Wars and I say roughly so take that into it There’s ten years between Episode one and Episode two roughly two years between Episode two and episode three There’s 20 years between episode three and Episode four three years between four and five One year between five and six and five years between six and the mandalorian that makes 36 years from episode one to the end of six plus five years to get us to the mandalorian which makes 41 years from episode one where we met little Annie until the mandalorian this means that baby Yoda was born nine years before Episode one, you know on a rough scale This is assuming however that the cloning process took the regular aging for his species and didn’t double the aging speed like an attack of the clones for Jango Fett’s clones, which were Programmed to age twice as fast as normal to get them right into the action of the war without waiting so many years This was revealed to Obi one on his trip to Kamino in Episode two So assuming they started the cloning process ten years before episode 2 Then the clones would have been about 20 by the time they were suiting up for the Clone Wars This wouldn’t work for Yoda’s clone This leads me to think that his aging was accelerated at least two times now I really don’t think that the Mandalorian show will have us going through a massive time jump of 50 years to make baby Yoda 100 years old and have him be, you know, still somewhat of a toddler or you know Maybe like a teenager whereas the Mandalorian will be an old man probably aged 85 or something, you know Assuming he’s around 35 himself So this leads me to believe with all our calculations and evidence that baby Yoda is an accelerated clone of Yoda So if his aging is sped up twice as fast, that means he’s half of 50 Which means he’s 25 or at least you know, 25 years since he’s been born this puts him 25 years before the Mandalorian Which means that baby Yoda was born four years after Episode three Meaning the Emperor probably spent those four years trying to perfect him if we can get some you know leniency with legends material on how cloning force sensitives was extremely difficult if they scrapped theory and they go You know with cloning force sensitives as easily as cloning humans well then that would just be a giant plot hole because then why didn’t they just clone Sidious as the clone army instead and you know, Make millions of him or even though you know a few thousand to rule the galaxy I mean one city has destroyed the Jedi let alone thousands of him So unless they you know, I’ll turn on each other or something like that which and cities would probably do on his on himself Okay. So here’s the part of the video where I address the title How did Palpatine clone Yoda if baby Yoda is indeed a clone you all remember attack of the clones? Of course you do. Do you remember this one? Very missable scene after Palpatine talks about loving democracy Which is a massive meme now Yoda and mace talk in the Senate and the conversation goes Verbatim like this and I quote this from the book and the movie it is done Then may set – Yoda and the diminutive Jedi Master nodded grimly I will take what Jedi we have left and go to Geonosis to help obi-wan and visit I will the cloners of Kamino and see this army. They have created for the Republic Yoda said together the two Jedi walked away from the Senate hall. Yoda went to Kamino and checked on the clones This is a major detail. So Kamino was run by Palpatine behind the scenes He knew who went in and out of the facility Now imagine he got wind of Yoda go into Kamino to check it out All he needed to do was to get a strand of his hair or have him sip from his water or you know Maybe like just offer him a drink or something and assuming Yoda would take it or something super simple like that I mean heck it’s Star Wars so even a fingerprint with his skin cells or something on it would suffice the other Possibility was that when he fought Yoda in Revenge of the Sith and this might be more of a popular Theory remember when Yoda’s cloak fell to the Senate floor as well as his lightsaber well The cloak surely would have had Yoda’s hair on it or some DNA of his and his lightsaber could also potentially be a link towards his DNA now mass Amida did throw Yoda’s lightsaber into a massive furnace as a demonstration that the Empire was putting on to you know All the people of course sons that the Jedi are no more and the oppression is over and all this and that well that’s what happened to his lightsaber and I made about it – Age of freedom Not to mention he overtook the Jedi Temple and turned the entire thing into his own little headquarters So he surely would have found some DNA of Yoda’s in the temple whether through his blood Samples that he I don’t know might have said stored there for emergency transfusions if that’s a thing in Star Wars or just simply as grabbing some strands of hair from his pillow or using the saliva from His drinking cup it was all accessible to him I mean he could have cloned the entire Jedi Council if you really wanted to at that point or at least tried So Palpatine would spend the next four years after episode three trying to clone him Successfully knowing that Yoda species lived to be over 900 years old. He would have definitely sped up his aging I mean, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have waited that many years in order to transfer his essence But I mean you would have transferred to that essence And so, you know like a baby at that point literally and Palpatine was pretty old, you know So there’s really no telling how much older he could have gotten maybe 120 at most I mean in the rise of Skywalker He’s gonna be like 110 120 So that’s that now if he did accelerate his aging it would have still given him solid 450 years to train him as his apprentice or to use him You know with essence transfer or whatever if we’re going more into Legends lore now once the Empire fell Of course the overseers of the operation were still alive for at least some of them and with Palpatine’s contingency plan He had members of the Empire which turned into the first order Which it was called who ran his bidding after his death or you know supposed death I guess we should say now. They kept the project going for whatever reason perhaps this, baby Yoda was supposed to be like Snoke something for pumped into control and that’s just a theory of mine a vessel however He grew too powerful too quickly and Sidious couldn’t control it anymore And neither could the Kamino ins or its scientists? So the Empire ordered bounty hunters to go and kill it where they kept it off hidden in the galaxy because they sure as heck couldn’t themselves so in conclusion There are many chances for Palpatine to have retrieved Yoda’s DNA and cloned him or at least tried My belief is that he up to something for sure on the planet of jakku with his secret lab. So either yoda was cloned Successfully man, you know, but before the Phantom Menace or he was fed up with his cloning, you know Maybe two times the speed or three times or four times Who knows really? Maybe we’ll go through the Mandalorian episodes and he’ll notice that this baby is growing super fast We’ll just have to wait and see I still want to know what Palpatine was up to on jakku and I still want to know What he did between Episode three and Episode four, there’s tons that we don’t know about So I hope we get to learn that now what the lab was well We’ll have to wait and see until the end of mando or hopefully Episode nine might explain it to us or you know They’ll obviously reveal something as to the plot behind all of this I hope you enjoyed this long Theory have an awesome rest of your day Throw a like on it if you did enjoy it and I’ll catch you in the next one until then Remember the force will be with you always

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  1. Why is baby Yoda a baby? If Yoda died when he was 900+/- yrs old and he told Luke he had been training Jedi for 800+/- years then a 50yr old baby Yoda who seemingly can’t even speak yet seems incredibly out of place. He or she is the equivalent of a 12 month old human baby.

  2. Couldn't the rule of two be a reason that Sidious wouldn't clone himself tonnes of times if it turned out that it was easy to do

  3. I have some theories here: Yoda and Yaddle are the only names we know for that species. Maybe this one will be a hybrid name, like Yuddle or Yodle, possibly the offspring of the two.

    The logical conclusion is that Yodle will become a Mandalorian.

  4. We actually dont know that this is a clone of Yoda. Or just the same species. Let's stop assuming and claiming its facts

  5. I honestly think since Anakin and "baby Yoda" both were born 41bby, that baby Yoda was the Force' way of creating balance. Palpatine created Anakin via the Force, so the force created baby Yoda. I believe Yodas species all may be born of the force, and they might possibly be the Whisps as well

  6. born at the same time as Anakin, now is he the lightside striking back at Plaguies and Palpatines forceful creation of anakin…

  7. If palpatine did clone yoda, then he could have done the same for Darth Plagueis. Maybe Snoke is a deformed clone of Plagueis…..

  8. Let's add a twist: in ROJ when Kenobi says to Yoda that Luke was the last hope then Yoda replies THERE'S ANOTHER. What if this other alternative to take down the Empire was his own clone ? So, in the end it was Yoda that ordered a clone of himself to the Kaminoans

  9. Accelerated? yoda died at age 900. That baby is equivocal to a 2 year old. If it takes 50 years to biologically progress for that baby and its still a baby, at age 900 that baby will be roughly 32-36 years old biologically lmao

  10. Omg i love that shirt! It looks great and i want it like a fat kid loves cake. Btw loves the video but i believe the mandalorian actually takes place 7 years after the fall of palpatine. I think they revealed that in episode 3 or 4 of the mandalorian but i may have hallucinated that. Nice job on the tshirt design.

  11. stupid stupid stupid.
    WHAT if yoda his eyes change colour over his first few years of youth, because that is what happens in his species??! We know nothing. Can we just sit back and relax please for 5 seconds?!! Watch a show without debating the continuiting of EVERY FUCKING DETAIL??!
    Yoda clones …. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

    What a fucking lack of imagination you star wars fans have!!

  12. Its possible that all of Yoda's species are Force Sensitive, and the Empire was attempting to study the child and learn how to create a clone that is force sensitive. Then they could strike back against the New Republic using Force wielding clone troopers to try and retake the Galaxy.

  13. Jedi cannot have children, since they are forbidden from having relationships, he is most likely just another member of the species

  14. My theory – Palpatine's Sith 'force ghost' wants and needs the yodababy to reconstruct his physical body. (Think 'Voldemort in Goblet of Fire.) The whole Mandalorian plot will revolve around how he gets the yodababy and is 'reborn'. In the finale the Mandalorian will escape, crushed, and we'll see the ceremony/sacrifice. The Mandalorian, older and sadder, will be free for new adventures.

    This explains both the absence of the yodababy in the final trilogy and also Palpatine's resurrection.

    Neat, plausible, and yeah, batcrap crazy 😉

  15. where this theory falls flat is growth acceleration. if he's 50 years old he hasn't been accelerated and with a species like that you'd have to accelerate unless you wanted to wait 100 to 200 years for it to reach maturity.

  16. It never says how old the child is in the show the client says the code is 50 years old.

    It never even says if the child was at that location for the entire 50 years.

  17. Maybe yodas species is a species that is created by the force it’s self. That’s why they have the natural power to control the force and that’s why not a lot of the species is known because they are created by the force. And maybe baby yoda is the last one of his kind. Just a thought

  18. when you mentioned the emperor having had a secret lab on jakku it immediatly made me wonder if rey may actually have stemmed from that. considering she grew up on jakku and this would literally make her "noone"

  19. The whole species was confirmed to be force-sensitive that's the reason why every member of yodas species we're great Jedi masters

  20. You missed one detail on how Sidious could have got Yoda's DNA for cloning…remember Yoda's fight with Sidious and Yoda's cloak was still hanging on that pole? Right in view of Palpatine?!?!

  21. your in biggg trouble star wars theroy using those images of baby yoda on shirts when you dont have a license to do so

  22. 11:40 "He grew too powerful too quickly, and Sidious couldn't control him anymore."

    I'm sorry, I can't. This is hilarious.

  23. Sidious wouldn't clone himself cause just to make it short who would want to deal with a thousand clones of theirselves if that clone alternately betray you and try to take over as the true original. Yeah when dealing with clones else you yourself have a grasp of the common goal and that you the original must survive no matter what then no. If they carry any of your memories those would be the most important to a sith lord. To gave your clone accomplish what you couldn't is pretty dumb since it's a exact copy and it's not you doing it. The thoughts of a sith if they have any control of their dream being achieved with them at the Helmand. But if you dead then yeah a clone I who in act and unleash to fulfill my will on the galaxy

  24. What if in transport he got lost or whatever dont for get ther was pirates and something so sensitive you wouldn't want to draw attention to it a small transport was delivering to the first order something happen instead fallening in enemy hands have it killed
    Dont you enemies knowing what you up to

  25. and if cloning the force sensitives would be close to story of version of clone wars wasn't fett clones but clones of jedi

  26. Maybe, its Yoda's child. We will have to wait until the empires reasons for the bounty are revealed. might not happen until season 2 (not saying I know that there is going to be a season 3, I'm just speculating).

  27. Is he a clone and they age very slowly, or a age-sped clone and they still age very slowly.

    I'm leaning more towards cryogenic freezing; Sidious has the clone made, but puts it on ice- wanna see how this Chosen One project pans out first.

  28. Not a clone YET maybe..When the client gave Dr Pershing the Baby Yoda, he had the clone markings from Kamino on his shoulders of his uniform

  29. In a Star Wars campaign I’m in one of are characters is a Jedi from yodas race named yarn. He drowned on komino so me a grey palidian zebrak named qino and a bounty hunter shape shifter named jankar went to clone him. While doing that a sith named storm came and attack us. Only a few hours ago I cut off all his limbs and left him to die on hoth in a fit of rage, yet he came back fully healed. So terrified, as we where only able to beat him due to a lucky explosion and timing last time. We used the pipes for the baby yarn clones to shoot them out and restrain storm. We grabbed one of the clones and blew up the building as we heard the drowning MMMMMPPPPPHHHH of the baby yarns. (Mmmmppppphhhh being his catchphrase.)

  30. If he is clone it is kinda strange that the empire(what remained of it) would want to make test and probably extract dna or someotherthing from it, (unless idk they injected midclorians in it to make it force sensitive and wanted to remove them). Why would they want to even kill it? Does it make sense to clone something and pay people to pick the clone just soo you could kill it later?

    They also on the bonty mission instruction said he could kill it on the spot. Idk what use baby yoda being dead would be of any use to them. Imo they just kidnaped the kid to study it and probably wanted to cover it up. The rest of the empire was being hunted by the time all that remained was some isolated cells that would have a hard time to receive orders without being noticed.

    Also eyes colors don't match.

  31. Accelerated ageing makes you grow up faster, yes. However a year is still a year. They said the baby "Yoda" is 50 years old, not like as if he would be 50.

  32. Much more likely that Palpatine would clone himself rather than Yoda. A cloned Yoda could possibly be a threat. Palpatine would have no way to know if he could successfully control such a being. I think it's much more likely that they are looking to extract genetic material or, *gag*, midichlorians.

  33. First of all love this video,it was fabulously informative! I shared it right away to other star wars enthusiasts. Also totally yes on the baby yoda shirt.werk baby yoda! Being a baby yoda clone makes the most sense but we'll see..

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