Head Movement for the Jerk with Chad Vaughn

So, we’re talking about head movement here, and no matter how you move your head, you need to move it out of the way at least a little bit so the bar can go straighter, right? You’ve got to get it out of the way and what I see whether they’re trying to use this technique or not, so many people just don’t move their head at all. If they’re set up in this position, they really don’t have to move it very far from that cocked-back position and then come back through, right? But you still need to stay back or pull it back a little bit. Alright? For this technique I’m going to tell you that I want you to set up perfectly straight. So we talked about that alignment with the other technique, but I want your head to be in line now. So now it’s in the way a lot more. So you better do something to get it out of the way, OK? What I’m going to recommend—again, this is just an alternative method for you to play with— with yourself and with your athletes. If you like it, keep it. I will be quite honest with you, the people that do it really, really like it. And the reason why is because it creates all this free space and then it becomes your power source. Does that make sense? So I’m going to dip and I’m going to change directions by pulling my eyes up or my chin up and that’s my sole focus and that becomes my power. That becomes my extension. If I cut my head movement short, what does that mean for this technique? I cut my extension, right? So it’s all in the head and I’ll talk about that a little bit more in a minute. Think about a Pez dispenser—do you guys remember Pez dispensers? Normally I’d bring my Pez dispenser so I can just specifically show you, but what I’m getting at here is that Pez dispenser, when you pull it back, it’s it rotates or it’s on that axle, right? So it’s not going back like this and then this. Some people try to do that with this technique. It’s just right here and that’s it, right? Another thing about a Pez dispenser, how do you get that candy out of there? Take it, just take it, right? Rip it out of there. You have to pull the head all the way back to the end range of that Pez dispenser or you won’t get the candy. So remember that—it’s the same thing on the jerk. If you want to do this technique and do it the best you can and lift the most weight that you can, you’ve got to pull your head all the way back.

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