Health official: ‘I believe there’s already widespread coronavirus in multiple counties.’

60 thoughts on “Health official: ‘I believe there’s already widespread coronavirus in multiple counties.’

  1. I believe this totally true! Chance is extremely random. Who is to say this virus did or did not originate in China.🐈

  2. Not scary enough, needs more choked up sob stories and people in cheap hazmat suits. All the scared fools should sprint in meandering circles until you realize how stupid you are. If you're vulnerable to this then you likely already have alot of other issues and diseases to worry about

  3. This guy is talking about important stuff meanwhile there's a guy making gang signs right next to him, Unbelievable

  4. The good thing about this virus is its keeping a lot of the gullible and easily lead Cnn viewers out of the public.Thats good and will be the major effect from this virus

  5. Yes. The virus is everywhere but only shows up in people with weak immune systems. So if you do not have it now – you ain’t gonna get it.

  6. are you kidding me??? you believe there is already a widespread virus in multiple countries??? DUHHHHHHH,, you can tell you havent been doing your job,, or you would have know that for 2 months now,, your an idiot dude honestly..let someone else have that job you got,, because you have no idea wtf you are doing..

  7. I believe that maybe california (aka mexifornia) released literally thousands of people from a cruise ship. Those people were from all over the USA. Thanks a bunch libertards!!!!!

  8. If you had national coverage of everyone getting off of grand princess February 21 you would know why we have widespread in our community

  9. China must be ostracized by the global community for at least a thousand years and pay reparations to all the victims.

  10. Of course there's people with the virus. Just like we're constantly surrounded by people with various forms of the flu or cold viruses.
    Relax people. Mass hysteria over this outbreak is nonsensical. Be smart, just as you'd be preventing the flu. This too will pass.

  11. and az and 70 % of america its hear already… just take extra care and be clean,, clean your hands more often, dont cough near others,

  12. Media zombies:
    "Must scare people!"

    "I believe everything 24 hour news says because im a retard who is too lazy to do any research for myself!"

  13. He says "I believe ….." Belief has nothing to do with it… it's either a fact or it's not. He says there is "growing evidence"… Where is the evidence? Either the people have tested positive, or it's just hype. This guy is full of B.S.

  14. Im from. Woodland ,Yolo County. Its not a problem here but im time in sure it will be , in good time itll be a problem everywhere

  15. Weird mabey my wife an RN and my sister in law who is a nurse practitioner have it wrong and mabey the u of I hospital has it wrong

  16. Should we stop visitation at correctional facilities? What do workers do if it gets into the prison system from visitors? People are trying to think ahead here.

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