Health Pro Says Don’t Touch Face, Then Licks Hand

Health Pro Says Don’t Touch Face, Then Licks Hand

I have for you front and center today. A prime example of how difficult it is even for health 
professionals to follow their own advice, about how not to spread the cool virus as we are talking about it.
Dr. Sarah Cody was giving advice for how to avoid contagion. He correctly says don’t touch your face, your hands, your eyes, your mouth, or knows all of that 
stuff, because even if you have the virus on your hands if you avoid touching your face, and you can go and wash your hands properly, first, which would take at least 20 seconds you can avoid 
self­contagion you can avoid taking the virus from your hands and allowing it into your lungs, which is where it lives so to speak. And she says this and less than a minute later, she likes her own 
fingers, out in public, turning the pages of the notes that she has in front of her. This is how hard it is not to do this. Check out the video today, start working on not touching your 
face. Because one main way viruses spread is when you touch your own mouth nose, or eyes, is… Dr. Cody is the director of the SAN Toler a County, California is Public Health Department.
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They have at the latest check 11 cases of the virus. The press conference was a few days ago, but the video is now getting attention because of this.
This is not to make fun of her. This is a reminder of how difficult it is not to touch one’s face. Different studies say people touch 
their faces as much as 23 times an hour. Another study says 90 times a day. Donald Trump bizarrely claimed that he hasn’t touched his face in three weeks, which is odd. Take a look at this as the 
President. Is there anything that they should be doing differently, since you think it is safe to fly at a “aaaaa “araneidae action with a… If you’re a singer you get on that point, we’ve been told, “Watch 
your hands, the Geronimo the vest and then you can maybe say something. Well, we’re always saying the common sense of washing your hands, not touching your faith 
ensuring that if you’ve touched anything you go and wash your hands. We get 20 seconds with soap hand sanitizer. Also work. But I think I was very reassured to hear the airlines talk about their cleaning procedures, and there are three levels of cleaning procedures. Because I think that will be 
reassuring to the American public and I haven’t touched my face, and weeks that in weeks the estate… And then here’s a picture of ’til Trump touching his face during that same briefing during 
which he said he hasn’t touched his space in three weeks. So as you can see, it is very difficult not just for Donald Trump but also for public health professionals. I was at a cafe two days ago. I know 
I mentioned a story like this from two weeks ago, this is a different story, this is two days ago, different incident. Some guys sitting two seats away from me.
He’s coughing into the air when talking, he clearly has that cold voice, that voice when you’re very congested he keeps sniffing constantly as his nose drips. Are you really out at a cafe with that right 
now? And I know that those symptoms are not necessarily consistent with the virus, but with everything that’s going on flu season, the cool virus all of this different stuff, you go out and you 
just sit on your laptop, wiping your nose touching the laptop touching the coffee cup going over to get water, and touching the thing that water comes out of it, the cafe going to the bathroom, 
touching the door, the light switch to sink all of this stuff, go home. What are you doing out at a cafe? You are exposing other people, and Donald Trump unfortunately not helping, making 
everything worse at every opportunity, denying the death rate call this something that’s being politicized by the left, as you can see, it’s difficult. Even people who are acting in good faith to do 
all of the right things when it comes to this, not that your face all of that stuff, the damage that Donald Trump is potentially doing by continuing to spread this information is it irresponsible is an 
incredible understatement, as to what Donald Trump is doing.

100 thoughts on “Health Pro Says Don’t Touch Face, Then Licks Hand

  1. Someone needs to dub the failure sound from "The Price's Right" over this video, right after she licks her finger.

  2. Licking fingers for turning pages is such a stupidly uneducated habit. Who ever who is used to reading books does this?

  3. She did worse than touching her face, she licked her hands. Nasty and easily avoidable habit. I mean, I could understand if she scratched he cheek or rubbed her nose on her sleeve or something. She licked her hand! Why do that? Don't do that.

  4. I used to work with a guy who was constantly licking his fingers when he was going through documents on my desk or in the file room. I hated it when he did that. I always knew that this could easily spread the cold, so I constantly was (and still do) wash my hands constantly, and use very hot water when doing so.

  5. Dipping your finger on your tongue to open something or turn a page is a HARD habit to break.
    My mother can't open shopping bags without licking her finger first, lol. (I help her do shopping as she is partially-blind).
    2:36 To be fair to Trump, his makeup is so thick he probably hasn't touched his face in weeks…..

  6. don't you just hate people who lick their finger just to turn a page in a book. when i was kid it was one of the reasons i insisted my parents buy me books( idea being when its new no one has put their spit in it). because way too many people did it and it just got in my head, and i noticed more and more. mostly older people and last high-school year teens.

  7. I try to remember it, and be conscious of it, but keep catching myself do it all the time!!!

    Tough when it itches, often my eyes, trying to touch with my elbow, lol

  8. People are gross and ignorant. That’s the price you pay going out in public, can pick up some nasty shit from unclean, disgusting fucks. One of the reasons I don’t go to live metal shows anyone.

  9. I purchased a so called Neti pot a some years beck. I use it three, four times in a couple of weeks, two, three times, a year and it keeps me from getting colds, together with sauna in the winter season. I highly recommend it

  10. I got in big trouble touching and licking other people! Now, don't do it to myself?!? Sure are alotta rules!

  11. "Don't touch your face…" **licks finger, touches paper** She must know something we don't. Trump: "I haven't touched my face in weeks. I miss it." ***touches face with hand***He must know something we don't, eh?!

  12. i wore a mask and gloves when i went to the hospital, just bc i didn’t want to spread what i have. i couldn’t imagine being in a cafe all sickly without thinking of other people💀

  13. You can touch your face but only after washing your hands for 20 full sec?
    And I’d say, wash your hands BEFORE and AFTER using the restroom.

  14. COVID19 is finger licking' good ya all!
    I have left-leaning friends who do not want million's to die. I am not a "leftist" and puuuuuleeeeease, I am NOT a Trump supporter either.

  15. I love you and the show David. You’re quite possibly the most objective journalist in media. Sometimes to a fault but we need that. Comedy, anger, mockery all useful but you never take advantage of a story or an angle.
    I have a lot of respect for you and as a news man your building a strong reputation as someone I can always trust when I don’t have time to look into a subject further. You’re my Edward R. Murrow… kind of. He had a better voice lol.

  16. This us why I'm saying that we need to keep sanitary wipes or lotion on hand at all times. On one can keep from subconsciouly touching our faces. Unless you are a soldier standing at attention!
    Her advice as well as intention sounds good, but it is impractical.

  17. Before CV was even a thing i was in CVS buying a few things, the cashier was coughing uncovered on the way to the register then coughed all into her hands before picking up the first item so i SMH and exited with no items….people are so inconsiderate even if it’s possibly fatal

  18. Ok I just wash my hands,as I leave a public restroom, I grab the door handle and just recontaminated my washed clean hands. Good luck everyone trying to not touch any coronavirus laying around.


  20. The reason that viruses have evolved to be transferred by human touch is because humans constantly touch their faces.

  21. All this talk about not touching your face got me thinking about this Weird Al video

  22. Maybe I'm a little autistic, I've always disliked people licking the tip of their finger to turn a page.
    If I turned each page of a book I was browsing, in the library or your local bookstore, using only my tongue, you would move away from me in disgust. And you wouldn't buy or check out the book whose pages I just casually flipped over with my tongue.
    Yet, licking your fingers before you flip a page is normal.
    Maybe it is,and I'm not.
    That's in itself not an unreasonable assumption.
    It's still disgusting. And dangerous. Read or watch Umberto Eco 's masterpiece 'The Name of the Rose '.

  23. I have literally never licked my fingers to turn pages. I've always found it disgusting and so I never did it, and I felt like this since I was a little kid.

  24. I've always been amazed that people lick their fingers during turning pages, or WORSE counting money! 😧

  25. How are people touching their face so many times during the day? I understand if someone wipes their nose, or brushes a stray hair off their forehead/cheek, but aside from that, what are people doing that they need to touch their face so much in general?

  26. Why go to a cafe at all? For the next 6 months, all I'm gonna do is go to work, the grocery, and the weed store.

    Alright, that's what I was gonna do anyway.

  27. Yeah, just do your best. Perfectly following this advice will drive you into Obsessive Compulsive Disorder! Completely disinfected hands and face are unhealthy anyway: we've evolved to require a rich micro biome to ward off infections.

  28. Well … to be fair to Trump …. he touches his cheek, he doesn't touch his mouth or nose.
    I always thought 'touching your face' is a euphemism for picking your nose.

  29. Really good job making people aware of how much we subconsciously touch our face, mouth, nose and eyes.

    But instead of leaving it there you gratuitously bend the the knee to TDS and criticize Trump for making a self defecating over the top exaggerating humorous statement to lighten the mood. Then go on to spew vial puke with no factual evidence to support your verbal diarrhea.

    Take a course about humor so you can learn to recognize it. You may never laugh (so sad) but at least you might begin to understand why everyone else is.

  30. Not touching my face is the hardest thing in the world. I am living in the edge fam I am going to touch my face.

  31. The woman behind her also touched her forehead and ran her fingers through her hair. Not as bad, but still probably unwise, that's dangerously close. She's like the lady doctor on The View recently who touched her mouth with both hands to blow Whoopie a kiss. Kiss blowing is like the worst thing you could do other than actually lick food off your fingers, which I've seen an alarming number of adults actually do.

  32. Not touching your face is hard. Much easier is not touching your environment. How many things in a day to day setting do you actually need to touch?

  33. Thank you for the angle of: "look how hard this is" rather than "look how stupid she is". Good to finally see an adult view of this.

  34. It's a little weird to get advise from a person who self admittedly has a small phobia. You mentioned an autoimmune disease in the family. Stay level headed. "Gezondheid/Bless you" just to wish you well. It's good you had a got ya moment with Mr. haven't touched my face in weeks, and you probably could have made a whole montage of clips disproving this pathetic pathological lier. You start with/give the health pro example in order to make the point you actually want to make. People touch their face all the time, or touch things that then touch the face. [A Human Blindspot, Trump got many]

    But not everything and everyone is infected with covid19. The virus needs a host to survive, – in religious words – like the demon in the movie 'Fallen'. Outside the/a host it doesn't survive long. (sorry I cant give you the numbers on that one.)
    Also there is an advise for a 2 meter [7ft] radius of distance when dealing with strangers. That is why crowds should be avoided.
    Agree coughing and definitely sneezing will probably surpass that 7ft radius.
    Now not to scare you but it has been confirmed you can infect your pet, and your pet can infect you with the corvid19.

    Once the infection has officially occurred this is the red flag moment for that immediate surrounding.
    Direct family members, friends, acquaintances etc. (Pets) everyone the infected had contact with. This includes quarantine (self- or institutional) and cleaning/disinfections. In the USA that also, as known, include public transports.
    That is what can make it difficult to create a possible contact-spread after the infection got identified.

    The choices people individually have to make on how to deal, wil have with out no doubt economical/financial consequences, bot ways micro and macro.
    Damned if you don't, but also damned if you do.
    Small children are always a high spread danger with every flu, virus etc. Children can cripple communities, so avoid them 😛
    (Joke; but schools, and day care etc. are always high risks for spreadding. Even for simple lice!)
    Elderly are a different danger zone, but both are in danger because of the way the human immune system works.
    The nature of this, so to speak. Thin out the herd.
    Also logically speaking, just numbers and no emotions. 1/2 of the infected have already recovered from their infection.
    Add to that your report from yesterday (I believe) about Israel's vaccine.

    I'll give you and example of importance: There is this couple traveling and has gloves on, and are wearing masks. They get hungry and decide to go and eat. They order the food, which also come with fries etc. and they also use their hands to eat. aka touch their food. With their hands they constantly kept touching the mouth cap, to pull it down. This is not how protection works!
    And because they think they are doing it all by the book and 'safe' the end up in a higher risk factor to get infected. Risk assessments like insurance companies use. Is one example of working with the logical numbers. So stay level headed. As far as possible keep emotions at bay.

  35. Im suppose to believe Trump hasn't touched his face in weeks! Really quess he's been to busy grabbing woman by the "P—sy!" Lol 😁 Halarious!

  36. This is gross but I've read or heard somewhere that picking and eating your own boogers is actually good for you because it boosts your immune system supposedly.

  37. It only proves this is difficult. A quarter of the population of Italy are in quarantine today! 16 million people, does mr trump still think this is a US Democratic Party hoax? I guess he is! Stupidity on a new level.

  38. Just like saying, Ok everyone proceed to the exit in a calm fashion, Don't panic.

    People panic

    Makes matters worst.

  39. Haha! And the Iranian minister of health coughed into his hand when talking to the press. He later admitted that he had corona. Competence XD

  40. It's hilarious watching everyone do this. They might as well stop telling ppl not to touch their faces. I'm switch to surgical gloves. When I see that rubber coming towards my face I stop.

  41. The way products are selling out youd think nobody was washing their hands or wiping before this. The hysteria is embarrassing.

  42. the airlines SAY they have 3 levels of cleaning procedures but we've already got their own flight crew admitting that there's no way they have time between departures to do much more than the most basic housekeeping

  43. I'm home for over a week for spring break. I don't have a vehicle, so I'm not going anywhere. As for the face touching thing, isn't it annoyinng when you tell yourself you can't touch your face and your body is going against you by making you feel itchy? 😂

  44. There's a convenience store/gas station on a service road of US Rte 50 where the store manager counts the drawer money, licking his finger and thumb (a lot) for traction on the currency…….. YIKES!!!!! All those strains of hepatitis among other families of cooties brought in with east-west traffic on a highway from Ocean City, Maryland to Sacramento, California.

  45. I don’t get doing the whole licking your fingertip to turn a page thing. Why is this a problem that requires saliva? I’ve just never understood it.

    Also, I noticed the woman in the back brushing her hair from her face. That is more likely to get me in trouble, especially if my allergies are acting up and I’m all itchy anyway. The hair in my face makes it itchy, so after I brush the hair back, I trend to rub or scratch my forehead or cheek. Allergies will make it rough to totally avoid touching my face, so I’m going to be stocking up on some Benadryl and Claritin!

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