How Logic, Lil Uzi Vert, And XXXTENTACION Put Mental Health Center Stage In Hip-Hop | Genius News

How Logic, Lil Uzi Vert, And XXXTENTACION Put Mental Health Center Stage In Hip-Hop | Genius News

[JACQUES] Suicide is an especially prominent topic in hip-hop right now, with rappers of all different lanes expressing their views on mental health. Recently, Logic performed his suicide
prevention track “1-800-273-8255” on the MTV’s VMA stage, bringing many in the audience to tears. Lil Uzi Vert sang of contemplating death over a failing relationship on his hit “XO TOUR Llif3” And throughout XXXtentacion’s latest album ‘17,’ he raps about the tragic suicide of his close friend Jocelyn Flores. There was also his controversial Instagram video where he simulated his own hanging. But it’s not just the new kids on the scene. Styles P was moved to tears during a Breakfast Club interview in August, while speaking about the suicide of his daughter. (STYLES P) Um, it’s difficult as a black man because we come up in households where we don’t really pay attention to family issues. We so much on the hustle and try and get the
money that family becomes second and money comes first. And Joe Budden recently broke down during a taping of Complex’s “Everyday
Struggle.” (BUDDEN) As somebody who’s been suicidal, as somebody who’s battled depression, I would like to see hip-hop address it more. We’re so powerful as a culture like Hov said in that interview, we move things enough of us have died from mental health issues for us to look into it Sadly, Budden’s words ring true. Hip-hop artists have not been immune to the most serious manifestations of mental health issues. Amongst them, up and comer Capital STEEZ, who jumped to his death in 2012 Eminem attempted to overdose on Tylenol in 1997 And on Solange’s 2016 album, A ‘Seat At The Table,’ Lil Wayne confessed to a failed suicide attempt of his own. [JACQUES] While dismal conditions in life, love, or career are often factors, even those “living the life” in rap have struggled with depression and suicide. For example, Kendrick Lamar, who’s
admired in music for his success and composure, dealt with his own issues. On the song “u,” Kendrick revealed it wasn’t his life, but the grim state of other’s lives that guilted him into depression. (KENDRICK) Things is happening back home in my city or In my family that I can’t do nothing about,
it’s outta my control I can only put it in Gods hands, I couldn’t understand that, That can draw a thin line between you having your sanity and you losing it. And although it may seem these mentions of suicide and depression in rap are new, emcees of every generation have been expressing these sentiments for years. These lyrics can serve as therapy for artists, as Kevin Gates explains. ( KEVIN) I just make music, I have to make music, it’s therapeutic to me, I suffer from severe cases of depression so that’s my only way to vent, that’s my only way to release, is through making music Listening back, it’s surprising the public hasn’t shown more concern for
rappers. Still, the bond fans build with those who
open up on the subject is like no other. Take Kid Cudi, who’s been very
vocal on his fight with suicidal thoughts. Loneliness is a terrible terrible thing man and if you don’t know how to conquer it , it can eat you alive. As he’s grappled with suicide
and depression himself, many, including celebs and peers, credit Cudi’s openness with the subject with helping them face their own issues. (PETE) He saved my life I would’ve killed myself if I didn’t have Kid Cudi If you’re 25 and under, I truly believe that Kid Cudi saved your life (TRAVIS) Kid Cudi’s really like one of the main dudes I kind of looked at and listened to all the time, he saved my life. He saved me from doing like random bad things to myself. Most recently, Chester Bennington
of Linkin Park commited suicide and former collaborator Jay-Z spoke to Rap Radar on the
effect of suffering while in plain sight. (JAY-Z) That’s not normal for 10,000, 20,000 people to be screaming at you. That’s not a normal thing to deal with. So then you add that on top, so now you’ve got to start masking your pain, because you can’t let all these people see. It’s hard enough to talk to your family It’s hard enough for people to talk about real shit with their family. 6 people at a table, and it’s like I can’t speak about this, Imagine having to speak in front of the world As of 2015, suicide has been the 2nd leading cause of death for people ages 15-34 in the United States. With hip-hop now reigning as the biggest genre in music, artists’ voices are not only speaking for themselves but for
many listeners who feel voiceless. I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News bringing you the meaning and knowledge. behind the music. Peace!

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  1. That's because rapping about bitches and cars or calling yourself a gangsta doesn't always sell anymore. Because more people are now aware of people who rap about real stuff like
    mental health (xxx and lil Uzi)
    bullying (Eminem)
    suicide (xxx, logic)
    alcohol/substance abuse(Kendrick,j cole)
    Self respect and faith(ASAP Rocky)
    Racism( logic, Joyner)

  2. Why is it that everyone thinks that it's just USA that's mainly depressed ? There are a lot more depressed kids out there in different countries going through unimaginable crap. This could be also due to their beliefs , religion , culture , like i said it's not just us it's the rest of the younger generation around the world. This needs to be dealt with seriously

  3. Yeah it sucks but people don't care about them that sucks they only want to see you fall what an awful world we live in

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